Did you happen to catch my blog on Wednesday? Three posts in one day. Impressive, no?

Sigh. It took me about an hour, but I finally made peace with my most awful running experience to date. I accept that I am not a natural athlete and running, in general, is challenging. Which is why I enjoy it. And yeah, I’m going to do week seven again. I want to feel comfortable at 2.5 miles before I go up to 2.75. If not, I’ll never make reach my goals, as rinky-dink as they are.

The Pens play tonight. Series is 2-1, but you never know what’s going to happen. If the Penguins win the cup, they’ll take it from the Red Wings, favorite team of Cousin Bob.

I use this blog to vent, to let my friends/family know what’s going on in my life, to fight boredom or to alleviate stress. Sometimes I write just out of habit. As you’ve probably noticed, I have virtually nothing of importance to say. But it’s my life, and I’m happy to have six years of it in written form.

Anyway, I digress. A few weeks ago, I wrote about a stalker I had, which prompted a reader of my blog to reveal himself to me. He was afraid I was trying address him in an underhanded way, which wasn’t the case. The guy – who I call in my head ‘Cousin Bob’ – shares my last name, lives in Michigan and is a photographer. He’s part of my dad’s generation, and we’ve become e-pen pals. His presence in my life has been lovely and enjoyable, and I have this silly little blog to thank. Thank you, krizmania.com!

Last night was Tylila’s birfday and it was mucho funo. We went bowling among other things, which I haven’t done in forever. I sucked, of course, but it was to be expected. And I tried Snoopy’s for the first time! My ex did a good job of immersing me in Raleigh culture (yay Cooper’s!), but I stonewalled him when it came to Snoopy’s. So, we went, and I convinced the staff to assure me that the hot dogs were kosher. Not because I wanted to be in touch with my Jewish heritage, but because I didn’t want to eat pig anus. So after the staff ‘assured’ me that the hot dogs were kosher, I enjoyed a very yummy chili dog.

Leon is scheduled to re-enter my life tomorrow. Eeeeee! Leon, Leon, Leon. Leon was one of my best friends in high school. He was a total badass wrestler and I was the quiet girl on the newspaper. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there was a time when I was quiet. But anyway. He and I met, I think, in a foods class and from then we were inseparable. Except when I went away to school and we separated. MP ran into him the other day, and he asked for my number, and told her to tell me he’s calling me on Sunday. Which is tomorrow. Wow, I haven’t talked to him in years!!! I really have missed him.

Long time no write, right?

I’m frustrated, frustrated, frustrated! I just got back from the gym, and I’m sitting here all smelly and sweaty, watching the Penguins and beating myself up. I’m actually fighting a very strong urge to go back to the gym and punish myself with another round on the treadmill.

I follow my little running plan diligently. Couch to 5k (http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml). And I’m on week seven and it’s kicking my ass in a huge way. I feel like it shouldn’t be this hard at this point. I’m struggling like crazy. Two and a half miles. That’s it. I should be able to run that with far more ease than I’m currently doing. Ugh!

Is it because I’m not drinking enough water? Because I’m not eating properly? Because I added weights? Because I’m too hot (the a/c in the gym is broken and it’s a million deg. in there)? Because I increased my pace (by .04)? I really don’t know what it is.

With C25K you’re supposed to run two days in a row, take a day off, then run again. So I’m not going to run tomorrow, then give it another shot. And if I feel like I’m struggling this much the next time I run, I’m going to repeat week seven.

Blah, blah, blah. I’m just frustrated. Did I mention that I’m frustrated?

Oh, and go Pens. I’m sure they won’t win the Cup at this point, but I’d at least like them to win a game. (see the pessimism coming out because of my frustration?)

Howdy doo. (just so you know, I don’t actually ever say that phrase out loud)

Um, so it’s really humid. Holy crap! I knew it was going to be cooler today, so when I stepped outside I expected to be greeted by chilly, crisp air and not a solid wall of humidity. It’s messing with my poor lungs. Stupid asthma!

So, why is it that I can run 2.5 miles without stopping, but get winded walking up a flight of stairs? Seriously. There must be some sort of medical explanation as to why this happens.

We have a huge meeting at the end of June, so we’re all running around to have meetings before the meeting. It’s like, “Let’s meet before the meeting to prepare for the meeting.” Um, ok? And I’m still very new to this company, so 80% of what’s being said is entirely over my head. The scary thing, though, is I’m a decision maker in some of these meetings. Yikes!

Still love the job, though!

Oohhh! So exciting! My trips to Chicago and Las Vegas are confirmed! Score! Chicago is a business trip and Las Vegas is for pleasure. And I’m going to San Diego, too, so I’ll get to visit (at least) three new cities before the year is over. Excellent. I leave for Chicago in less than two weeks!! Woo!

I’m realizing that June is going to be an expensive month for me. All of the events listed below require gifts.

  • Jason’s birthday
  • Ms. Brannan’s birthday
  • Quri’s birthday
  • Erich’s birthday
  • Gregory’s birthday
  • Father’s Day
  • (are you impressed with my mad HTML bullet-making skillz?)

    I’m a masochist. Did you know that? Well, I am. You see, if running wasn’t enough pain and punishment, I went and bought silly little weights that wrap around my wrists while I’m spending quality time on the treadmill – aka – the machine of death.

    For the first time ever, I contacted a radio station. I emailed this morning to learn the name of a song I often hear but don’t know the title of. The DJ was kind enough to respond. Classical Gas. It’s good stuff.

    My apartment smells like strawberries. I just cut some up. YUM.

    Ok, so I filled up my gas tank yesterday and it was $45.08. Insanity. Thankfully my car is good on gas and I work like a mile from home, but that’s still pretty crazy.

    I had a very nice, relaxing, friend-filled weekend, and although I enjoy my job, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

    Speaking of work, at the end of June we’re having a meeting of the firm, which means three full days of (insert company name here) fun. I’m looking forward to it, but the girls in the office are going nuts trying to figure out what to wear. One event is a nice dinner, another is an activities day at Lake Wheeler, and yet another is a cocktail reception. And then there are meetings in between. That’s a lot of outfit changes! Yikes! I got my cocktail dress already and it rocks. I’m really happy with it. Oh, and the shoes are so pretty. I’ll post a picture of the them.

    Quri and I went into Cache and I tried on a rediculous aqua-sequin dress. She said I looked like a cracked-out Disney princess. Yeah, that’s me. Cracked-out Princess Allie.

    So, the Penguins are sucking. I’m really bummed for them and for my pretty city. Because I’m not a die-hard fan, I can be objective and say, “well, at least they made it this far…” Who knows what will happen, though. There are still at least two games to be played.

    My photography class got canceled, so I decided to buy Photoshop Elements. So far so good. I have no need – or desire – to mess with full on Photoshop, but Elements seems to have everything I want. Like, for what I want to do, some things in Photoshop are unnecessarily complex. Elements simplified things for folks who aren’t professionals (although I did read about some professionals using it).

    Jason and Laurie took Ben and Bear into DC over the weekend and they sent pictures, my favorite being the four of the in front of the White House. Ben and Bear do DC. Funny!

    I’m all about the India.Arie version of “Heart of the Matter” right now. You should listen to it. It’s really good.

    Ooooo! Shiny!

    My ‘nephews’ in front of the White House.

    This is very weird. I’m taking a brain break from work to type in my blog. And what am I working on at work, you ask? Blogs! We’re upgrading our website and have suckered – I mean, recruited – two employees to start blogs. It’s an attempt to make folks feel like they know and can trust these particular employees. I work for a consulting firm, so familiarity is an important element to what they do. I bet you feel like you know me because you’re reading this, right? Well, the same idea holds true for what we’re trying to do at work.

    Oohhhh. Wikipedia. I hate it. I mean I love it. I look at it all the time, but I hate it. It’s really complicated and a total pain in the ass. But we’re up there, and we have images, and everything’s all hunkey-dorey, so yay!

    I’ve actually been working my butt off at the office and – gasp – it’s been fun! I’m really enjoying it.

    Dancing with the Stars is over. I’m going to miss reveling in the cheese, but am glad Kristi Y. won. Rumor has it that her hubby is retiring from hockey, so I won’t see her around the RBC Center next season. That’s too bad cause she’s one of the nicest hockey wives, and her kids are adorable.

    My photography class got cancelled, and there are apparently no other 35mm classes in Raleigh this summer, so I’ll have to find something else to do. I try to take a class every summer, and in the past it’s always been yoga, but I’m really bad at yoga. I don’t know why I took classes as long as I did. Maybe I wanted to be all bendy and enlightened…? Truth is, I’m neither.

    I saw something about cloned dogs on Good Morning America this week. Whoa. I don’t like that idea at all. It seems like it was just a few years ago when they cloned the sheep, and now they’re like, “Your dog die? Make a new one!” Like, how did this happen so quickly? Also, there are so many dogs in shelters who desperately need homes, and they’re making more? Seriously? I mean, I love Henry, but once he’s gone he’s gone. I dunno. It’s all very weird and science fiction-y to me.

    I had dinner with Shel last night and we sat outside because the weather was so pretty. We ran into a mutual friend of ours, which was unexpected and nice. She used to work at that particular establishment – Edwards Mill Bar & Grill – so she was kinda doing the alumni thing.

    So, my mom called me this morning to tell me about my grandmother’s IRA, and long story short, I’m getting more than twice as much as I anticipated from my grandmother’s estate. I’m still kinda surprised about it.

    Today’s a running day and my head is killing me, so I don’t know how well this is all going to work. I know it must seem like my head hurts all the time, and it kinda does, but I think it’s better than dealing with a sore throat or runny nose or whatever. Not that I have a choice in which allergy symptoms I experience, but if I did, I’d totally take the headaches.

    I was talking to my dad earlier in the week and he said something about me being too idealistic. I forget what we were talking about, but I felt like calling me idealistic was the thing to do for the week because Kristen said nearly the same thing a few days prior. I always thought I was just a goodie-two-shoes. Idealistic sounds cooler.

    Ok, so here’s something that’s been perplexing me for months now. My boobs are bigger and my hair is wavy. I’ve been a (barely) B-cupped, straight-haired kind of gal for, well, since puberty. Then all of a sudden, probably in about February, things started to change… The first thing Kate noticed after not seeing me for six months was my boobage. I can’t wear size medium button-down shirts anymore because of the tugging that occurs. I had to buy bigger, C-cup bras. And my hair is out of control. If I didn’t use my mega straightener, my hair would be a mass caramel mess of waves and kinks. It’s all very strange. Not necessarily unpleasant, but strange.

    Time to pick up the red pen and get back to editing…

    Happy Monday, folks.

    Ok, time to be super nerdy: the Dancing with the Stars final round is on tonight! Yay! I’m excited to see the freestyle dances.

    And speaking of final rounds, the Penguins are playing for the Stanley Cup!! They beat Philly yesterday 6-0. Very exciting indeed. Someone recently asked when I became a Penguins fan. Hello! I’ve always been a Pens fan. I’m from Pittsburgh, remember? When the Pens and the Hurricanes play, I always hope for a tie. If only the Pirates would step up to the plate, this would be a hell of a sports decade for my pretty city. (Steelers won the Super Bowl in ’06)

    My photography class starts tomorrow and I’m anxious to see how it goes. I’m thinking that it could either be very fun and interesting, or very boring.

    I’m past the two mile mark with training – yikes! Last week I ran two days in a row, which was fine, but I didn’t stretch for either run. Stupid mistake. My legs were so sore. I stretched heavily for both runs this weekend and my legs feel fine. After I run, my face is deathly white, while the skin around my eyes is bright red. It’s very weird. I look like the red baron or an albino raccoon or something.

    Over the weekend I got my first pair of plaid pants. I usually only wear plain – or maybe pinstripe – pants, so buying them was stepping outside of my comfort zone. But they’re nice. I like them. Here they are: http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse/product.do?cid=26496&pid=547766. And I got my cocktail dress, but I’m not so sure about it. I think maybe it’s cut too low. When I told Kristen, she was like, “Oh no! Does it expose your collarbone?!” And when I told my mom, then told her I was going to get Kristen’s opinion, she was like, “Even if it’s cut to your bellybutton, Kristen will still think it’s okay.” Haha.

    On Saturday afternoon I took Bojangles to Mr. Brannan’s house and hung out with him for a while. It was really, really nice to see him. I think it’s been over a year. But I’m going to try to spend time with him once a month. I really don’t have an excuse not to, especially with nothing going on at the RBC Center. Oh, Mr. Brannan is Shel’s 92-year-old grandfather and I adore him. He told me he’s been missing my hugs. Aawww!

    Laurie’s grandfather died last night and I feel so bad for her. She and Jason were supposed to get married in May of ’09, but when her grandfather got sick, they decided to push the wedding up to August ’08 in the hopes that Mr. Shultz could be there. And to make it worse, Friday is Laurie’s birthday. His death wasn’t unexpected, it just came too quickly.

    I have one of those crazy expensive flat irons (which is worth every penny), but I try not to use it too often because I don’t want it to fry my hair. But I got this spray on stuff to use prior to using the flat iron, and I tried it this morning. It’s supposed to protect hair from intense heat. We’ll see how it goes. It smells faintly like cocoanut.

    Ooohhhh! I’m so excited! Ok, so, you know how when you get Starbucks the foam spills out of the little hole on top and makes a mess? Well! Now they’ve developed these little green sticks (with what I think is a mermaid on top) to place in the hole, thus keeping the foam from exploding. It’s one of the best things ever, I swear!

    While at work today, I decided that my company needed an entry on Wikipedia. My boss was all about it, so off I went. Wikipedia is not as easy to navigate as I thought it would be!! There’s all kinds of tricky HTML and they’re very strict about content. Like, absolutely nothing can be even remotely close to advertising or they’ll kick your entry offline. I posted it today, so I wonder how long it’ll take to be up and running. Hmmmm…

    Tomorrow I have to look at budgets and spreadsheets all day. Yikes. I already let my bosses know I’m a math retard.