I just grabbed a scoop full of M&Ms out of my candy jar and they’re arranged in little piles on my desk according to color. Three blue, two brown, five orange and five green. The blue are my favorite, so I’ll save those for last. While I know it doesn’t have a distinct flavor, whenever I see anything that’s blue and edible, I gravitate towards it. I still love blue food, and I still kind of wish I had blue hair like that character from She-Ra.

So, it’s Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. And since I’m telecommuting on Thursday, I may as well just scratch any sense of normalcy from this week because I won’t have a clue what day it is.

Plus, a few minutes ago, I realized Allan and I will only have dinner together once this week. Well, other than yesterday. Tonight he’s golfing, tomorrow I have a Special Olympics meeting and Friday I have Special Olympics opening ceremonies. Which leaves Thursday for dinner and we generally eat out at least once a week. So maybe I won’t have to cook at all until Sunday!! How awesome would that be? (No, still not a fan of cooking.)

Basically, because of the dinners and my job, I’m going to be all out of whack until next Monday.

Today feels like Monday because of Memorial Day weekend and three solid days out of the office. We pretty much took it easy, relaxed and watched 300 DVR’d episodes of How I Met Your Mother all weekend, but on Sunday we went hiking.

Have I mentioned that my husband is a nature freak? He is. Totally. I mean, yeah, he wears wool pants every day and his cuff links are from Tiffany’s, but more than anything, the boy loves to be outside. So this weekend we took a day trip to hike in Boone, his Most Favorite Place on Earth. It’s where he wants to retire. I want to retire on the coast in South Carolina, but that’s another story.


Okay, he loves to be outside. And he wanted to take me and the dog hiking on a trail that would lead to some natural swimming pools. So we drove three hours to the mountains. Ate a quick Jimmy John’s sub. Drove a half hour to a one-lane dirt road that was so steep, if you rolled to the right you’d drop 400 feet. At least. And then when we got to the very bottom of this insane road (after my knuckles were permanently stained white), we hiked for about 45 minutes, crossed knee-deep streams and climbed rocks. And WAAHHHH! we arrived at the pools. They really were pretty gorgeous. A trio of waterfalls formed the pools, which were made entirely of granite. The water was crystal clear and pretty frigid – but after all the hiking and the heart-stopping drive, the water felt more refreshing than frigid. We swam around, took some pictures, tried to stop Murphy from trying to drown play with anyone who splashed, then hiked back through the trail, drove up the incredibly scary dirt road, took an hour-long detour and ended up back in Raleigh just in time to crawl into bed.

Moral of the story: no more day-trips to Boone. Yes, it is beautiful there. Yes, I would love to go back and do some more swimming and hiking. BUT! We must spend the night. I don’t want to spend 8.5 hours in a car for an hour of swimming and two hours of hiking. Hell, our community has a pool and it’s only a five minute ‘hike’ to get there! We don’t even need to get into the car!

I took the Nikon with me to take pictures, but I only had my 50mm lens. Although it’s my favorite, it wasn’t right for this kind of outing. I wasn’t able to take any big, sweeping photos of the area. Those are on our little Olympus, the connector cable for which is misplaced right now. Once I find it, I’ll post more pictures. They should be really pretty. But they could look like crap. (Our big lens is in California with our neighbors, who also have an awesome Nikon!)

Ps: I love this song.

Vacation number two of my ENTIRE LIFE has been booked and if I weren’t in a state of shock, I’d probably be really happy right now. Instead, I’m a bit numb.

I’m in shock because on Sunday morning, the thought of this vacation hadn’t even entered into our little brains, and today during lunch I scoped out fun things to do in Juneau.

Yes, Juneau.

As in Juneau, Alaska.


At the end of the summer, my beloved and I will hop on a plane, board a big boat in Seattle, cruise around Alaska and British Columbia, and breathe crisp air for seven days and nights. Then we’ll hang out in Seattle, drink some coffee, sleep in a (cheap) hotel and fly back beneath the blanket of humidity covering North Carolina.


I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. So has Allan. I’ve always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest. So has Allan. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska. So has Allan.

Allan enjoyed the cruise he took with friends and wanted to take another one. I was interested in taking my first cruise, but didn’t want to go back to the Caribbean. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not rolling around in Benjamins around here, so if I’m going to travel, I want to go to as many different places as possible.

Then, while sitting at Rudino’s eating greasy and delicious pizza on a Sunday afternoon, a light bulb went off in my head. Why not go on a cruise to Alaska? And depart from Seattle? And make a pit-stop in Canada?

When we found out how reasonably priced the whole shindig was, we decided to throw caution to the wind and book the sucker.

And that’s how we suddenly ended up with a trip to Alaska on our calendars!

I have consumed two Tylenol, three Advil and one piping hot mug of tea all in an effort to soothe my aching teeth. And none of it has worked.

This morning I had the dreaded rubber bands placed on two of my teeth; the band is attached to a tooth in my upper right quadrant, and it connects to a tooth in my lower right quadrant, but it’s hooked at an angle. So I can barely open my mouth, I can’t eat, I’m re-learning how to speak, and I look supremely nerdy. In reality the band probably isn’t all that visible, but I know it’s there and to me it seems like it’s neon green with flashing orange lights. I don’t think I’ve been this miserable since I first got my braces put on.

I’m brooding over my braces and glasses and fatness and I just feel like one hot mess today. I’m wearing a very cute skirt, but still feel like poo.

Oh, did I mention the sunburn that I have? The one that sketches the outline of the v-neck t-shirt I wore to Allan’s soccer game yesterday? The one that’s almost as red as my hair and nearly matches my purse? I didn’t, did I? Well, I have a bad sunburn. It’s a farmer’s burn, actually, one that sketches the outline of my t-shirt. It’s quite red and made me uncomfortable yesterday. It no longer hurts today – well, it hurts nothing besides my ego.

I’m sitting here watching really crappy performances on the Billboard Awards and trying to plan this year’s vacation. I’d tell you where we’re trying to go, but, well, we may not actually make it there and then I’d feel stupid. But we’ve gotta make our minds up really quickly because this place is no longer an option after September. Mysterious, no?

So, can I just tell you how much I’m looking forward to next weekend? We’re doing absolutely nothing. We have not a single plan, and I couldn’t be happier. For the past three weekends we’ve either gone somewhere or had out-of-town guests. Plus, since February, Allan’s had soccer games every Saturday. And until April, I had a hockey game just about every weekend. So this weekend, these upcoming three days filled with tons and tons of NOTHING, they’re going to be bliss.

I don’t know what the weather’s like where the four of you readers live, but down here in Norf Kackalacki (North Carolina) the temperatures are climbing into – and staying in the – 90′s all week. I’m looking forward to it because as far as I’m concerned, the hotter the better. But I suspect my human blast furnace husband and our fur-covered dog aren’t as happy about it as I am.

Have I written in here since I got back from Maryland/DC? No, I don’t think I have! I’ve been busy! Well, let’s see. Last weekend I was in Maryland visiting my brother and SIL, and then I spent two days working in my company’s DC office. Allan went up with me for the Maryland part, and together the four of us ate, shopped, toured, ate and ate. We had such a good time and I was so happy that my job provided me with a perfect opportunity and excuse to spend time with Jason and Laurie.

Like I said, while I was up there I did a lot of shopping, but I didn’t mention who I was shopping for… it was for Logan! My soon-to-be-born NEPHEW!! They’re having a boy, they’re having a boy, they’re having a baby BOY!!!

Oh, Bloggy McBloggerson. It’s been so long since I’ve written in here.

I have no excuses. Cool things have happened. Interesting things have happened. I just haven’t felt like writing anything.

With the whole Mc thing – it’s one of my things. One of the silly, little immature things that makes me me, I guess. Allan is often referred to as: Burpy McBurperson or Cranky McCrankypants. I have a friend I call Nerdy McNerdNerd. And I also make some up on the fly. I’m cool like that.

Speaking of cool, have you heard the new Adele CD? 21? If not, you should go buy it right this minute. Or at least get songs 1, 2, 3 and 11 from iTunes. I don’t know the names of most of the songs, but those are the good numbers to have. She’s ah-may-zing. I turn the CD way up when I’m in the car – and get this – her voice is so exquisite, I don’t even sing along!!

My brother and his pregnant wife – well, both of my brothers have pregnant wives – but the ones who live in Vegas just had their pregnancy pictures done and they’re really lovely. They’re a sweet blend of casual and formal, and Elissa is glowing. They’re really, really great. And I wanted to buy one, but yeah, um, no. A 5×7 is $78. That’s not a typo. To buy a single 5×7 print will cost me seventy eight dollars. So, obviously I’m not going to get one. I’m not rolling around in money over here in Raleighwood, and that’s what I’d have to be doing to buy a print for $78 that I could get from Target or Walmart or Shutterfly for less than three bucks.

I hate when photographers do that. Listen up, photographers of the world: I will gladly shell out money for your talent, but not for prints. I will pay hundreds or even upwards of a thousand dollars to have you work your magic, but don’t violate me when it comes to the prints.

My wedding/bridal photographer was selected first because of her talent, second because of her sparkly personality which made her a joy to work with, and third – but importantly – because we got a DVD of all of our images. Full size. Permission to reprint. And she made that DVD available to anyone else who wanted one for an extremely reasonable price. Less than $50, y’all. Why isn’t everyone like that?!

Okay, I’ve been at my job now for over six months, and just this week I decided to decorate. I brought in a lamp and three big pictures to hang on the dirty, white walls. My office is really, really big. And empty. I have two desks – they’re angled to make a V. I have a big book shelf, which is in the corner to eat up more room. On it sits a beautiful green plant. I have a chair. A long filing cabinet is in here and a huge cork board hangs behind my desks. And now there are pictures and a lamp. They made a world of difference. I spend about nine hours a day in this place, wrapped in these four walls, and it finally feels comfortable – and, dare I say – cozy in here. The lamp adds more warmth than I anticipated. Hooray $14 Target lamp!!

(I actually wrote this yesterday, just didn’t have time to post)