Although I’ve been slack with my blog and slack with my 365 project, I’ve actually been really busy lately. Too busy to blog and update pictures.

And now, rather than blog, I’m going to get a bath. I’m going to get into a tub full of nearly-scalding water, read a book and decompress. And when I get out, I’ll be relaxed and wrinkly.

And then I’ll finish packing.


I spent the weekend de-cluttering my bedroom, wrangling two crazy dogs and counting the hours until my husband came home from a soccer tournament in Virginia Beach.

This weekend last year I was in Virginia Beach with (my fiance) Allan cheering him and his teammates on while they played in the Neptune Classic soccer tournament. I heard this song for the first time and it made my world stop. And I got a bright tangerine dress, which remains one of Allan’s favorites.

Two years ago this weekend, my boyfriend Allan asked me to marry him. We went through the Bojangles drive-thru right afterwords and I was too busy staring at my ring to make any food choices. And we spent the next two days on Lake Norman with his family celebrating his grandmother’s birthday.

Three years ago this weekend I was getting ready for Jason’s wedding, wondering if I’d ever have one of my own. I was single, and Allan and I were friends in name only.

Sometimes time is a funny thing.

Yesterday I thought I broke Spotify. Well, broke my Spotify. Every time I clicked on a Mumford & Sons song, I was told it couldn’t be played. And I thought that I somehow overplayed those songs, never to have them grace my Spotfiy account again. Thankfully it was a general error, and as I type this, The Cave is blasting in my ears.

Which reminds me: Raleigh’s radio stations are shit. Did you know that? It’s true. If it’s not classic rock – if it wasn’t recorded at least 25 years ago – you’ll be lucky if you catch it on the radio. Raleigh rock stations are still stuck in the 70′s through early 90′s. I’ve never once heard a Mumford & Sons song on the radio.

I have the chills right now, which is weird. I don’t think I’m sick, but I think the sudden drop in temperature in North Carolina – by nearly 20 degrees – is wreaking havoc on my internal thermometer. It doesn’t quite know what to do.

I’m having dinner with my very, very good friend tomorrow, one I haven’t seen in more than seven months. She moved to China, you see, to expose her son to a new culture before he starts his formative years in school. But now she’s home and she’s making me an authentic Chinese dinner (or at least one with tofu) and I’m responsible for the sugar-laden dessert. I told her if the food’s bad, I’ll stop at McDonald’s on my way home and she’ll never be the wiser.

I’ve really missed her.

All this stuff about the death of a hiker climbing Half Dome has me unnerved. Allan made it (I think) halfway up Half Dome before a storm came and everyone had to go back down. It’s a dream of his to finish the climb. I don’t want to do it and I also don’t want him to do it, but who am I to tell him no? No, you can’t do something you’ve dreamed of your entire life because it makes your wife’s palms sweaty and she thinks it’s too dangerous? It doesn’t work like that. But with a record high 14 deaths by July, Yosemite, Allan’s favorite place, is looking scarier by the minute.

So, I managed to get around to updating my 365 project and oh, what a pain in the ass it was. The Nikon isn’t programmed with the correct time, so if I take a picture after 9:00 or so, it shows up on Flickr as being taken on the following day. And then I have to figure out what the hell is going on and it makes my brain hurt.

And while I like the new Olympus we got (did I tell you about it?), it’s no Nikon. I’m spoiled by the Nikon. I love the Nikon.

But, yeah, we got an Olympus – a wee point and click thing – because both mine and Allan’s busted. It was a $200 camera that we got for $98 because the model style is being phased out. And it’s fine, but like I said, I’m spoiled by the gorgeous picture quality produced by the D-90.

The Olympus can do one thing the Nikon can’t, though… it can fit in the interior pocket of my purse. Oooooohhhhhh yeah!