I don’t think it’s a resolution as much as it’s a goal for the year. Every day I’m going to take a walk. It doesn’t matter how far I go, how long I’m gone, or how many calories I burn. Ideally it’ll be just me. Maybe Murphy. Probably Charlotte for most of them. But every day I want to get out of my house and into the fresh air. I think it’ll be good for every part of me.

If you’re wondering why Charlotte will probably be along for most of my walks, it’s because I have, much to my surprise, become a Temporary Stay at Home Mom (TSAHM). Temporary because I’m still planning to go back to work. I think.

Charlotte’s nanny, who we loved, couldn’t handle three different age groups by herself. Her son was in one of the age groups, her daughter in another, and Charlotte was left out. So Charlotte had to go. Allan and I were incredibly upset, and it served to be the harsh closing act on the pretty miserable year that was 2014.

Here’s to a new year, new adventures and a lot of walks.