2007 was, by far, the absolute worst year of my life. It has been incredibly hard, and I’m so happy to see it come to a close. I was heartbroken and experienced severe pain, the depths of which I never thought possible. My grandfather and uncle died. My brother was sent to war. My car broke less than a month after I paid it off. I had a serious bout of bronchitis, had a pinched neve and a nearly-sprained back. And I’m still battling an illness I’d rather not discuss, but it impacts me every day.

I’ve looked back on here and each year I wish for the next year to be nicer to me, but so far it hasn’t happened. In 2005 I lost my job. In 2006 Shel and I broke-up. And the above paragraph details what I went through this past year. So, I’m really hoping with all my heart that 2008 is good.

The office is dead. I got here at nearly 9:00 and was the first person here (other than the receptionist). It’s cool though; because no one is here, we’ve been able to leave at 2:00 all week.

My Christmas was really nice. I got a watch and gift certificates for Target, Victoria’s Secret, a spa, Bath and Body Works, Staples and the mall. I get to do lots of shopping – yay! Jason and Laurie got engaged on Christmas morning. She was completely shocked and it took her a minute to respond, but she accepted his proposal and the beautiful ring.

Okay, I have to digress here for a minute. Jason and Laurie give me hope. They are so incredibly compatible. They never fight, have so much in common, make each other smile – they are a true example of what a happy, healthy couple should look like. Jason said when he met Laurie, other girls ceased to exist. He only wanted her. Aaawww.

So, anyway, back to Christmas! I forget what Jason got. I think a bunch of gift certificates, too. I got my mom a digital camera, which she is very excited about. I doubt she’ll be able to figure it out, but she’ll have fun trying! Christmas #2 is in January with Gregory and Lisa. Yay! Gregory’s coming home!! (for two weeks, anyway)

Also while in Maryland, Justin and his girlfriend Erin were there. Justin is Jason’s best friend from Pittsburgh, so I’ve known him forever. Seriously, in the 15 years I’ve known that guy, I have yet to meet anyone funnier. He cracks me up. We went to a bar on Saturday night, which was lots of fun. Kate met us there, which was awesome. She only lives 20 minutes from Jason! And on Saturday we went to Annapolis and toured the Naval Academy. When I grow up, I want to go to the Naval Academy and live in Annapolis. It feels like time forgot about that place (until you look up and see a Starbucks…). It’s beautiful. Tiny row houses, cobblestone streets and water everywhere.

I had so much fun with the dogs over Christmas! Jason and Laurie have two: Ben and Bear. My parents brought Savannah, so there was about 300lbs of Labrador running around! They’re the sweetest dogs alive, I swear. Bear was especially attached to me. He was like my little shadow all weekend, and I was happy to have him follow me around. I miss having them around.

So, this weekend is going to be consumed by the RBC Center, which is fine as long as I get to sleep in. I’m deliberately not calling people or responding to calls because I don’t want to do anything tonight. I want to lay on my couch, watch stupid tv, and go to sleep. I’m really pooped!

Happy birthday to my mom on the 30th!

In case I don’t write in here before New Year’s day, my resolutions (goals) for next year are: run a 5k competitively, run five miles non-stop, avoid drama at all costs.

Peace out.

Something about me that would probably surprise most people: Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands.


I don’t have to go to work tomorrow or the next day or the next day or the next day! I have off (from both jobs) for the next seven days!!! I’m so excited. Tomorrow I’m going to keep busy with errands and lunches and parties and such, then Friday I’m going to do diddly squat.

I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. I’ll only get maybe two inches cut off, and no one will be able to tell, and I’ll be thinking, “Oh my God! My hair is soooo short!” Then I’m going to dye it red again. I’m on a red kick.

I got lots of remarks about my hair at the RBC holiday party. I mostly wear my hair in a bun while I’m there, so when it’s down, people are surprised at its length and color. I wore a miniskirt and tights (it was tasteful, I assure you), and I got lots of remarks about that, too. I was like, “Yep, I’m a real live girl beneath the vest and tie.”

So, I want to donate my hair to Locks of Love, but I’m not ready yet. I’m too attached, which makes me feel selfish. I can always grow my hair back (it would take years, but…) while those struggling with cancer don’t have that option. I guess I’m allowed to be greedy about my own hair, right?

Why is this so hair-centric?

Ok, going to get a shower now…

My neck is a little sore this morning. Blah. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s chiropractic visit so I can be snapped, cracked and popped. Unfortunately the thing with my neck isn’t an easy fix.

I can’t run for three weeks, but I really want to get back into the gym. I miss running and the stress relief it provides.

I’m going to the RBC Center holiday party tonight and I’m kinda excited about it. I’ve never gone before. The first year I didn’t know anyone, last year I was afraid someone would bring his girlfriend, and so this year I wasn’t going to go for tradition’s sake, but I got talked into it. I’m going as part of a threesome with two other girls. LOL.

Shel’s birthday party was pretty interesting. Eh. I don’t want to go into it, but I’m really happy he was able to celebrate his housewarming/birthday with so many people. I hope it made him feel special. While at the party I kinda, sorta had a beer. I took a sip, remembered that beer is really gross, and gave it away. But it was photographed because it never, ever happens. Photo is below. I’m just not a beer girl. What can I say?

I leave for Maryland on Saturday. I can’t believe Christmas is next week!!! When did that happen?? I haven’t even mailed my cards yet, so if you’re on my distribution list – apologies! You may not receive your card until after Christmas! But yeah, Maryland should be lots of fun. On Saturday night I’m going to a really fun bar with Jason and Laurie, and then Justin from Pittsburgh will be down, and I think Kate is joining us too!!! Cause Kate lives in Maryland not too far from Jason. So I’m excited to be around everyone.

I got a new set of bright red Cuisineart pans, and I’m going to head to my messy kitchen and make some eggs. Oh, I really need to clean my apartment. I really, really, REALLY need to clean my apartment!!

I totally relate to this song.


I took tomorrow off, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in. I’ve had an up and down day. It’s been weird, but not bad.

Kristen says I’m weirdly funny and wants to know if anyone else in my family is the same way. It made me laugh. I think I have my mother’s goofy side and my father’s sarcasm. Unless you really get to know me, you have no clue that I’m actually a 12 year old trapped in a 28 year old’s body. I’m always amused that people think I’m serious. But I guess I present myself as such unless I put my guard down.

Chiropractor visit #4 is tomorrow. Joy, joy! They’re not bad, actually. I’m technically in physical therapy and will be for the next 12 weeks. I go in, they stick electric shockwave things beneath my neck for 10 minutes, then I go in with the doctor and he presses all over my back then snaps my neck. I have a pinched nerve and muscle issues. Fucking stress. What’s wrong with me? Seriously. Why can’t I deal with stress and feelings and emotion like a normal person? I hide freaking everything! God forbid someone find out that I’m mad at them or happy with them or love them or hate them. Yeah, it’s so much better to hold all of that inside and destroy my body.

But yeah, the neck-snapping thing is weird. I lay back on a table, and I put my head in his hands, and once he feels that I’m completely relaxed, he quickly snaps my head around. It makes a pop and is very jarring, but there’s no pain at all. Odd. But I feel so much better afterwords. On Monday and Tuesday of this week I literally could not get up and out of bed. I had to sort of roll off of my bed because I couldn’t pick my head up. And on Tuesday I couldn’t wash my hair because I couldn’t lift my arms above my head. It was really, really bad. I have never been in more physical pain ever. So, no running for three weeks, and no massages or anything like that. I feel like I’m falling apart.


Almost time to go to Maryland. Yay!

Still can’t move my neck. It’s still getting worse. Chiropractor visit #2 is scheduled for tomorrow morning. He’s going to do a realignment, and that sounds scary. Says my problems are 95% stress-related, that I carry my stress in my shoulders, and apparently I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Hmmm… can’t imagine why.

Kristen and I went shopping tonight, just the two of us. Then we curled up in comfy Starbucks chairs and talked (and cried) for a while. I loveth her. We tried on a bunch of dresses, one of which was the same. I’ll post pics below so you can look at the dress on a B+ cup (me) and a D+ cup (Kristen). It’s funny.

I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I really don’t.