Hi. I’m Allie. This is my blog.

I’m a wife, a sister, an aunt, a soon-to-be-mother and a natural brunette. I enjoy taking pictures, reading and eating fudge.

I started writing in 2002, six months after graduating from West Virginia University with a degree in journalism. It chronicles my struggles, my successes, my loves and my reluctant transition into adulthood.

I’ve recently entered my third decade on this planet. I live with my sweet, Southern husband and our super-mutt, Murphy. I’ve been laid-off more than any other person I know and I try to laugh through the many peaks and valleys of my life.

What’s the deal with the titles? They’re lyrics from whatever song I’m listening to while writing the entry. 97% of the time they have nothing to do with what’s happening in my life. 3% of the time they do.

Where did Krizmania come from? It was my computer login in high school. The school administrators took the first eight letters of my last name, and the first letter of my first name, and voila.

My opinions are my own.

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