What’s up, party people? It’s a rainy, dreary Sunday morning here in Raleighwood, and I’m feeling mellow and chatty. I figured it was a good time to hop on the old blog and write an update.

So, the boyfriend is at his mom’s this weekend being her houseboy, which I think is so sweet. He cleaned the gutters and roof, is doing other yard work and bought her a spa package. It’s her birthday, you see, and in addition to being a wonderful son, he’s going to drop the Living In Sin Bomb. Yikes. I’m really anxious about the whole thing. I like his mom a lot – she’s very witty and sarcastic and we get along well – and I can’t help but feel like she’s going to hate me for a while, and that sucks.

We’ve basically been selling all our worldly possessions on Craig’s List and it’s been a huge pain in the ass. You see, we’ve both sort of set up homes for ourselves with everything we needed furniture-wise, etc, and now that we’re combining households, we literally don’t need half the things we have. Thus Craig’s List. It’s been awesome for me because I use whatever I get on Facebook to buy fun things for the house, but fielding inquiries, setting up appointments, giving directions, hopping back and forth from residence to residence has been a hassle. I’m so busy, you’d never know I technically have at least nine hours at my disposal every week day.

Yesterday someone bought Allan’s entertainment unit downstairs, so wires and DVDs and other random stuff is laying all over the floor. Plus Allan’s not here, so it doesn’t feel like home AT ALL. And my apartment is in shambles, boxes and furniture scattered around, so it also doesn’t feel like home. So last night I babysat Kristen’s kids while they went to the movies, and their house felt more like home than anywhere else in Raleigh, so I slept there in a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt. I’m so lucky to have my best friend live right down the street. One of the benefits of moving to the boyfriend’s is that he’s closer to not only Kristen, but to Shel and Tiffany, too. They also came to my rescue yesterday by being here when the entertainment unit was sold. Tiffany gave me moral support (it’s always weird when people buy things from you) while Shel helped do all the heavy lifting. I couldn’t have gotten through yesterday without any of them and I’m super grateful.

On Friday I went for a fun, nature-filled walk and had lunch with my newest buddy, Casper (aka Wendy), and today I’m supposed to have lunch with Tylila and Quri, so it’s been a friend-filled weekend, which has been great. The reason I say SUPPOSED to have lunch is because Quri is notorious for either not showing up or being like 30 mins late. Ty is headed off to Argentina for the summer and Quri moved to Richmond, so if the three of us don’t get together today, it won’t happen until the fall. Oh, the three of us all worked for – and left of our own accord – SRC. I’ve been sort of screwed job-wise, but I can happily say I still have friends from nearly every one of them.

This is so pathetic because I just saw him yesterday morning, but I miss my boyfriend. I can’t wait till he gets home.

This is how I start my days. I wake up, put my glasses on, check my email, check Facebook, check Perez Hilton, check Twitter… then check MSNBC. Clearly my priorities are out of whack if I check Perez Hilton BEFORE I check the news! Sadly, I figure if it’s important enough, Perez will have mentioned it!


So, anyway, it’s Monday, and it’s a crappy Monday at that. The temperatures are hovering around 60 and it’s rainy. Tomorrow the weather will bounce back, but today it’s yucky. I stopped and grabbed a latte on my way to my apartment, so with any luck, I’ll soon perk up.

Over the weekend, the boyfriend and I made a lot of moving progress. We sort of mapped out what we wanted to get rid of, what we needed to buy and he started EMPTYING HIS CLOSET! Hooooooray! See, in the master bedroom, there’s a small walk-in closet. In the master bathroom, there’s a huge (although not as big as my apartment’s) walk-in closet. I’m moving my things into the bathroom closet and Allan’s being forced to downsize and move into the bedroom closet. He’s understandably bummed and has been dragging his feet a bit.

Honestly, though, throughout this whole moving ordeal, he’s been a total dream. He’s open to every idea I have and lets me redecorate rooms. I can’t imagine being as flexible if someone was moving into MY house. I think part of his openness comes from the fact that we have nearly identical tastes in decorating and things like that. We’re a good fit.

This is really random, but… I like the new Black Eyed Peas song until Fergie’s voice comes on. For whatever reason, I think she sounds awful in that song, and she totally ruins it for me.

We’ve got things all planned out for the PA trip and I’m so, so excited. I haven’t seen anyone from my family since Christmas, and that’s too long to go without seeing one of their faces. My father’s so excited about my visit that, I swear, when he talks about it, he’s nearly jumping up and down. Although he loves all three of us very much, because I’m his only girl and firstborn, I’m sort of extra special to him.

Alright, time to get a shower and get started on my day. Peace out, Internet.

Long time no type, I know. Sorry. I’m a busy girl.

The boyfriend and I painted basically all weekend. He let me pick out the color for the guest room, which was a lot of fun, and off we went. Picking the paint was fun, painting the walls was not! By the time we were finished, I was covered in paint and sweat and I felt completely disgusting. But the end result is beautiful. We’re both really happy with it.

This is a picture that shows the before color (which was on the walls when the house was purchased) and the new color. The new color is green.

Last week was filled with a lot of estrogen, which was really nice. I had lunch with Lara – the wife of a good friend – and their two-year-old son (the one I betrothed to Abby). She’s nine months pregnant and because I’m jobless and have no real responsibilities during the day, I’m now at the top of their call in the middle of the night list for when she goes into labor.

Then I had dinner with Kathryn and it was great because I’ve missed her a bunch. Hands down, my favorite part of FMI was the people, but I feel kind of stupid contacting anyone right now. Like, I don’t want it to be awkward for anyone, so I’ve basically been keeping to myself (except when it comes to Vonnie because she also got laid-off). So, yeah, Kathryn went shopping and had dinner at Southpoint. It felt like nothing really changed. She’s such an adorable person.

Vonnie and I did our usual weekly walk, but the lake totally kicked our asses. Lake Johnson has a lot of huge hills at the end (or beginning) of the trail, and we’re not nearly in shape enough for them to not have a big, negative impact! We’re trying to hit up all the lakes in the Raleigh area. So far we’ve done three, plus the museum trail.

Then on Friday I had lunch with someone I’ll affectionately refer to as Casper the Friendly Ghost. She’s a girl from my past and a new friend.

Yay estrogen!

Sounds weird, but because I don’t really have a job (except for the Hurricanes), I spend most of my time either alone or with the boyfriend. So I totally relish the time I get to spend with ladies.

Last night, while Allan and I were watching the Hurricanes game, I fell asleep on his chest… and DROOLED! OMG. I was so embarrassed, but he was amused. I don’t know what it is about him, but when we’re laying on the couch and my head is on his chest, I’m asleep within minutes.