I’m a little chilly. I should probably go turn my heat up rather than sit here and whine/type to you about it.

I had an extremely productive weekend. I cleaned out my closet. Photographic evidence is below. I nearly forgot I had carpet in there! It’s been so long! I threw a crap load of stuff away and I donated even more stuff to Goodwill. This is basically the first time I’ve sat down all weekend. Although it was a lot of work, I feel really good about it. Cleaning is sometimes cathartic.

Between cleaning I managed to spend some time with friends – yay! Special thanks to Senor Sandoval for lugging my crap down a flight of stairs, into a dumpster then into the Goodwill donation center.

My poor mama has the flu, so my sweet father is totally baby-ing her. He called while he was making her homemade chicken noodle soup to tell me how much he loved his electric salt and pepper mills – LOL.

Oh! It snowed! It snowed a lot! We got about five inches of the white stuff, the governor declared a state of emergency and life in North Carolina ground to a halt. It was very pretty because it stayed bright white then went away. In Pittsburgh the snow turns varying shades of brown and grey and black before turning into ice clumps that stay around for weeks.

It appears as though there’s an age cut-off for when you should stop riding sleds and clearly I’ve passed that age limit. After sled riding, falling up hills, crashing into fences and falling down stairs, I was incredibly sore! Thank goodness it only snows around here once every five years!

The timing of the snow was perfect because I was able to lay on my couch wrapped in a blanket while being engrossed in ABC’s coverage of the inauguration. It was pretty awesome to see and I have to admit, I cried. I’m so proud of this country right now. I’m so hopeful for the possibilities ahead. I grew up listening to stories of the 60′s, when people were so enthusiastic about their government and the president – namely Kennedy – and I was never able to relate to those people or understand the pride they felt. But now I do.

My camera is still being repaired, just in case you were wondering. I’m sure you weren’t, but I thought I’d give you an update anyway. It’s somewhere in Connecticut. I only learned how to spell Connecticut my junior year of college. My study buddy, Brooks, said it’s spelled like: Connect I Cut, and it clicked!


The Steelers play the Ravens today for a trip to the Super Bowl. I’m really, really excited about the game. I think it’s going to be awesome because of the rivalry and how much is on the line. It feels surreal, though. Like, it doesn’t feel like it’s time to be playing for a trip to the Super Bowl. It kind of just feels like a regular season game, but I think that has more to do with my sense of time than anything. Because my fall was consumed with travel, it almost feels like it didn’t happen, so it currently feels like fall rather than winter. The temperatures outside beg to differ.

Just like the rest of the east coast, we were blasted with arctic air. On Friday it didn’t get above freezing, and I think it barely passed 32 yesterday. Not sure, though. It’s supposed to warm up this week, and today’s high is a balmy 44. I hate the cold, and people think that because I’m a Yankee I either LIKE it or should be used to it. No, no. I think the only advantage I have is that my body doesn’t go into shock when the cold air feels like it’s freezing my esophagus.

Ok, I don’t know if this works, but just in case, click and click often. Gregory got a new dog this week. He was rescued from death row of Las Vegas’s humane society. He came complete with worms, parasites, allergies and a broken foot. Gregory and Elissa are absolutely crazy about him. They said he’s the most loving dog they’ve ever met, hands down. I’m of course thrilled that he’s a rescued mutt. To each his own, and I get the appeal of a pure bred, but there are so many animals who desperately need homes, I don’t understand why adopting isn’t always everyone’s first choice. A picture of Buddy (that’s the name he came with) is below.

I babysat Kristen’s kids on Friday night for about four hours. I picked them up from daycare, fed them, entertained them and got them ready for bed. I was outnumbered and a bit scared, but we did fine. They’re a lot of work! Holy crap! Should I ever have kids, I plan to space them out. Two babies is tough! I brought The Last Unicorn because I loved it from childhood, but Abby wasn’t amused. The graphics weren’t up to her standards, she watched for about 30 minutes, then proceeded to attack the cat. That’s a picture of me and Zach in front of the Mac; I absolutely adore the look on his face. He’s getting kisses, in case you were wondering. That kid loves kisses!

I’m going shopping for Elissa’s birthday gift today, which will be fun. This is the first time I’m buying a gift for my sister-in-law! Little things like that make me happy, although I know it’s probably cheezy to most other people.

I booked my flight for Miami earlier this week! I’m going to Key Largo for business, but there’s going to be a big amount of down-time, including the whole day on Monday. I’ve always wanted to go to the Keys, so I’m super, super excited. And they’re sending one of my favorite coworkers, Kathryn, too, which makes it that much better. When I get to do things like this, I realize how lucky I am. I’m very lucky for a whole bunch of reasons, not only for business trips to Key Largo!

I accidentally exercised this weekend and now I’m sore. This is why I don’t exercise more often. Saturday was really beautiful weather-wise in good ole North Carolina, so I decided to go for a walk around the art museum. I was focused on the pretty weather and forgot that I was getting exercise and should stretch before traversing the hills surrounding the interesting sculptures. Oops. Now the backs of my legs hurt. I strongly suspect the backs of my legs are called something other than ‘the backs of my legs’, but I’m not sure what it is.

Um, so, yeah. Good weekend. On Saturday during the day I had no plans and free time. Free time is totally foreign to me, people, and I literally didn’t know what to do with myself. For a solid week I did no travelling and didn’t step foot inside the RBC Center. It was a little weird. I was sitting there thinking, Hmmm… what should I do? I literally couldn’t think of anything and ended up passing out on my couch around dinnertime. Thus I missed my evening plans because I slept through them. Oh well.

Yesterday was the Steelers game and we won! We won, we won, we won! I’m super excited about the game on Sunday – Steelers vs. Ravens. The two teams hate each other. They’d hate each other on a Saturday morning, now imagine the intensity of a game between the two teams with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. It’s going to be awesome. My dad, Jason, Shel and Tiffany will be there. I’m so happy for them! It’s not often that you have the opportunity to see an AFC Championship game!

So, I just finished watching my first NC-17 movie. I ordered Inside Deep Throat from Netflix thinking it was about Watergate. It’s not. It was pretty interesting, though. It went into why Deep Throat was so risque, how it was illegal, how it changed social mores and the impact on today’s society. Things I wasn’t aware of. Lesson learned: read the descriptors for movies before ordering.

I’m very tired. In fact, I’m so tired I’m nearly at the giddy retarded stage of tired. I just sent a coworker an email, and this is the salutation:

Hi Vonnie, Vonnie, bo-bonnie,

I arrived at work at 7am after stopping at Starbucks to get a latte and some marble bread. I treated myself to the marble bread because, well, I didn’t feel like eating yogurt. Do you have any idea how much I hate eating yogurt every morning? The only reason I do so is for its nutritional value as I get nearly no other nutrients over the course of the day. Trident, although maybe good for my teeth, isn’t good for anything else. And it’s what I eat the most of during the course of the day. Trident Original, bitches. It’s my drug of choice.

Oh, why’d I get here so early, you may be asking. I couldn’t sleep last night. Although sleepy as all get out, I laid in bed and tossed and turned and tossed and turned. Then I was up at 5:45, and I rationalized that it would be better to come into the office (very creepy when you’re the only one in it) and get a jump start on the day than continue to lay in bed being frustrated while listening to oldies. Why couldn’t I sleep? Because I’m stressed. Why am I stressed? I’m not telling you.

Ok, now we get into the part of my blog entry where I reveal something especially neurotic about myself.

When Zach was born, Kristen’s parents were very nice and sent a really beautiful plant to my office as a thank-you for taking care of the Engel family. Yes, shocking, it’s still alive. So, anyway, because I knew I’d be out of the office for a big chunk of November and December, I decided to take the plant home where I could better care for it. After living at home with me for over two months, the plant is now happily acustomed to life with natural light. It sits directly in front of my big living room window and basks in sunshine all day long. So how can I remove it from its new environment and put it back into a life filled with flurescent bulbs and no rays of sunshine? I can’t. I can’t do that to my poor little plant. It would make me feel really bad. So I’ve decided to leave my plant at home, sitting in a bright, awkward place on my counter, and bought an orchid for the office. The orchid is not yet acustomed to life with sunshine, so I figure it won’t know what it’s missing. However, I hear orchids are very hard to keep alive, and I have a hard time keeping my cactus alive (actually, I think it’s dead), so the orchid’s odds of survival are not good.

Because I’ve been travelling quite a bit and doing so alone, I thought it would be fun to get a little travel friend to stick in pictures when I’m on the road. When I told Kristen about my idea, she suggested I name my friend Dexter. So I scoured the Interweb and found a Beanie Baby that looked like a Dexter to me. And then I was at Rite-Aid last night, and low and behold, they sell Beanie Babies. I took one look at this guy and immediately thought my travel friend, Dexter, needed a travel friend. His name is Orson. If I stick them in random shots, my pictures will be a little more interesting, and people will stop yelling at me for not smiling. Most likely I’ll forget to take them with me next time I go anywhere.

I have oily skin (which is apparently why I look 22 rather than 30), which makes my eye makeup disappear an hour or two after I put it on. Because I work with such girlie-girls, I’ve been introduced to a variety of new products, one of which is eye makeup primer. You put it on before your shadow/liner, and miraculously, it makes the makeup stay on ALL DAY. I kid you not. I was able to try it at Sephora before I bought it, and today’s the first time I used it for real. Well, I’m going to have to figure out a new way to do my makeup because this stuff works really well, and I feel like a clown. (this is the second time I’ve suggested I look like a clown in less than a month… hmmm…) You can actually SEE my eye makeup. It’s kind of shocking, and although it’s not a lot of makeup by any means, I feel like it’s too much. Normally that’s not an issue because it disappears anyway. But now that it’s staying on, I’m going to use less.

This song is one of my top 10 favorites ever.

Cold, rainy days are not good days to write your will. Just a little tip to you from me. Yes, I wrote my will today. I had to do so because of the Steelers tickets – I want to make sure they don’t leave my family upon my death. Although I wrote it for the tickets, I decided, what the hell? And I did the whole thing properly. I didn’t realize how much good jewelry I had until I listed it all out and assigned it to go to different people. One piece in particular is very valuable not only monetarily, but because it’s an heirloom. I also told Jason, the executor of my will, that I want to be cremated. Next up: my living will! That one’s going to be a blast to work on!


Anyway. Fuck, I have to leave in 15 minutes. To be continued…

Ok, it’s a day later and I’m back at my computer. I actually have to get ready for the gym soon. Ugh. The gym. Tylila and I are giving it another try; last time we went, the gym closed early and rather than work out, we went for pizza and did some shopping. It was fun!

I had really strange, vivid dreams last night. They were about my family, pit bulls, coworkers and friends. And connected houses and the Amazing Race. I always thought Jason and I would be a really good team on the Amazing Race. We’re total opposites of each other, so together we make a good, whole person. I’m the nice, cheerful one. He’s the cold-hearted no-nonsense one. We’re both competitive and he’s athletic and strong. Actually, now that I’ve read the previous sentence, it appears that the only thing I’d bring to our team is niceness. Hmmm…

I got new silverware the other day and I’m super excited. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, then I started searching and couldn’t find anything I liked. Sometimes I’m picky. But on Thursday – New Year’s day, I guess – I finally found some! I’m all about it. It’s classic but modern at the same time. A picture will eventually be on my Picture of the Day site. It was $120 (don’t worry, I didn’t pay full price) and when I held one fork and compared it to the weight of one of my Target forks, it was pretty crazy. One new fork was the same weight as eight Target forks. Yes, my previous silverware sucked.

I get to have my favorite punch tonight – yummy! Oh I love it. Kristen and Erich are having a post-holiday party and I’m baking mini-cupcakes and making the punch. The punch is nothing but ginger ale and raspberry sherbert, but it’s the best thing ever. I promise. Every time I make it, though, I drink so much of it I can’t eat and get borderline sick to my stomach. I have no self-control sometimes.

So, nothing else terribly new or exciting is going on thus far in 2009. My cyst is giving me a bit of trouble (The one on my wrist. It’s the only one I have.). It’s sticking up a little, and every once in a while I have a terrible, stabbing pain that shoots through my forearm. It kinda sucks, but I’m putting off surgery as long as possible. Seriously, who wants someone cutting their wrist open? Not me! Do you know how many little veins and nerves and tendons are in that area?? With my luck, they’ll accidentally snip something important and my left hand will be rendered useless.

Speaking of useless, have you ever noticed that your toes don’t really move? I was in yoga once, and at the end of an especially tough class, we relaxed by playing with our toes. One of our tasks was to make each of our toes wiggle individually. My big toe worked okay, the index toe was a little less mobile, and as I worked down my foot, my last two toes were basically useless and immobile. True story.

Gotta get ready for the gym. Peace out.