I’m super tired and need a nap, so I crawled into bed but couldn’t fall asleep. For the most part, I can’t sleep during the middle of the day. In rare instances it’ll happen, but it’s unusual. I hope it happens today, though!!

So, my big news is that I’m moving in with the boyfriend. Insert smiley face HERE. He asked me to move in about a month ago, but I had a lot of questions I needed answered before I could accept his offer. So, after many discussions, I decided to go for it. My concerns had nothing to do with how I feel about him or how our relationship is doing, but more about logistics and his mother. His mother is morally opposed to this, so I’m still very nervous, but everyone else seems to be genuinely happy for us. And I’m happy for us.

A picture of where I’m living is below.

My apartment complex is giving me a lot of crap for giving them 45 days notice rather than 60. It’s causing me a tremendous amount of stress, which is awesome because I don’t already have nearly enough stress.

Between now and the end of May I have a lot to do. There’s furniture to buy, stuff to put on Craig’s List, packing to do. Oh yeah, and a trip to Pennsylvania. YIKES!

A ‘ghost’ from my past unexpectedly reappeared recently and the reason for the reappearance is more pleasant than I could have ever imagined. I’m very interested – and optimistic – to see what happens next, but regardless, I’m so glad to have an opportunity to turn the thing I most regret into something positive.

The Hurricanes are going to game seven with the New Jersey Devils, which is pretty cool. I think the final game in any playoff series is always great. So much on the line, so much excitement. Even if this is as far as they go, I’m glad the Canes finally made it back to the playoffs. Onward and upward from here.

As I mentioned above, I think the boyfriend and I are going to visit my parents for Memorial Day. I’m bummed because usually when I go up there, Jason and Laurie make the trip, too, but they’ll be in Vegas. So in a way I hate going allll the way up there without seeing them, but they’ll be down here to help me move the following weekend. Plus, my parents are dying to spend time with Allan as my boyfriend rather than spending time with him as just my friend.

I spent a lot of time with Special K and her kids over the weekend. I stayed over on Thursday night so I could be with Abby on Friday morning while Zach had minor surgery on his eye. The surgery went perfectly and Zach is back to being Zach. He’s at such an adorable age. I can’t get enough of his chubby smiles and high-pitched squeals of delight. He’s a joy.

Sorry to be so gushy about the boyfriend, but sometimes I can’t help it! Okay, so on Saturday, Allan climbed up a tree and cut its dead branches off. He was like 25 feet off the ground. And later that night, after Kristen’s shindig, he sat on Abby’s bedroom floor in the dark and told her a bedtime story about a prince and princess. Like, what kind of guy does that? He can climb trees, use saws AND comfort a toddler before bed. See, I told you I was lucky!

Kathryn and I are having dinner tonight and I’ve missed her, so I’m excited to catch-up. We haven’t seen each other since my last day at FMI. I still miss the folks I worked with; it was a really great group of people.

Okie dokie. I’m going to give this nap thing another shot or this day is going to be ruined by my catatonic mood!

Once again, I’m delinquent in my posting. Did I spell ‘delinquent’ correctly? Probably not. Despite my fancy-schmancy J School degree, I can’t spell for crap.

Uummm… my excuse for not posting is the same as always. I’ve been busy. I’m sure you find that hard to believe as I HAVE NO JOB, but it’s true. To avoid depression, I’ve been very active every day. Not once have I laid around and done nothing. I’ll go to the gym or go for walks with Vonnie. I’ve spent lots of time with Special K and her kids. I’ve been organizing my closet and trying to get rid of most of the crap in my apartment. And I spend the bulk of my free time with the boyfriend. If I wasn’t so freaking stressed out 24/7, it’d be a nice mini-vacation.

Tomorrow’s a girly day and I’m super excited. Vonnie and I are going walking around Shelly Lake and then Tiffany, Kri and I are having dinner. Last week Vonnie and I walked around Lake Lynn and there were these crazy birds roaming around; they looked like a cross between a turkey, duck and goose, and they panted and wagged their tails like dogs. I’m at Allan’s right now, but next time I’m home (and if I remember), I’ll post a picture of these strange animals.

The Hurricanes are in the playoffs, which is cool, but lost their first game to the Devils. I wonder if they’re the New Jersey Devils because New Jersey is a hellish place to live?

Easter was nice. The boyfriend and I went to the coast on Friday and Saturday, then went to his grandparents’ outside of Winston for Easter lunch and an egg hunt. (Actually, I think they live outside of Winston. I’m not really sure. But you can see Pilot Mountain from the house.) Apparently his family has been doing the egg hunt for over 30 years, which I think is so special. Like, who has family traditions that last so long?

Uuummmm… nothing else is too new or exciting. I’m feeling a bit homesick right now. Homesick not for a place, but for my family. In the late summer and fall of last year, I saw at least one of them for six straight months. As of now, I haven’t seen any of them for almost five months. I miss them a lot. Sometimes emails and phone calls aren’t enough.

Oh yeah, I feel like my brains are going to fall through my eye cavities. Stupid sinuses!

Hello, blog readers. How goes it?

So, it’s Tuesday and I was going to go to the Hurricanes game with some peeps, but tickets are sold out. All kinds of bandwagon jumpers are worming their way into the arena because the Canes are going to the playoffs. Yay for the playoffs, boo to the bandwagon folks. Where were you guys when they were going through a major slump and your energy would have been helpful? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I’m in a bad mood, can you tell? Well, not a bad mood. Just not a good mood. Every day I struggle to stay upbeat and it’s not working today. I want to curl up on the couch and go to sleep. Rather than focusing on the good in my life – or even focusing on the good night I have ahead of me – I’m cranky and sad. To be expected, I guess. I’m in a pretty crappy position… again.

So, yeah, my good night. Because the hockey game is sold out, I’m going to dinner with Quri, Alexander and the boyfriend. Alexander and the boyfriend have yet to meet, so I’m excited to make the introduction. Alexander is nine (or 10?) and I’ve known him since he was five. For whatever reason, Alexander has been smitten with me since the very beginning and he’s quite protective of me! It’s super cute.

Uuummm, my weekend was good. Didn’t do anything terribly exciting. Just spent lots of quality time with Allan, which was great. Yesterday I spent the day with Kristen and her kiddos; we got Easter outfits and had their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Both Abby and Zach went crazy for that thing – they couldn’t get enough and we had to say goodbye to the Easter Bunny like 50 times before Abby was ready to leave.

Oh, yay for the UNC Tar Heels! I’m a big Roy Williams fan – think he’s a total class act – so I’m happy they won the national championship. Plus, some of my close friends are UNC grads, so I’m really happy for them. Yay!

Did I tell you guys about Jason’s new dog? I forget. I know I told you that Bear died. Ok, so over the weekend Jason and Laurie rescued a one-year-old St. Bernard they named Molly. She’s 120lbs and is expected to gain an additional 30lbs. I can’t wait to meet her. I told Allan that I just may steal her next time I go to Maryland. Look at the picture and tell me you wouldn’t want to steal her, too.

I got fudge at the flea market on Sunday and I CANNOT STOP EATING IT! So I’m going to step away from the fudge, step away from the computer, and go get ready for my evening. Peace out, bitches.

So, I guess it’s time to tell you about the boyfriend. Those of you who can see my Facebook profile probably recognize his name from the oodles of pictures of him I posted (most with other girlfriends). And regular readers of this blog have probably seen his name (Senor Sandoval) mentioned throughout the years. Without delving too much into his personal life, this is what happened.

Allan and I met almost six years ago at a going away party at Stool Pigeons. I didn’t know which person was going away, but because he was the quietest one at the table, I actually hoped it would be him. He worked with Shel and they became good friends. In turn, Allan and I also became good friends. I can’t remember how many times I literally cried on his shoulders or all the trips we took to Target or the hours and hours we spent talking. There was even a time when he came over to inspect my apartment because I was convinced a serial killer was hiding in a closet. He was such a good friend through all kinds of ups and downs, but I never, not even once, thought about kissing him.

A little over a year ago, Allan confessed that he was interested in me. I told him I didn’t feel the same way and we limped along as friends for a while, but it got to be too complicated. I told him I needed a break from everything and we didn’t talk for nearly eight months.

I made a few attempts to reach out to Allan that fall, but he never reciprocated. When I got back from my trip from the desert I had a clear head, an open heart and a newly discovered set of brass ovaries. I called him out on his indifference toward me and said that if our friendship was over, so be it, but I wanted to at least know one way or another. We decided to give our friendship another go-round and slowly started to reconnect.

This is the part where I’m going to bypass everything in his personal life, so we’re going to skip a few months.

In January, when we were both single, we started to spend more time together and I was finally able to say that I wanted to give things a shot with him. I didn’t know what I would be capable of – I’m very skittish – but I knew if I didn’t at least try, I’d have regrets. I was a fool to pass him up the first time and I didn’t want to do it twice. Thanks to our mutual friend, Dan, who can’t keep his mouth closed – and a kidney stone named Peyton – we decided to make things official and give us a chance.

I have no idea what the future holds and I don’t want to jinx anything, but right now I’m very happy, very content and very much in love. This has been such a surprise. That’s what I tell everyone: this is such an amazing surprise. Ever since I’ve known him, I’ve thought he was one of the best guys on the planet, and I can’t believe he’s mine. He is incredibly kind, sweet, decent and trustworthy. He is totally a manly man; he can fix cars and climb rocks and is good at nearly every sport. But at the same time, he dresses impeccably, does his own laundry and cooks. And he loves me. I’m not sure why, but he does, and I’m so, so grateful to have him in my life.