I’m exhausted. I feel like my eyeballs are floating in my head. I’ve worked about a bizillion hours this week, and have to be back at the RBC Center tomorrow at 5:00.

My goal is to stay awake until 8:30 tonight. Fourteen more minutes.

Weird about Saddam Hussein. I don’t ever remember not knowing about him. Knowing about him meant knowing about the terror he caused, but it’s still weird to think he was hanged this morning. He seems like such a larger-than-life kind of guy. I can’t imagine him dead.

Eight more minutes. Off I go to brush my teeth. Maybe I can brush them for eight minutes. Then I can go to sleep.

My evil grandma called last night and left me a message thanking me for her Christmas gift and yelling at me for not calling her back. I think I’m going to have to make up some good excuse, like my dog ate my phone or something. Too bad I don’t have a dog.

Yesterday I consumed a disgusting amount of sugar. I think I set some new personal record for sugar-eating or something. It was kinda cool, but totally gross. All I ate for the entire day was: yogurt, chocolate turtles, cotton candy, Pepsi and water. Oh, and cheddar cheese and sour cream potato chips. But yeah, that’s all. I figure I’m already in trouble because of how much I ate in Maryland, so what’s a few thousand more calories going to do? After New Year’s I’m seriously going to have to scale back a bit to make up for all the crap I ate. But I figure as long as my stomach fits nicely into my pants – no rolls hanging over – I’m good.

I’m so excited, so excited, so excited! I’m going to Target tomorrow to use my gift cards! Hooray!

This is awesome. The song, the dancing, everything. It’s just awesome.

I try to write in here every day, but my mind is such a jumble of thoughts right now, I don’t even know what to say. I’m just one giant cluster.

I’m also very monochromatic. I’m wearing khaki cords, a beige blazer thing, a long necklace with brown and beige beads, camel kitten heels and my hair is kind of a caramel color. If I lived in the desert, you totally wouldn’t be able to find me.

I’m a slow dying flower
frost killing hour
the sweet turning sour
and untouchable

Hello. I’m very tired as I write this. I gave-in and am now enjoying a Pepsi… drinking it only for its caffeine, of course!

It’s my first day back to my real life in a while and although I’m glad to be back at home surrounded by my stuff and all things familiar, I’m pooped. I’m happy to report that I made it to and from the Eastern Shore of Maryland safe and sound. My adventure wasn’t quite as adventurous as I thought it may be, but that’s a good thing. I made the trip in 5.5 hours, and my time in the car actually kinda zipped by. I need to say thanks to the Gods of Good Traffic for allowing me to pass through 95 without any problems at all.

Christmas in Maryland was great. The only thing that could have made it better was Gregory, but he wasn’t able to make it to the east coast. My family (sans Gregory) spent the majority of our time with Laurie’s family, and they were all super-nice. And my God can they cook! Holy crap! I probably gained five pounds in two days. I ate to the point of discomfort and a trip to the gym (or several trips to the gym, I should say) is absolutely necessary.

My mom loved her earrings (did I mention that in here? my brothers, dad and I all pitched in and got her diamond earrings for her birthday/Christmas) and was completely shocked. When Jason and my dad saw them in the box, they said I was jipped, but then when my mom put them in her ears, they were more than satisfied with them. Dumb boys! My dad got night-vision goggles, Jason got a ton of clothes, Laurie got a ton of clothes, and I got a ton of gift certificates! Yay! I think everyone was happy with their gifts, and I think everyone was happier that the gifts they gave were well-received. (Why the night-vision goggles? Apparently when my dad goes ice fishing, he leaves in the wee hours of the morning, and he is accident-prone in the dark – hahaha.)

Some pictures of my trip are below. I have them all online here: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/556645690qZuwzr. Well, not all of them. I took about a billion pictures of Ben, most of which are not online. I couldn’t help it. He’s just the cutest dog-nephew ever. Oh yeah. My brother’s furniture is ugly, ugly, ugly! Laurie is giving Jason no choice: they’re getting new furniture when they move. See, he got it from a retired police chief; the chief heard Jason was moving – and had no furniture – so he gave Jason old stuff from his den. And it’s ugly.

My family (minus Gregory)

Ben with antlers

I worked at Job #2 last night, which was a pain in the ass. I don’t think there was one person who wanted to be there. We were all very tired and the game seemed to last for-ev-er. No one was in the holiday spirit – hahaha! My schedule for the next two weeks is a bit hectic; I have Job #2 Friday, Saturday, next Tuesday, next Saturday (for a 14-hour shift!) and in between I hope to do some shopping. And I have a Special Olympics Executive Team meeting. Yikes.

What do I want for lunch? If you have any suggestions, let me know.

I really like this song.

The holidays have arrived at SRC. Because half of the office is going to be gone tomorrow, we’re exchanging cards and little gifts and stuff today. Tylila got me a really great organic lip balm/gloss. It’s citrusy and soft and I love it. And I got some Pixy Stix – hooray! We’re all going to take an afternoon break and eat carrot cake. Hopefully it’ll turn into an extended break, spanning the entire afternoon.

I got the Daves a red stapler – a mini red stapler – like the one from Office Space. This is what Dave P. wrote in a thank you email: Thank you for the Christmas card and stapler. I will use it all year long to staple important documents together and throw them at you.

I work in a very nice office building. They foyer is filled with brass, marble, glass and high ceilings. Last night they laid new carpet in the actual office areas… and it’s poo brown. It’s so freaking ugly.

Ummmmmmm… I have a lot to do tonight. It totally doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Yum. Doritos. Pepsi. It’s my delicious and not-quite nutritious breakfast!

Busy, busy day for me. I’m only working till like 11. Then I’ve got a teleconference. Then I leave the office and the real fun begins. I have to go to the mall to return a shirt – I got it over the weekend, brought it home and no longer like it. Because it was $44, I should probably take it back if I’m not going to wear it. Then I have to go to REI to get my new winter coat in size medium. I got large because of my monkey arms, but it’s just too big. Then I’m going to get my oil changed and tires rotated. Get this! To have that done at Jiffy Lube was going to cost $60. When I called Precision whatever and asked for the price, they said $29.99. I said, “For which service?” and the lady laughed at me. That’s for both services. Freaking rip-off Jiffy Lube. Sigh. And then I have to go to Job #2. Thankfully it’s a basketball game tonight, which means it’ll be a short, warm event! Score!

Shel and I exchanged Christmas gifts last night… he got me pens!! Seriously! Hahaha. A pack of really cool Uni Ball pens, and a Ben Roethlisberger calendar. Cause Ben’s my future husband. And I should have a calendar of my future husband in my cube. I love that I’ve received some completely silly and playful presents this year.

And as a side-note, it was really hard to come up w/ a title for this post… How Many Licks is a very, very dirty song! LOL.