College football starts tonight!!! Tonight, people! Tonight! Wooooooo!

I’m in a college pick ‘em league, and if you want in, let me know. There’s no money on the line; it’s all for pride. (haha)

Allan and I are going to Sammy’s on Saturday to watch the games. We’re both Mountaineer fans. I love the Eers of WVU, and he loves the Eers of Appalachian State. And yeah, say what you will about App winning the national championship last year, but it’s Division 1-AA, so it doesn’t count.

Go Mountaineers!

This is random. So while I was out and about at lunch, I bumped into a priest, which always freaks me out. I feel like they see me and I glow or something. Like they look at me and are like, “Bad Catholic!”

Hi. I’m back in good old Raleigh after three fabulous days in the Lehigh Valley. I’m being sarcastic. But I really was in PA. I went home to help give Gregory a proper send-off. Over the course of the weekend Jason’s offer on a house was accepted, and Gregory got engaged. It was an eventful few days for the K. boys.

Gregory’s fiancée is a very sweet and lovely girl, and she clearly loves Gregory a lot. We’re all kind of surprised as we thought he would end up with a Barbie doll rather than a voluptuous Hispanic gal, but he’s really happy. He said that for the first time he found someone he could be completely content to spend the evening on the couch with, and that since he met her, it’s like no other girls exist. Aaawww! He’s concerned, though, because apparently since he left in May, she’s gained nearly 30lbs. He asked what he was supposed to say to her regarding her weight, and I told him he couldn’t say a word!

It was really nice being with everyone despite the circumstances of our gathering. The girls did a lot of shopping. Elissa (my future sister-in-law) and Laurie talked me into buying a pair of leopard print wedge heels, and I have to admit, they’re super cute. I also got a pair of trouser jeans, which I’d been searching for for a long time. Yay for small miracles!

Kristen and I went out for a bit last night and while we were sitting at dinner, she told me that we’d be able to see Mars at around 12:30am. It made me laugh because I went through the same exact thing last year, but Mars was never spotted because it’s an urban legend. I was amused to see it making its rounds again this year, and Kristen was thankful I told her what happened or else she would have been roaming around her neighborhood looking for Mars. I told her she ought to look for Uranus instead. Hahahahahah. I crack myself up.

Pictures of my trip are below:

Ok, so last week was clearly very tough for me. I wasn’t PMSing or anything like that; I was just overwhelmed by all of the stuff I’ve been dealing with for the past few months. And I wrote in here because I felt like I was going to implode, and I was going out with two different groups of people and didn’t want to be Debbie Downer around anyone. So, blah.

I leave tomorrow for Pennsylvania. I’m trying to focus on the positives: meeting Savannah (my parents’ puppy); meeting Elissa (Gregory’s girlfriend who is so sweet and sends me letters); having both of my brothers in the same place at the same time; having all five members of my little family together under the same roof. But the elephant in the room is Gregory’s departure. So while we’re all going to be genuinely happy to be around each other, I know that we’re all going to wish to be somewhere – anywhere – else.

Blah again.

It’s a great time to be a Mountaineer, let me tell ya. Right now WVU is ranked #3 in football and #1 in partying. Seriously, I love it. Love it, love it. I’ve been getting emails and messages about both prestigious rankings all week.

I had such a fun, girlie Sunday. Quri and I went to a make-up store and spent forever in there. I love to play with my hair, buy clothes, wear stilettos and put on make-up. (I also love football and reading Playboy. I’m weird. Allan thinks it’s cool, though.) But yeah, I emerged from the makeup store wearing glitter eyeliner and carrying a bottle of Lincoln Park After Dark OPI nail polish.

On Saturday I saw the Bodies exhibit, the one in Durham, and it was really neat! This is going to sound terribly immature and perverted, I don’t mean to be, but… I was fascinated by the testicles. Ok, so I thought they were much closer to the penis, but turns out they’re little dangly things that hang from the abdomen. They just like hang there. I don’t know. That must sound totally naïve, but they look and feel completely different when they’re on a living guy (not that I would know) and it was just very interesting to me. And although I already knew this, there was a section that talked about human attraction being based on scent. You basically like how the other person smells – their true smell minus cologne, deodorant, perfume, etc… – and that’s what attracts you to them. And there’s nothing you can do to mask the scent, and you’re either attracted or you’re not. Neat-o.

Michael Vick is going to plea guilty, which makes me very happy. I’ve read a lot about the story, and I think my favorite thing was written by some guy at He said that ideally Michael Vick will continue to play for the Falcons, and every time he loses a game, they’ll electrocute him.

Ok, here’s my pity party entry. This is why my summer sucks. Ready? The guy I fell head over heels for got engaged. My ex-boyfriend, who is one of my closest friends, is seriously dating the girl who made our relationship very difficult. My best friend’s husband doesn’t like me because of my religious beliefs. My car broke less than a month after I paid it off. Both remaining grandparents have been in the hospital. I had my first anxiety attacks and migraine. And my brother is being shipped to Iraq. Crappy enough for you?

No, I’m not seeing a therapist or on any sort of medication. I keep myself as busy as possible to try to run away from everything I’m thinking and feeling. And right this minute I’m trying as hard as I can to keep from crying because I’m on my way out the door to see the Bodies Exhibit and I don’t want to cry my make-up off.

I’m so going to regret positing this.

I’m brain dead and shaky and sitting at my desk writing this dumb little entry to kill time. Although I truly enjoy my job, these past two days have been cray-zee. Thus the brain deadness.

So, I had a nice weekend. I got a cute, flippy haircut and a pair of red stilettos. Yes, red stilettos. They are neither comfortable nor practical, but I think every girl should have a pair.

When I got my hair cut, my hairdresser asked if I was part Asian (almond-shaped eyes) and then French (high cheekbones), and when I told her I was Croatian, she asked where ‘Croatian’ was. It was a funny conversation.

I booked my flight to PA and that seals the deal. My summer is literally being bookend-ed with heartache. Regardless of whether I go to PA or hide out in Raleigh, my heart will be hurting. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

I was published in a magazine for the first time. The editor – with whom I developed a friendly working relationship based on our shared love of the Steelers – sent a copy to my apartment, which I thought was sweet.

Speaking of my apartment, it needs to cleaned. It’s filthy. I’m lacking motivation.

I was laying in bed the other night and I found myself wishing for fall to arrive. I want crisp air and football, jeans and hoodies and my Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I want to turn on the television and watch something other than Discovery Channel, Learning Channel and the History Channel. I kinda want hockey season, kinda don’t.

Clocks came on the radio when I was in Maryland. Jason knew it was my favorite song. I was surprised.

I watched my first foreign language flick last night. The Sea Inside. It was really good and towards the end, I didn’t even notice that I was reading subtitles.

Ok. Time to go.

(screen name has been changed to protect the innocent)

tang074: stalkin’ away again in raleighville

Auto response from Krizmania: Work, then off to dinner at a Mexican place that sounds like an Italian place…?

tang074: searchin for my lost yankee allie
tang074: some people claim that there’s aaaiiimm to blame
tang074: but i know……
tang074: see what happens when it gets hot as hell……………..

Oh what a lucky girl I am to have such lovable, retarded friends…

Hello. I’m back in Raleigh after three lovely days in Maryland. Here’s a quick rundown of my trip (pictures of which are below):

Friday: Saw Jason’s pretty three-story townhouse for the first time. Lots of steps! Dinner at Outback – yum! Then we went to The Big Glen Burnie Carnival where we rode death-defying rides, won an alien and did lots of people watching. We were wondering what The Little Glen Burnie Carnival would be like, and if such a thing exists.

Saturday: Went to the dog park in the morning. Spent all day walking around DC in 100 degree temps. Thought we were going to die. Visited the Supreme Court and Capitol, had lunch at the Air and Space Museum, got astronaut ice cream, went to the Holocaust Museum (very haunting), WWII memorial, and were so exhausted that we had to take a taxi back to the Metro. Then we had take-out Italian for dinner and went to a crazy bar called the Cancun Cantina. I had many alcoholic beverages and danced with Laurie on a stage. Thankfully there are no pictues.

Sunday: Dog park again. Then we went to the Maryland Zoo where we saw Rhinos playing in the mud, giraffees humping and a teeny tiny baby monkey, and I rode a camel. We then went to the Inner Harbor, which was actually kinda boring, then went home, had a big seafood dinner and watched the Steelers game. We were all in bed by half-time.

I really had a great trip. I’m super pooped, but it was so much fun.