I want to go to sleep now, but I want to keep listening to this song. And right now, the song is winning.

Mrs. Potters Lullaby, if you’re wondering. And you’re probably not. But maybe you are. I don’t know.

I miss writing. I miss typing. I miss putting my thoughts and feelings down somewhere. I miss the sensation of being anonymous way out there on the Internet, and I miss the tiny little thrill that came with knowing that someone, somewhere was reading my words and thoughts and feelings.

I’ve been feeling the urge to write more and more frequently. Maybe it’s because I know I’ll be getting a big piece of my life – my independence – back in less than a year when C starts kindergarten.

And writing was a big piece of me before being a mother became an even bigger piece of me.

Being a mother will always be the biggest piece of me – and rightfully so. And I’m completely okay with that. I feel insane amounts of gratitude for that, and for her. For her, for her, for her.

But I’m really excited to get a bit more of myself back.