I survived Greensboro. I have nothing against Greensboro, I just really didn’t want to go to the annual meeting. What’s the point? I had to drive all that way (yes, I get mileage), listen to stupid presentations, then drive back. But at least I got the afternoon off, and the meeting was at a very cool hotel. The Proximity Hotel. Despite being a ‘journalist’ (blah, blah, blah), my descriptive skills are not quite what they should be. So check out the website. http://www.proximityhotel.com/

I bartended tonight at the arena. I didn’t want to, but they were stuck, so in I went. I talked to a nine-year-old the entire time and she was absolutely adorable. Her mom chatted, too, and said I was far more interesting than the hockey game. I laughed and told her it was because I have the gift of gab.

Tomorrow’s my last day at CBRE and I’m sad. I love who I work with, but at this point I’m ready to just get it done and over with. I’d kinda like to leave after Aaron and I go to lunch. I bet we’ll go to Baba Ghannouj; it’s our favorite! But yeah, sad stuff. I’m still not sure what to do with myself. I’m not too concerned about financial stuff at this point, but I sort of don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’m two credits shy of having a dual degree (journalism & law) so maybe I should get those Spanish classes out of the way, get the BA in law and work for the government. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about the second undergrad and go for a Master’s. Maybe I should just stick with PR, which I enjoy. Who the hell knows. But I have time to figure it out, for which I’m thankful.

Too much drama in my life. It’s getting rediculous.

Why did they have to kill Kellerman on Prison Break? And why does this season of Prison Break suck? Ok, that’s not as random as it seems. The song ‘Someday’ is on my Winamp right now, and it reminds me of a vido of Kellerman clips because it’s the song playing in the background. Search for adelstein in my blog and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Ok, so you know how much I read? (a lot) I finally broke down and bought a proper bookshelf, and it arrived and I’m excited. I had to rearrange some stuff in my living/dining areas, but I think it’ll fit nicely. It’s the same natural wood color as the rest of my stuff, and a similar style – yay! K-Dawg is going to help me put it together. Well, she’s going to put it together while I get drunk. Yes, I plan to have a glass of wine! (me = one beer queer)

Oh! Kate is super awesome! She sent me a package with blue Peeps and it said, “I thought you could use a sugary little pick-me-up!”

Let’s write an ending that fits instead of a Hollywood horror… Ok. I’ve listened to this song like 15 times now. I need to get a shower.


I got my grandmother’s will in the mail today. It’s the first will I’ve ever received, and it was kinda boring. Lots of legal speak. Any time my mind drifts toward law school, I think about wills and torts and shudder. Yuk. It would not be fun. But, yeah, back to the will… Nothing earth shattering. I don’t know why it was so important that I read it. My mom kept calling, “Did you get it yet? Did you get it yet?”

Anyway. No Starbucks tonight. I don’t get Starbucks too terribly often, and I rarely ever get it at night, but it’s interesting that they’re closing for three hours. It’s a good PR stunt. Lots of publicity and interest.

Speaking of PR… I think I’m going to try something different. I’m meeting with a company tomorrow that does PR/marketing/advertising consulting work with other companies. They called me yesterday and it seems like it would be interesting. I would have the opportunity to sort of try a bunch of things on without committing, which I think will be good for me. I’ve only ever done in-house PR, so it’s a different facet of the field. And if I don’t like it, then I can think more seriously about law/grad school. Blah. I don’t know. I’m having a quarter-life crisis. I have a bachelor of science in journalism (yes, there is such a thing) with a minor in law, and I’m happy with my degree, but I’m burned out from the instability of the profession.

I have to go to Greensboro for a meeting on Thursday and I reaaaaally don’t want to go. It’s going to be a pain in the ass to get there before 9am. But there’s a Bravo there, and I’m hoping Lynnie and I will be able to grab either a late lunch or early dinner. So far so good, but her life is kinda crazy and something could pop up.

Lynnie is my cousin, my only relative further south than DC. She’s insane in a very lovable way. Very blonde and spunky and totally adorable.

So, I think I may have my room completely finished tonight! It could happen! Kristen came over last night and helped me clean while Abby pranced around with 10 bracelets on her arm. I bought her her very own sparkly bracelets, and although she loved them, she wanted more. Kristen says Abby gets her interest in all things girly from me, which is mind-boggling. It’s so interesting and amusing to see this little person pick and choose elements of my personality and make them her own. Oh, and she’ll eat anything off of my plate, but won’t eat from her parents’. For whatever reason, she’s more interested in my food choices than theirs. Although Kristen has never had a baby corn, water chestnuts or bean sprouts, Abby is a fan of all three!

But yeah, my room. Kristen helped, which was huge. We sat on my floor throwing things out of my closet, and we got a lot accomplished. She said I’m never allowed to buy another piece of black clothing (boo), and that I need to wear more slutty things. I’m a prude, fyi. I’d wear a turtleneck every day if I could (I’m wearing one today!), but I try to balance it by wearing a pencil skirt (I’m wearing one today!) or something less prudish. Like I said before, once my room is finished, I’ll snap a picture to prove that it’s actually been done.

Oh, I’m a neat freak. I’ve always been very clean. But when life started throwing a bunch of crap in my direction, for whatever reason, I just sort of gave up on neatness, and now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

Although not a big fan of rain, I’m enjoying the sound of thunder right now…

Ok, I’m off to go have lunch with Miss Tiffany! Yay!

I’ve been on my feet so much lately that they’re swollen. Holy crap! I wear size 9 (big feet, I know) and right now my toes are all scrunched waaaaay down against the tip of my shoes. Bad day to wear pointy-toed stilettos.

I finally removed my chipping nail polish last night. Hooray! I hate when my polish is chipping; I think it looks so trashy.

This is really random, but for whatever reason, my hands bruise incredibly easily. Right now I have bruises on both hands. Maybe it’s a sign that I have a disease or something. Or really weak blood vessels.

It’s sad when you come to the realization that someone you once held in high esteem has become quite pathetic.

I watched the Democratic debate last night, and I was sort of dreading it, thinking it would be boring, but it flew by. Very interesting stuff. Although voting for Obama, I feel a sense of guilt because I’m not voting for Clinton. I think it’s awesome that a black man and a woman are running for president – it’s about time – but I feel guilty being a woman and not voting for a woman. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but for whatever reason, Hilary Clinton rubs me the wrong way. Like, if it came down to McCain and Clinton, I think I’d vote for McCain.

Jason and Gregory are being super sweet lately. Well, Gregory is always sweet, but even Jason is going a little soft. You have to remember that Jason is very much the stereotypical government employee: blunt, no sense of humor, orderly, calm. And to see him display any emotion is sort of earth-shattering. He’s a funny kid, though. Like, when he tries to be funny, he’s so NOT funny that it’s funny. The three of us are on a spectrum; Gregory is hilarious, I’m pretty funny and Jason is not funny at all. I love them…

Crappy weather today! Blah! I’m excited to see the Kid Rock concert tonight. Although not a huge fan of his, his concerts are infamous amongst the RBC Center staff, and this is my first time being there. I’ve waited three years!! Apparently the crowd gets ridiculously rowdy, people vomit everywhere, drunk patrons roam the halls, etc… I think it’s going to be a great people watching night. Plus a good buddy of mine is going to be in a suite, so I’ll get to see him and his wife, both of whom I adore.

Rolex has been extra smiley lately, and I swear to God it makes me melt.

Crap. It’s Friday and I had chicken for lunch. And it’s lent. Off to Hell I go…

Because of Presidents’ Day, I’m all discombobulated as far as days of the week are concerned. It’s Wednesday, but it feels like Tuesday, and at the same time, it feels like Thursday. I dunno. It’s weird.

My grandfather has cancer. He was diagnosed last week, and I’m not taking it well.

Shel recently made a very good point. He said that my parents don’t really know me anymore, and I think he’s right. I went away to college when I was 19, and I lived at home only during the summer, and for two weeks after graduation. Then I moved down here. So I haven’t lived with them in nearly 10 years, and I’ve changed a lot in those 10 years. It’s odd to think that although they raised me, they don’t really know me.

Um… more RBC Center tonight. I’m scheduled off, but my buddy Aaron is sick, and I agreed to work for him. Poor thing had watery, red eyes, a runny nose, and was very lethargic. I felt so bad for him! So, yeah, UNC game tonight, which should be fun. Unfortunately things are quite awkward at the arena because of Jared’s return, and although I wish he would have found somewhere else to work, I’m trying to make an effort to be nice if only to relieve some of the tension. I don’t want to be uncomfortable where I work, and I don’t want anyone else to feel uncomfortable because of the situation.


I watched Gone With the Wind the other night. It was my first time seeing it, and it was kinda weird. Like, I felt like I was watching a theatre production put on film. The actors were incredibly dramatic, and I had a hard time understanding what some of them were saying, but ultimately it was worth watching. Now I can knock it off of my “everyone has seen these movies except me” list. Oh, and Rhett Butler was awesome. Scarlett was a fool for not wanting to be with him. And I was surprised it was a cliffhanger! Apparently the sequel sucks, but I’m curious to see it.

I’m slowly but surely making progress on my room. My goal is to have it clean by next week. No particular reason why; it just sounds like a good idea.

I have to look at my schedule, but I really want to go up to Maryland. With any luck I’ll be able to go up there for a looooong weekend in March. I really like to be near water, and there’s lots of water where Jason lives. Although water maybe isn’t the first thing to pop into your head when you think of Pittsburgh, there’s water everywhere up there. (Three Rivers Stadium, anyone?) And I miss it. Even Morgantown had lots of water. The Monongahela ran right through campus. Pretty stuff. Basically I just want to get out of Raleigh for a while.

Wow. This is really nice. I bought a wireless keyboard for my computer, and I’m loving it (I felt like a McDonald’s commercial just then!). I wonder how far from my computer I can be and still have this thing function properly. Hmmmm… it’s an experiment for another time cause I’m too tired to do it now.

I’m always tired. Have you noticed that? But today I have a good excuse. I spent like a million hours at the RBC Center this weekend. It wasn’t bad, though. Yesterday we had this big spread of food to help us get through the double day. I was good; I only ate healthy things! Well, I didn’t have a choice really. The only junk food was some unappealing looking cookies and mini bags of Doritos. I stuck to the melon. Yay me! Shel and Tiffany happened to be at both events, so I got to hang out with them a bit during hockey intermissions. It was nice. And today was a Blues Festival thing, which was boring as all get out, but I had fun goofing off with coworkers. Actually, goofing off with coworkers happens at nearly every event and is one of the best parts of working there.

So, yeah, I got the keyboard today and I also bought some baby boy clothes for Kristen’s fetus! It’s not nearly as fun as buying girl clothes. Like, they’re all either blue or green and have an assortment of either balls (basket, foot and base), dogs or dinosaurs on them. While at the store Abby pitched a fit about who-knows-what, and it was pretty embarrassing. Sometimes she’s excellent birth control, but I love her regardless.

Because I haven’t been sleeping well lately, I’m especially thankful to have Presidents’ Day off tomorrow. I don’t plan to set my alarm, and I hope to sleep till Noon. I don’t think I’ve ever had this day off before. Hmmm. Weird, but I’ll take it! I plan to make another half-hearted effort to clean my room, to have lunch with Ty, and not do a whole hell of a lot else. A lazy bum I will be.

Alrightie. I’m going to lay in bed and read for a bit to unwind.

Oh wow. I haven’t heard this song in forever. It’s been hiding in the basement of my computer. Yay Ben! Wonder when he’s coming back to Raleigh…

Oh my God am I tired. For the second time this week I woke up at 4:30am and was unable to go back to sleep. So I laid in bed for a while hoping do drift back to Dream Land, then I gave up, checked my email and watched CNN Morning. There’s really not much on television before 7am.

So, anyway! Contributing to my exhaustion are the tears I cried today… happy tears! So I walked into the office after a really nice lunch with Shel to find beautiful flowers on my desk. Then 10 minutes later I got a phone call from Kristen to let me know she’s having a baby boy! Both moved me to tears, which were probably helped along by my PMS (I don’t get bitchy, I get weepy), but still. It’s been a great day.

Eeeee! A boy! I’m so happy for them! But what am I going to do with a boy? Well, at first, when we found out that Abby was a girl, I wondered what I was going to do with a baby girl. But now I can’t imagine hanging out with a baby boy. Regardless, I’m really super excited and can’t wait to meet him. July feels like it’s never going to get here!

So, um… nothing else too new or exciting. RBC stuff all weekend. I don’t even know what’s going on on Sunday, but I’ll be there. At least nothing starts early in the morning and I’ll be able to sleep in.

Okay. I think I’m going to make some tea now. Lots of caffeine and sugar should help me stay awake. If I don’t do something, I fear I’ll fall asleep and drool on my keyboard or something. Not that I’m a drooler, but with my luck, it would happen.

Later taters.