What a dreary day. Yuk. At least it’s supposed to be warmer today than yesterday. Either way, doesn’t affect me much cause I’ll be in the RBC Center most of the day at a Christian rock concert. Oh joy.

I don’t think I’ve written in here in a while. I’ve had another nice, busy week. I had two slumber parties, got very little sleep, and went to a hockey game as a spectator! Good stuff.

I had an ineresting experience while watching the WVU/Xavier game: I was bartending in a suite full of millionaires and one of them took a particular liking to me. So while Barry Manilow was singing his little plastic head off, I was standing there w/ some guy’s arm around my waist watching basketball. When the Mountaineers made an especially good play, he’d pat my ass or kiss my cheek. LOL. Thing is, though, he was terribly sweet, so it didn’t bother me. Unfortunately WVU lost, but it was a great season.

My neck is starting to bother me again. Uh oh.

Eleven days.

Howdy doo, folks. Happy Easter.

I’m so incredibly tired and sore and tired and tired. Did I mention that I’m tired? If not, I’m tired. Holy crap, the NCAA tournament kicked my ass and handed it to me on a silver platter. But it was fun. I had some great people in my suites who gave me hugs and kisses and high fives and crappy tips. And I got to see Davidson upset Georgetown, which demolished my brackets, but that’s part of the fun. I ran so much and carried so many boxes of random crap that I’ll be surprised if I can move tomorrow.

The Mountaineers are heading to the Sweet Sixteen! Woo!!!! So excited! So excited, so excited! I really didn’t think we were going to pull out a victory against Duke, but we played the better game and came away with the victory, so we get to continue dancing.

I had fun with little miss Abigail on Saturday at the Easter egg hunt. She had no idea what was going on, and rather than hunt for eggs, she ran all over the place and swung on swings. She continues to be the most adorable little human ever.

Ummm… I don’t know what else to type. I’ve had a really good week, and now I’m off to get a super hot shower.

My favorite guilty pleasure has returned: Dancing With the Stars! Woo! Very nerdy, I know. I wish I could dance like that, though. But my sole, sad attempt at ballroom dancing was a flop. Tango’s ballroom, right? Regardless, all I did was laugh. Very little actual dancing occured. So it was fun, but a disaster none the less.

Ugh. It’s allergy season, which means my eyeballs feel like they’re going to pop out of my head. No fun. No fun at all.

Yesterday was a very much needed lazy day. I read and watched tv for hours on end.

I found a beautiful little song from a tv commercial, and I’m listening to it. You should listen to it, too.

I want to learn to play the piano.

Howdy doo. Long time no write. Tomorrow will be my first day off in over a week and I’m really looking forward to not setting my alarm clock.

I just ordered my dad’s birthday gift. I got him two really pretty prints of fishermen (the series is Quiet Seclusion) and I’m going to get them framed. He’s planning on visiting in the next week or two, so I’ll be able to give them to him. He has business in Richmond pretty regularly, and when he’s there, he tries to sneak away to Raleigh to take me to a fancy dinner. It’s one of the perks of being an only daughter.

My weekend was consumed by the RBC Center. It wasn’t bad. For the most part I adore my coworkers, so being there for hours on end could definitely be worse.

I’m so excited the Mountaineers are in the NCAA basketball tournament!! I was really hoping they’d land in Raleighwood, but no such luck. They’re in DC. I think (hope) we’ll make it past the first round, but doubt we’ll get past Duke. You never know, though. That’s why they play the game! I still have to fill out my bracket, but I have yet to actually sit down and think about it. Hmmm… I’ll post my picks after Thursday, that way you guys can’t steal my excellent choices! Ha! Last year I was in first place for the first half of the tourney, then my brackets went down the crapper… But that’s the fun of it.

Abby was uber cute tonight. She had a tiny little bruise on her knee, so I was kissing it and saying, “Bye bye, boo boo!” And then she’d say bye bye to her boo boo. Then I rolled up my khakis and showed her a bruise on my knee. So she was pulling my pant leg up and down, up and down. And when I said, “Ok, make my boo boo go away” I thought she’d pull my pant down, but instead pursed her lips and very delicately gave my boo boo a kiss. I thought I was going to melt. I’m loving this aunt gig.

I read an article about the 10th anniversary of The Big Lebowski today and was laughing out loud. I miss my college buddies! My God, I have no idea how many freaking times we watched that movie. We could quote scenes line for line. I was Maude Lebowski. Speaking of, I ought to drop a line to Blake and see how he is. He’s the one who started the whole Lebowski thing. Funny kid, that Blake. Except I think he’s in his 30′s now. Not quite a kid no mo.

Jason’s bummed I won’t be spending Easter in Mary-Land, and I am too. I could really use a big dose of my family, but alas, the arena calls. Easter is weird for me anyway. If you know me, you know my weird religious hang-ups. If you don’t know me – I mean really know me – then I probably haven’t shared them with you. Being anything other than a devout Christian in the South is an oft frowned-upon anomaly. And I’m not Jewish. Although I guess technically you could say that I am, but I’m not.

I’ve been having very weird, very vivid dreams lately. Last night I actually felt the emotion of my dreams, and I woke up all disheveled and panicked. I’m sort of anxious to go to sleep tonight for fear of what I’m going to dream about, or who I’m going to dream about.

Ok, I’m going to reeeeeeaaaaad for a bit.

I’m all about this song right now. It reminds me of Gregory and the DVD he made. It’s on there. (in case you haven’t figured it out, my blog’s title is always a lyric from whatever song I’m listening to) Speaking of the DVD, my uncle’s pissing me off. My mom’s brother – John – has had very, very little to do with me or the boys for years. Who knows why. The last conversation we had was something about how he didn’t agree with my major in college, how it was a waste of a degree. I thought he was such an arrogant prick who had absolutely no right to be critical of my education. And now he’s on my mom’s case to get me to burn him a copy of Gregory’s DVD. Why? He hasn’t talked to the kid in years, now suddenly he’s so important? I think my uncle just somehow wants to feel cool, to see a DVD full of stuff he wouldn’t ordinarily be able to see. He’s like that. All into the NRA and stuff. Blah. I wonder if he’s invited to Jason’s wedding…?

Oh! Jason’s getting married this August. Holy crap! They bumped the date up by a year because Laurie’s grandfather is dying, and they want him to be at the wedding. I’m happy about the bump. They’re basically married already, and I know I’ve said this before, but they really are the healthiest couple I’ve ever met, so they ought to just get it done and over with. Jason made me laugh today because he called to tell me he knew nothing about the wedding, then proceeded to tell me about the harpist, photographer, limo, seating arrangements, etc… Goof. Personally, I can’t wait to find out what dress I’m going to be wearing! And of course I’m the largest bridesmaid at a whopping size 8. The other girls are all either size 4 or 6. Fuckers. Oh well.

Ummmmm…… Should I eat dinner before going to the gym? Or should I run before I eat? Choices, choices.

MEAC is this week at the arena. Hate. It. For whatever reason, I was put on the schedule for day shifts, which I can’t work. The new guy goofed with the scheduling. So I was scrambling like a crazy person to find someone to cover my shifts. Luckily they’re all now covered, but I have to work alllll day Saturday. Boo. I think Ty and I are going to try to go to a game or two (per our silly tradition), but I’m not sure. My evening availability is in short supply this week. I’m oh-so-popular. Not really.

The time change really threw me off last night. I’m currently operating on four hours of sleep. Not good.

I asked Shel to leave me alone for a while. It made me cry, but I think it’s necessary.

Last night Bohemian Rhapsody came on the rado and Kristen and I were singing like retards. Unfortunately the head-banging part came on right as we were above Interstate 1, and I thought for sure her little CR-V was going to go sailing over the guard rail. Thankfully we made it to Crossroads safe and sound.

Ok. I’m going to eat before I run, but I’m going to properly digest before I hop on the treadmill for fear of vomiting. I don’t want to break my 13-year no vomit streak because of carelessness.

For being as lighthearted as you are – and you’re very lighthearted – you tend to have dark tastes in books and movies. It’s quite interesting to me.” – Ty-lee-ler

Stale Peeps. Breakfast of champions. I’ll probably eat a proper breakfast after I run, and I’m probably going to have a rough time on the treadmill because my belly is literally full of sugar and nothing else. Oops. But stale Peeps are one of my favorite springtime goodies, so I have to take advantage of them while I can.

Brett Favre, such a class act. I just finished watching his press conference, and as much as I liked him before, I like him even more now. I think he forever endeared himself to me when I saw hin on Jay Leno many, many years ago. He was talking about how he’s afraid of the dark, and when he hears a bump in the night, he sends his wife to see what’s happening. And he said this while wearing braces. So the Super Bowl MVP was sitting on national television with a metal mouth discussing his fear of the dark. He seemed so adorably human, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

It’s been a productive week in my little world. I sorta took some time to hibernate and burrow into my thoughts and try to figure out what I want to do. I came to no conclusions.

I’ve been having weird dreams. Tylila dissected one of them last night. She’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. I love to tell her what’s going on in my life, then hear her spit it back out at me with her new-age, philosophical twists.

Jason is so funny. Over the course of the week, he’s emailed links to two different news articles highlighting the efforts of the Postal Inspectors. There have been some mail bombings recently, which falls into the realm of Jason’s agency, which makes him all excited. He gets frustrated when people hear Postal Inspector and think about fat guys in uniforms guarding post offices. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen my brother, but he’s crazy buff. Muscles on top of muscles (which somehow make his face look fat. a mystery of life.). And he graduated from college with honors, carrys a gun and a badge, wears dress clothes to work and has a machine gun and bullet-proof vest in his trunk. He’s kinda desperate for me to get to Maryland ASAP. He says my ‘nephews’ miss me.

Big basketball game tonight: Duke vs Carolina. I hope to get back from hockey early enough to at least see the end. Okay, I’m a Yankee, and although the Big East has kick-ass college basketball, where I grew up is more of a football town. (Steelers, duh!) So I never got swept into college basketball despite going to countless Mountaineer games. But down here – oh my God! It’s like nothing I could have imagined. You have to have loyalties to one of the three (NC State, Carolina, Duke) big schools. For me it’s NC State first because of Shel’s influence and all the time I spend at the arena, which is where State plays. Then it’s Carolina because a bunch of my friends have gone there for undergrad and/or graduate school… and that’s where I had planned to go to law school. (I never even applied) And then it’s Duke. I don’t know many people who went there, and when I visited the campus, the students were pretty prissy. I don’t mean to stereotype, but that was my personal experience. So they’re my least favorite of the three. That being said, Go Carolina!