The bananas are green this morning. It’s a bit of a disappointment. Not only are the bananas green, I’m missing a toenail. While clipping my toenails last night, the one that was black just sort of came right off, which was both fascinating and nauseating. It’s never happened to me before. And if you’re wondering how it was black to begin with, I accidentally ran over it while trying to quickly close a door. It hurt for days and was black for months. Now it is no more.

This is our last weekend of calm before the chaos of August sets in. Birthday party at the lake, visit from my brother and sister-in-law, visit from my parents, another visit from my brother and sister-in-law, visit from The Boyfriend’s bestie. That’s all within three weeks, folks.

The Murph Man is doing well, although The Boyfriend and I are getting our asses handed to us on a silver platter. It’s sort of disheartening that a 32lb bundle of fur and teeth can take down two full-grown, college-educated humans. But yes, oh yes, it’s happening. Murphy can go from super cuddly sweet to running around with more energy than the sun and stars combined in about three seconds. It’s miraculous, really. We have no idea where the energy comes from or how to get rid of it. There are so many events on his calendar between day camp, vet visits, play dates and puppy school, I feel like his social secretary. Yes, my four-month-old puppy has a social secretary and I’m it. And since Murphy’s arrival, neither The Boyfriend nor I have had a solid minute of relaxation and we’re tired. We’re really, really tired. I try to send The Boyfriend to bed early every night, but he lays there and wonders what Murphy and I are up to. He can’t sleep knowing Murphy and I are awake.

We knew that it would be hard work with a puppy, but we didn’t realize how emotionally and mentally draining it would be. Like, when he was getting his booster shots on Monday, I was almost in tears. Murphy was being held down by the vet, the vet assistant AND The Boyfriend, and he was whimpering and kissing my face. And if dogs gang up on him in the dog park (which is normal and happens occasionally), I want to go and kick all the other dogs away from my puppy. And when he acts up or doesn’t listen to a command or has an accident, I feel like I failed.

All that being said, though, we wouldn’t give him away for anything. He’s ours and we love him, love him, love him. We couldn’t imagine life without him and if he was gone, there would be a giant void.

Well, party people, it’s official. Murphy is ours. We had a week-long waiting period to make sure he was a good fit with us before the adoption was deemed final, and that waiting period came to an end last night. Murphy Sandoval. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

So, after a week with Murphy (or as he’s also known: MurphyMoo, The Murph Man, Murph Monster, Monkey Face, Senor Ding Dong) our lives are totally different. I like to say it’s Murphy’s world, we’re just living in it. He’s very demanding of our time and our attention, but because he has big brown eyes and puppy breath, we give in to his every whim. And we do so with smiles on our faces. The love we both feel for that puppy can’t be put into words – he’s a joy.

I feel like I can’t quite catch up on sleep. I don’t know what it is about me, but no matter how much sleep I get, I crave more. Some quote I saw once said something like: no day that starts with an alarm is a good day. I agree with that. And when I’m tired, it reminds me of how much I hate the American way of business. FIVE days of work, TWO days of rest. And, if you’re lucky, you get TWO weeks off for FIFTY TWO weeks of work. Huh? Seriously, tell me how that makes any sense. Those Europeans and their months of vacation are lucky bastards. I’m totally jealous.

I have a song in my head, something by Death Cab for Cutie. I think it’s called Marching Bands of Manhattan and it was the subject for one of my earlier posts this month. Lately my brain has been stuck on repeat between the aforementioned Death Cab song and Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry. They’re battling in my head for song supremacy. Death Cab is winning.

I’m an inherently lazy person. I know this about myself. I’d rather lounge around than do just about anything. But now that Murphy’s here, my lazy little world is in the process of being turned upside down. I’m not getting enough sleep, I haven’t sat still for more than 10 minutes at a stretch, I have to constantly be alert, I can’t even go upstairs (because Murphy’s not allowed up there yet) and I walk the puppy around my neighborhood in my pajamas. And as soon as I’ve decided that I hate the changes, Murphy looks at me, cocks his head, wags his tail… and I melt.

In all honesty, my life is incredible. I live in a beautiful house with the man I love and our puppy. Does it get much better? Seeing The Boyfriend interact with Murphy, seeing him cuddle and comfort him, makes me love him THAT MUCH MORE. And Murphy, I could gush about him for hours. His fur is soft and velvety, his face is so expressive and wrinkly, when he breathes he makes an irresistible whooshing sound. He slides all over the hardwood floors, he eats the kitchen rugs, he’s desperate to climb the stairs and he loves, loves, loves me and The Boyfriend.

In other news, I have a sinus headache so severe, it makes me want to cry.

I arrived at work before 8:00 today, Internet. Before eight o’clock. Ugh.

The Boyfriend’s car is in the shop for its 3,000 mile check-up, so we’re doing the carpool thing. And in order for him to get to work on time, I had to be a wee bit early. But that also means that for the second day in a row, we’re having lunch together – woo!

You may think it’s weird to be excited about two days of lunchtime togetherness considering we live in the same house, but now that we’re officially cohabitating, we spend less time together. Before, when one of us would have to leave to go to a respective residence, we spent all of our together time physically attached either at the hip or the hand or at the lips. But now that we know we get to see each other ALL THE TIME, we do our own thing more often. Like, last night I was upstairs reading and The Boyfriend was downstairs watching tv – most likely HGTV (in HiDef!) – and it was comfy and cool. We’re evolving to a new stage of our relationship, which about to be completely disrupted because…

We’re getting a puppy!

Murphy Sandoval arrives home on Sunday and we’re estatic and filled with anxiety! What if he eats the couch? What if he scratches the hardwoods? Do I really have to get up every 25 minutes to take him potty? What if he won’t stop chewing? What if he grows to be 150lbs? All of those are legitimate questions. But like I said, we’re also incredibly happy to be getting this little guy.

We did a lot of searching on PetFinder (an excellent resource) and for whatever reason, we were sort of drawn to the picture of Murphy and kept going back to it. Within 90 seconds of meeting him – the rescue group brought him to our house for a meet and greet – I knew he was the one for us. After they left, it took The Boyfriend and I about four minutes to call his foster mom and ask for adoption proceedings to begin. Below you’ll find the picture of Murphy that stole our hearts. I’ll post more pictures of him (duh!) when we get him home.

The Boyfriend’s been looking at dogs for quite some time, and my requirement was that it be a rescue dog. Hold on one second while I get up on my soapbox. Okay, I’m up there. There are thousands and thousands of perfectly wonderful animals at shelters who desperately need homes. Before spending hundreds (or maybe even thousands) on a purebred, please consider a rescue. Alright, getting off of the soapbox now…

Besides the puppy, not much else is too new or exciting. We’re going to Mama S’s house this weekend to do some prep work for The Boyfriend’s grandmother’s 81st birthday bash. Because Mama S. lives right on a lake, the party has been held there for years and years. The Boyfriend has a big family and it’s cool that they get together every year to celebrate.

Speaking of families! I had a blast with mine while in Pittsburgh. All in all the trip was great – got to eat Primanti’s, see fireworks, absorb the energy of the city – but my favorite part was, by far, reconnecting with my aunts, uncles and cousins. And, of course, my grandpap! I don’t think they’ll ever leave Pittsburgh, and I have no intention of leaving Raleigh, but I really wish we all lived closer together.

The only bummer about the weekend (other than the Hilton thing, which pisses me off, so I won’t talk about how the room they promised us wasn’t the one we received, thus ruining our plans for the night of the 4th) was my eye situation. Turns out I have Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) and I have to keep my contacts out for a while in addition to using the twice-daily eyedrops. Everything I’ve been reading says to keep the contacts out for two to six weeks. When I first took my contacts out, I intended to wear my glasses for a month. Then I got frustrated with their constant sliding and decided I’d wear them for three weeks. Then I got frustrated with the constant sliding and their ability to attract dirt and grime and decided I’d wear them for two weeks. On Monday it will be two weeks of glasses-wearing hell. I already can’t wait to pop my contacts in and return to facial normalcy.

This is how conversations sometimes go when you end up falling in love with someone after YEARS of knowing them.

(After seeing him do a backflip into the pool)

Me: I didn’t know you could do twisty backflip things.
The Boyfriend: You didn’t?
Me: Nope.
The Boyfriend: I used to do them all the time when we went to the lake.
Me: Oh. I didn’t pay attention to you back then.

It’s our five month happy anniversary today, which means I get gumball machine prizes! I don’t remember exactly how it started, but every month The Boyfriend goes to gumball machines and gives me presents for our anniversary. I love it. It’s usually some piece of tacky jewelery or an action figure of sorts, but we’re completely at the whim of the Gumball Machine Gods, which is half the fun. On our first month I got one prize, the second month brought two prizes, on the third month three prizes were handed to me. Can you see where I’m going with this?

Something’s wrong with my left eye. I don’t know if it’s scratched, if there’s an infection or what. But my health insurance kicked in today and I have an appointment with an eye doctor at 12:45 – hooray! I’ve been alternating between wearing my glasses and contacts and I’m not a big fan of wearing my glasses on a regular basis. Because I generally only wear them early in the morning or late at night, I associate them with a messy appearance, so regardless of how dressed up I may be, I still feel crappy when I wear them. They’re cute glasses, though. Nerdy black frames.

Ok, so, that fabulous bit of writing you just read was written yesterday and now it’s Thursday and I’m staring straight ahead at my four-day weekend. Queue the church choir singing hallelujah. Thank God it’s Thursday.

My Garmin came yesterday. Did I tell you about my Garmin? Well, to make a long story short (shocking, I know), I’d wanted a Garmin for a while, finally got a job and found a GREAT deal on a model I had been eying, so I ordered it in advance of my Pittsburgh trip. It’s perfect! Her name is Greta, she hangs out on my dashboard to the right of the steering wheel, speaks with an Australian accent and can’t quite pronounce ‘recalculating’. I love her.

The Pittsburgh trip got pushed back by 11 hours because I felt bad about barging in on my uncle and his family at 3am. Now we’re leaving on Friday morning at 5am, which actually works better because Laura is able to join us! Hooray! As much as I love The Boyfriend, there’s only so much two people can discuss while spending SIXTEEN hours in a car. The addition of a third person is fabulous. Oh, and Laura is The Boyfriend’s cousin. She has red hair, a thick southern drawl and a sassy attitude. She rocks.

Oh! Got my eye checked out and am now taking anti-allergy eye drops. Turns out I have a type of conjunctivitis (no, not pink eye) that causes an allergic reaction when I wear my contacts longer than the two-week recommended length of time. But seriously, who DOESN’T do that? Just so happens that when I do it, little red bumps form and flare up on the inside of my eyelids causing me great discomfort. But apparently all I have to do is drop some liquid in my eyes twice a day for the next three months, obey the two-week thing and I should be good to go. Hooray for modern medicine!

And if you’re wondering, I got a red rubber bracelet for my anniversary that says STRENGTH. Yes, only one prize for me. The gumball machines Allan visited were being uncooperative and he lost several quarters in the process of getting my singular prize. As a result, there are now OUT OF ORDER signs on the gumball machines at Food Lion on Avent Ferry. Check them out if you’re in the area.