I just pained my nails ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ and I love it. It’s a very, very dark purple that looks nearly black. I’m feeling oh so trendy.

I cracked today. Had a mini-meltdown. All of the stress I’ve been under finally took its toll and I ended up crying my eyes out in a bathroom stall at work. Although I truly enjoy getting up and going to work every day, it’s been a bit much with the move and all. I’ve never had such responsibility resting on my little shoulders. The move was a big success, but the folks in my office have no idea how much work I put in, that I was on my Treo every night till nearly 11pm, that I basically skipped Thanksgiving and had NO break. And today someone said something stupid and insensitive, and I cracked. Blah!

Also today! Shel, Tiffany and I went to dinner – this really cute wing place in Briar Creek – and turns out it was free! It was ‘guinea pig night’, which meant that we didn’t have to pay for anything while their staff was training. It officially opens on Friday, and I’ll totally go back once they’re open… and I’ll be happy to pay!

Ok, so here goes: yes, I know what’s on the line on Saturday night, but I don’t want to discuss it and jinx anything. Simply thinking of the game releases oodles of fluttery little butterflies into my belly. CRAY-ZEE.

I forgot to mention this, but last Tuesday Kate moved back to Maryland. I miss her already! Shel, Allan and I treated her to dinner at 42nd Street Oyster Bar, her favorite, and we all had a really good time. We drank wine, had appetizers, stuffed ourselves silly and talked and talked and talked.

Shel, me, Allan and Kate. Some of the most wonderful folks I’ve ever known.
The nerd herd

I’m tired. My dad called and woke me up at 9am. He said, “They still have to play Pitt, Lee Lee…” He was, of course, talking about my beloved Mountaineers. If we beat UConn today and Pitt next week, do you know where we will play next? The National Championship game. Holy shitballs.

So, the pictures below… while we were recovering from the disgustingly massive quantities of food we consumed at Thanksgiving dinner, Erich jokingly suggested we watch Star Wars, and I blew his mind when I said I was up for it. You see, until Thursday I was one of the very, very few folks of my generation to not watch Star Wars. Not only did I see the second one (V), we also watched the third one (VI). So I have now seen the originial trilogy!!! Woo! While watching the movies, Erich grabbed his Star Wars toys from yesteryear, which Kristen and I manipulated in a sexually explicit manner, pissing Erich off. He dared me to place the following photos on this blog to see what kind of reaction I would get. He said what we did was an outrage to Star Wars fans everywhere. So, below are the pictures. Bring it! LOL.

Darth Vader & an Ewok
Darth Vader using his light sabre inappropriately

Gettin it on
Princess Leia taking it like a champ!

Gay sex

Group sex
Fun for everyone…

Erich, Abby & 'action figures'
Erich and Abby playing with the toys. See Luke in the background on the tv?

Oh!!! Christmas came early for me this year! I had my bra size properly measured last night at Victoria’s Secret and I’m a C-cup!!!!!! The Boob Fairy finally came!!!!

Alrightie. I’m going to get ready then head out to watch the game. Let’s goooooo Mountaineers!!

Country roads
Take me home
To the place
I belong
West Virginia!

It’s not even 12:30 and I’ve already been awake for six hours. Now I’m tired. I had the Turkey Trot this morning. My first race! I finished, which was my goal, so I’m proud of myself. The Jingle Bell Run is December 1. I’m not doing the 5k – still too sick and not able to control my breathing – but I’m going to continue doing one-mile races for a while. Although I’m able to run 2.5 miles on the treadmill with relative ease (shocking but true), I still can’t get the breathing thing down pat while running outside.

Although it’s Thanksgiving, it feels like any old day. Thanksgiving lost its charm when my grandmother died. Thinking about my father sitting at the dining room table making arrangements with the funeral home while my mother baked a turkey in the background kinda killed the holiday for me. But I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m a lucky girl.

My office moved on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have never been so stressed for professional reasons. Two 12-hour days during which I bossed crews of laberors around and organized a move for 40 people. Sometimes I think about my job, being in charge of a large office, having a staff of six, and wonder how the hell I got here.

RBC is going well. I’m getting crazy tips, and by crazy I mean huge. For the first time, though, it feels like a job.

Alright. I’m off to get a shower, then take my banana pudding and pumpkin pie over to the Engel’s.

Peace out.

I have to pee, and I have to get a shower, but I’m too tired to move from my chair. No, tired’s not the word. I don’t know what I am. I’m just kinda idle.

Over the course of the past two days I have RUN FIVE MILES!!! Two and a half miles yesterday, two and a half miles today. Non-stop. It’s my biggest physical accomplishment ever. I’m taking a ‘break’ tomorrow. Rather than run on the treadmill, I’m going to go straight to the art museum after work and run that loop. It’s 1.25 miles, but it’s very hilly and notoriously rough on runners. Wish me luck, okay?

Stuff at work is crazy. Crazy, crazy. I’m busy, I’m juggling a million different things, and I love it. I thrive in stressful situations. I’m calm under pressure. Too calm sometimes, but in this situation it’s a good thing. We move offices on Tuesday. My Treo is coming in handy and is very addictive. Holy crap! I could check that sucker all night, but I have to remember to plug it in and leave it alone. It’s going to be very nice having the company pay my phone bill. Score!

Ugh. RBC Thursday, Friday, Sunday. It’s not bad when I get there, but sometimes I dread it.

Tomorrow I’m wearing a silky green shirt, and it looks really cool with my red hair.

And it’s Clocks again…

You are
You are
You are home
Where I wanted to go

Good morning. It’s 11.11. November 11. I was supposed to run in the Old Reliable race downtown, but I’ve been advised against it because of my stupid bronchitis. So I’ve decided to do the Turkey Trot instead. And rather than run, Allan and I are going to go to Target! We’re so cool.

I had such a nice yesterday. Liz is in from California and she’s such a great girl. I really like her a lot. So me, Liz, Abby and Kristen spent the day shopping, gossiping, talking about boys, crying, laughing, eating and decorating. Seriously, could not have been a nicer day.

My prednisone – I think that’s how you spell it – for bronchitis is making me wonky. I have tons of energy and on Friday night I only slept for three hours… and I wasn’t tired at all yesterday! It’s very odd, but nice. I was up cleaning my apartment at 2am. I got lots accomplished!

Blah. I don’t know. I have to finish my employee performance reviews today, do some shopping and watch the Steelers game. Oh, and I want to get back into the gym. I haven’t gone running since Tuesday.

I do not have bronchitis. I am not going to the doctor.

I’m not getting attached to Rolex. No matter how much he smiles at me, I’m not getting attached.

Tonight is the first night in a loooong time that I’m staying home. I’m sick. Too sick for the gym, and thankfully there are no RBC events. Last night I worked at a basketball game and got a huge tip. Even better than the tip was the fact that they raised the auto tip because they thought I did a good job. That meant a lot to me.

There’s going to come a night at the arena when no one asks about him. I’m going to be there for a full five hours without someone saying to me, “Where’s Jared?” “Do you still talk to Jared?” “Oh, I thought you two were together.” It’s gonna happen. I can feel it.

My first official run is Sunday. Or Saturday. No, it’s Sunday. It’s the Old Reliable and I’m doing the one-mile fun run. I can run further than that, but I don’t want to. Not yet. Not till December.

Dammit, dammit, dammit. Dammit.