So, yesterday was awful. My grandmother died and I got laid-off.

First, my grandma.

I have very mixed feelings about her death. I have a hard time reconciling the woman who taught me to play gin rummy and introduced me to Special Olympics with the woman who abandoned her dying daughter and manipulated people for no apparent reason. Put it this way, when she died, I texted people saying, “my evil grandma died” and they all knew who I was talking about. I think she maybe had psychopathic tendencies; she would just hurt people (emotionally) for the hell of it, which I never understood. But I’m still sad that my mom lost her mom, and I’m sad for the loss of the grandma I knew as a kid.

Now my job.

Due to ‘corporate restructuring’, my position has been eliminated. I’ll be here till the end of the month, then I have a super-nice severance package, so I’m actually in really good shape all things considered. Some people have suggested that I relax and take a two-month vacation, but I’d rather not. I’m kinda feeling like this may be a good time to reevaluate what I do for a living. Communications folks, as I’ve learned, are quite expendable. Butch, my boss, came up to me a little bit ago and we were talking, and he said I was a ‘luxury’ to have around, which is why it was easy to cut the position. Apparently CBRE is anticipating a bad 2008 and is letting a bunch of folks go.

Don’t get me wrong, I was very upset, but I suspect everything will be fine. Just get to find a new job! (blah)

As usual, my amazing, fabulous, wonderful, extraordinary friends are rallying around me like crazy. Did I mention how awesome they are? And how much I appreciate their support? If not, they’re really great. Totally rad. Seriously, I loveth them.

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