Holy crap, guys, it’s cold! I actually had to wear my winter coat into work this morning and scrape ice from my car. Yikes!

So, we’re allowed to dress up for Halloween at work and I’ll feel like a tool if I wear my Dorothy costume, so I want to figure out what I can do that will let me to still retain some sense of dignity while allowing me to wear jeans. Thoughts? Kathryn and I were talking about going as fans of each others’ schools, so I’d be a Wake Forest fan and she’d be a WVU fan. We’re ordinarily not able to wear jeans to work. Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes I just want to wear jeans and tennies and be comfortable.

I got new Lipglass yesterday, a shade totally out of my box, and I’m happy with it. It’s way different than anything I currently have. Just in case you didn’t know, I’m addicted to all things lips. Lip gloss, lip stick, chap stick, Lip Smackers. It’s pretty retarded. If you want to know where my expendible income goes, look at the bottom of my purse and you’ll see.

Weird about the World Series, right? I’ve never heard of a championship game being cancelled in the middle. Stupid rain! I guess I’m pulling for the Phillies because they’re a PA team and I’m from PA. Weird thing: I’ve never met anyone from PA who calls it anything other than PA. It’s almost like Pennsylvania is too long to enunciate, and we’re a lazy people. Another weird thing: when I was little, I thought I was from Transylvania where all the vampires lived. Pennsylvania and Transylvania sound the same, you see. One more weird thing: I have a long, thin neck. So if I DID live in Transylvania and a vampire DID try to come after me, he’d probably be disappointed by my scrawny-ness and leave me alone. Score!

Howdy doo. It’s halftime of the Steelers game and I have a lot to do, but rather than be productive, I’m updating my blog. I probably won’t be productive later, either. Oh well. During the week, I’m like, oh, I don’t have to do anything. I’ll do it during the weekend. Then the weekend rolls around and I’m like, oh, I don’t have to do anything. It’s the weekend.

I did a bunch of Christmas shopping earlier today. See, I don’t like to be anywhere near a mall post-Thanksgiving. Malls become frightening places filled with frazzled people and bad drivers, and it’s best to stay away. So I do all my shopping in October and early November.

Umm, so it was a busy week. But a good week. My trip to the desert was very beneficial and I came back with a renewed outlook on things. Vacations will do that to you, I guess.

As I’ve written in here numerous times, I have trouble expressing feelings. But I’m working very hard to change that. So this week I had a difficult conversation with someone important to me, a conversation that dealt solely with feelings. He was hurting my feelings, I hurt his feelings, and now that we’ve talked, hopefully things will be good going forward. We shall see… But I’m proud of myself for initiating the conversation; it wasn’t easy.

My hair. People aren’t recognizing me at work! It’s amusing. But most people – well, all except one very vocal fellow – think I should keep my hair this length. I’m not sold on the idea of intentionally having short hair, but who knows. Maybe I’ll stick with it for a while.

Random thought: I love my keyboard.

Ok, game’s back on. Peace out.

Hello, hello. You would not believe my outfit’s color combination today. Just wouldn’t believe it. I’m wearing a khakis, pewter flats, a navy crew-neck shirt, fuchsia scarf and turquoise earrings. Holy crap, I’ve turned into Rainbow Bright. I used my flat iron on my hair, though, and I think I hate it. I want to go home and re-do it at lunch.

The line at Starbucks was nearly out the door this morning, but I patiently waited for my grande vanilla latte and marble bread. I’m hungry and I forgot to grab yogurt at the store, so I just HAD to stop at Starbucks, you see. It was imperative to my well-being.

While at Starbucks, I used my gift card. It’s the gift card that I found laying on my table when I walked into my apartment after my trip. What else did I find? Well, there were birthday balloons all over my floor, birthday confetti all over my table, a card, gift card and a CAKE! My favorite cake! Like 10 people in Raleigh have keys to my apartment, and in this case, it turned out to be a good thing. Thanks so much Kristen and Tiffany!

But I’m sure you don’t care about that stuff as much as you care about my trip. Well, actually, since I don’t know who YOU are, I don’t know if you actually care about my trip, or why you’re reading this little blog anyway. But whatever.

I landed in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, so my birthday was extended by three hours thanks to the time change – score! Drove around the strip, went to dinner, went to bed. On Thursday my uncle took me to the Grand Canyon, which was spectacular. I assumed that because I saw pictures of it, I knew what to expect. WRONG. I’m not going to try to describe it here because my words will fall short. Went back to Vegas, went to dinner, went to bed. On Friday Gregory and I spent the day playing at Red Rock Canyons, which was oodles of fun. Shocking because I’m not typically an outdoorsy person, but I didn’t want to leave and wished I had brought proper hiking gear. Then we went to Target – you have to go to Target where ever you are – and I bought their wedding gift. A Garmin navigation system. Then we went to Old Vegas, which is the older part of Las Vegas. Duh. It was very ghetto and shiny and fun. I lost all of my money there ($50). On Saturday Gregory and I went to the Hoover Dam. Yawn. Nah, it was cool, but, well, yeah. It was a dam. It was smaller than I expected, but I’m happy to cross it off of my list of things I should see before death. Then we went to a super trashy casino where I bet $10 on football and won. Go figure. Then we went to the Strip for the night, and we were joined by a mutual friend of ours who recently moved to the area – someone Gregory was friends with in high school, who also lived down the street from me at WVU. He had a three-story beer bong, but that’s another story. Anyway, had tons of fun on the Strip. We had a very long, expensive, alcohol-infused dinner, walked around some casinos and went to the top of the Stratosphere. Unfortunately for us, football started on Sunday at 10am Pacific Time, so off to a bar we went. We met up with my uncle, watched the Steelers game and ate crappy bar food. It was a good time. Then we went to the Las Vegas outlets, which is where I lost all of my money. Actually, a lot of my money is currently wrapped around my wrist. I’ll get to that later. After the outlets, we went to a ‘famous’ Las Vegas buffet, which was a small step above Golden Corral. Oh well. Then we all crashed and got up at 4am to take me to the airport so I could fly home. The End.

I know Las Vegas is in the desert, but I was unprepared for the amount of brown. Brown, brown everywhere brown. And there were no trees. And grass, there was none of that either. But the landscape has an unusual beauty, which I appreciated, but I was happy to get back to the east coast where there’s green everywhere. And it was incredible to be on top of the Stratosphere and see the lights end, not because of my line of vision, but because the city just ends. It’s crazy. You drive 10 miles out of the city and you’re in the middle of nowhere. It was a wonderful, wonderful trip. I had such a good time, and I desperately needed to get away for a while. It was so nice to be completely disconnected from my life for a few days.

Oh, the thing about my money being wrapped around my wrist… I hit up J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap and Coach stores, and I also visited a jewelry store where I found the clunky watch of my dreams. I’m a pretty feminine girl, but I love big watches. But, because I’m never without a watch, I refuse to buy cheap watches, and the only clunky watch I could afford (or would pay for) was of the cheap variety. Well, a jewelry store at the outlets was closing, so all of their stuff was way marked down, so I got a big $300 ESQ Barrister watch for significantly less than $300. I love it.

Ok, I have a lot to do, so off I go.

Whoa, what a weekend. What a messed up little weekend!

Okay, so I came home from work on Friday and was laying on the couch relaxing when my phone rang. It was my boss at the RBC Center wondering where I was. I’m on the couch, I said. You should be here, she said. Turns out that although my fellow server never called to say that she indeed needed me to work for her, she didn’t show up at the arena and told my boss I’d be there in her place. OH MY GOD. I ran around and got ready in about 15 minutes, ran through the rain in the parking lot to get into the building, my chest was KILLING me (asthma and all) and my hair was wet and messy. Then it was opening night, so the arena was insane, another of my bosses messed up and people expected a suite full of food and goodies and they had NOTHING, and I literally didn’t stop running for a solid five hours. To top it off, I’m sure everyone thought I was a dumbass for ‘forgetting’ to show up for freaking OPENING NIGHT. I wasn’t supposed to be there!!

And then… yesterday was the Autism Run and I was supposed to meet Kristen at the registration table at 9:15. She called at 9:15 per the plan, and where was I? In bed. My electricity flickered in the middle of the night and my alarm didn’t go off and I didn’t go to the run. I was so frustrated. So, so frustrated. I felt like I let people down, and I hate that.

My buddy Aaron called me for both events. On Friday, about a minute after Lori called, Aaron called and was like, “Uhhh, do you know you’re supposed to be here?” And then on Saturday he was like, “Uhhh, were you at the run? Cause I didn’t see you.” LOL. And in case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t get in trouble at the arena. When I explained what happened – how I was going to be called on Thursday if I was needed and the call never came – all was forgiven.

Last night was another arena event, and tomorrow night is another arena event, and then I leave for Vegas on Wednesday (which is my birthday!). Thank God. I really, really, REALLY need to get away for a while.

Oh, and I cut all my hair off. It’s gone. Donated to Locks of Love. I’m not sure how I feel about the short hair. Everyone seems to love it – and a bunch of people have said to keep it this way – but I feel like part of my identity is gone, which I guess is to be expected. I’ve had long hair for years and years, and now I see myself in the mirror and don’t recognize the reflection. It’s weird. I have no regrets, but I think if I hadn’t donated it – if I had just cut it off for the hell of it – I would be kicking myself in the ass right about now. I went from my hair being the longest it has ever been to the shortest it has ever been in about 11 seconds.

I slept for 12 hours last night, which was so wonderful. For the past two or three weeks, I’ve been averaging about five hours of sleep a night. I go to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night, then finally fall back asleep a few hours later. It’s been incredibly frustrating. But when I woke up this ‘morning,’ the clock said 1:03pm. Awesome. But during those 12 hours of unconscious bliss, I think I dreamed of every single person I’ve ever met.

Okay, I have a headache. I’m going to return to the couch and continue being a sloth.

Ooohhh, my grande vanilla latte is so good this morning. I like when it’s slightly more coffee-y than vanilla-y, and today the barista hit the jackpot in terms of creating a perfect balance. YUM. So, I’m starting the day off with eight hours of sleep (!!!!) and an especially good latte. Things can only go downhill from here…

A press release I sent yesterday got picked up by a really big national chain in our industry, so I was happy. When you throw a press release out there, you never know who’s going to pick it up; it’s all a guessing game. You write it, well, YOU don’t write it, I write it, and then hope it gets the coverage it deserves. It’s weird how little control over the process I have other than creating the distribution list.

So, did you read the part where I said I got eight hours of sleep!? Isn’t that wonderful? I’m so excited! I went to bed at 10:30 and would have ideally slept for nine hours, but of course I woke up early again. This time at 6:30am, which still allowed me to sleep a good amount. My goal for some day this weekend is nine hours. It’ll have to be Sunday because I have to get up early on Saturday and go run. At least it’s an itty, bitty ‘fun’ run, but still. I have to wake up early to run.

I posted my 100th picture yesterday on the 365 project, which was pretty cool. Although I may not post a picture every day, I take one every day. It’s hard to figure out what I’m going to photograph each day, and sometimes I forget and scramble to get something – anything – before the day is over. Those pictures are usually dumber than the others. And on the first day of each month, I stand in the same spot and take a picture of myself. I wonder if I’ll change much over the course of the year. But for October’s self-portrait, I forgot and by the time I took the picture, it was dark and it didn’t turn out well. Oops.

Okay, speaking of me and looks or whatever… a coworker of mine recently told me he assumed me to be high maintenance (until he saw my unpainted toenails). I was really surprised! It’s not a bad thing, and maybe it’s sort of a complement, but I am so NOT high maintenance. I’m in the low to mid maintenance range. I confess, though, I’m a clotheshorse. And I have more than 45 pairs of shoes and ridiculously long hair that’s rarely ever thrown into the ‘I give up bun’ on top of my head, and I always wear accessories. But it takes me about 15 minutes to get ready. I’m not vain and in fact think I’m one of the most unattractive people on the planet, but my mom always insisted I be put together before I leave the house, and I guess that stuck.

Another misconception I’m afraid people have: I’m dumb. See, here’s the thing. I’m a very playful person. I’m not too serious, I laugh all the time, am sarcastic and can be quick-witted. I make light of nearly every situation. But because of that, I’m afraid people maybe think I have no substance. And that’s not good. I dunno. I guess it doesn’t matter because things are going well at work, but it’s something I occasionally wonder about.

Alright! That concludes the introspective portion of this blog entry!

I have yet to hear back from my coworker about tomorrow night, but keep your fingers crossed for me: I do NOT want to work! I have so much to do before I leave for Vegas, and I really need tomorrow after work to take care of some things. (Plus I simply do not want to be at the arena.) When I planned my trip to Vegas, it seemed so far away, and I leave in like six days. Holy crap! I really need this trip, though. I’m so happy I can go. I’m going for my birthday. See, for a long time my birthday weekend was my absolute favorite three days of the year; I always went to the State Fair with a big group of friends, got to pet cows, watched football, went to football games, etc… But a lot has happened and now I just don’t want to be here. Friends have moved, friendships have dissolved and it’s not the same, and I miss the way it was. So I’m going away.

Less than a month until election day and whoa, the race is getting nasty. I’m really disappointed by the low blows and personal attacks by the Republican party. Trying to align your fellow nominee with domestic terrorism is pretty sad and seems very desperate to me. I hate that I liked John McCain at the beginning of this election, and now I don’t. I’m a big fan of being pro your candidate, and being respectful towards the other. I realize I’m in the minority.

Howdy, folks. Long time no chat. There were some complex technical difficulties with my blog that kept me from posting, but thankfully they’re now fixed. I had nothing to do with the fixing, it was all my rockstar webmaster, Shel.

Yay Shel!

I’m hungry. I was lazy last night (as I am most nights), and instead of eating a proper dinner, I ate a bowl of cereal. It was a big bowl, mind you, but now I’m dealing with the consequences of having Honey Bunches of Oats as opposed to chicken. Lunch cannot get here quickly enough. Ooohhhh, Jersey Mike’s…

A partial reason for last night’s laziness was exhaustion; I had a weekend that forced me to be on my feet the vast majority of the time. It was fun, but it was rough. Friday and Sunday I was at the arena, but on Saturday Kristen and I (plus Zach and Abby) had a shop till you drop marathon because of her new job. Kristen went from being a part-time floater pharmacist to a full-time hospital pharmacist. She had no clothes, so we shopped for new ones. Before I really spent any time with kids, I would have guessed older kids to be easier. But no, that’s not the case. Zach was a dream and although Abby did well, she can only contain her crazy two-year-old energy for so long. For being good, I got her a pink tutu, which I’ve dubbed her princess dress. She loves it.

The second presidential debate is tonight and I plan to watch although I already voted. Like I said before, the only downfall to early/absentee voting is not getting the I Voted sticker.

I’m mad at myself. I think I’ve probably said on here that I have a problem being mean to or disappointing people, but I’ve put myself into another situation where rather than let someone else down, I’m letting ME down. I’m not on the schedule at the RBC Center on Friday night – opening night – and I’m very glad. But a coworker of mine just called (no clue how she got my number), said she threw her back out, can I please cover for her on Friday? She says she’ll make her final decision as to whether she’s physically able on Thursday, and I really hope she is.

I got a Halloween costume!! I’m going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I picked up the costume yesterday, and I ordered red, glittery shoes online. I can’t wait to see them! I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted ruby red slippers! The Dorothy costume is too short, though. I’m going to take it to a tailor and have a white band added at the bottom to give it length – my legs are just too long for some things, and I don’t want to be exposing my bum. Nobody needs to see that.

So, I’m back from lunch. On my way out, the new Gavin Rossdale song was on the radio. On my way back to the office, about 75 minutes later, the new Gavin Rossdale song was playing. I was listening to the same station to and from work. I hate that. But I love Gavin Rossdale. His pretty face was plastered all over my bedroom when I was in high school.

Ok, the Dugger family. Oh. My. God. Do you know about the Duggars? It’s this family in Arkansas with 17 children… and another on the way. They have a show on TLC and I watched it recently. The episode centered on dating, but the Duggars don’t really date. They get engaged THEN date the person, THEN get married THEN kiss for the first time. Seriously? Seriously! The furthest they can go pre-marriage is holding hands, and you can only hold hands once you’re engaged. And the couple can’t be alone together until after marriage; they use chaperones. Not that I’m advocating sleeping around or being slutty or anything of that nature, but can you imagine kissing someone for the first time only AFTER you’re married to them? Wow. Regardless, fascinating family. Weird, but fascinating.

I leave for Vegas a week from tomorrow – yay! I’m looking forward to my six days in the desert!