So, the past few months have been stressful. So stressful that a 60″ LED television died an untimely death. I may or may not get to the details of that later.

Losing a salary sucks, and losing it unexpectedly sucks even worse. But I’m incredibly lucky because I don’t actually have to go back to work. If I don’t, that means I become a stay-at-home-mother, which is a much more difficult job I can assure you. But still, I don’t actually need to go work in the traditional sense.

I really have no idea how to move forward and it’s causing me so much anguish. I have a big picture plan in mind, one that I think makes sense for me and my family and my emotional well-being, but I have no idea what to do in the interim. And I’m so damaged by my professional past, any step forward right now makes me spiral into a fit of anxiety.

On the plus side, with the holidays in full swing, I am more aware than ever of what’s important in life. And I can say without a trace of sarcasm that all I want for Christmas is five lazy days with my husband and daughter.

(Ok. The television. Stress in life makes for more stress in marriage, right fellow married folks? The stress increased and increased and I reached my limit. I threw my phone on the floor… and it bounced up, hit the screen of my tv and broke it. That is the honest-to-God-truth. My phone BOUNCED OFF OF THE FLOOR AND HIT THE TELEVISION SCREEN. Bounced. Fucking bounced. Only me, I swear.)

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