I haven’t felt like talking lately. Imagine that! I’ve had a rough few days, but the sun’s starting to break through the clouds…

On Saturday the RBC Center had its Halloween shindig and it was cute. There were a lot of creative costumes, but mine was not one of them! I should have gone as a WVU fan because I would have been able to wear my tennies. Instead I was a devil.

I just don’t have it in me to write anything! I’m happy. I’m geniunely happy and relieved, but I’m also really tired.

AP Top 25
The nation’s sportswriters have their say in the granddaddy of college football polls.
1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
3 West Virginia
4 Texas
5 Louisville

Coaches Poll
If anyone is in the know, it’s the highly regarded coaches who vote here.
1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
3 West Virginia
4 Texas
5 Louisville

BCS Standings
The following are the Bowl Championship Series standings, which determine the BCS bowl bids.
1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
3 West Virginia
4 Florida
5 Louisville

Do you SEE where my school is??? I’m so nervous about Thursday night!!! (WVU vs Louisville)

It’s hump day!!

In order to have an excellent marriage, I, a first born, apparently have to marry a last born. This is according to a book. Hmmm… my father is the first born of four kids, and my mother’s the last born of four kids, and they’ve been married for 28 years. Maybe there’s some truth to that. I dunno.

From the book:
Best Birth Order Mix
Female only child and youngest male (with older sister)
Oldest female and youngest male (with older sister)

But what if you’re neither the female only child nor the oldest female child? Are you doomed to an unhappy marriage?

In other news… Dave P. gave me this flashing necklace thing that says Windows Vista, and I’m threatening to wear it for Halloween so I can be a computer nerd.

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to scour the Internet in search of stories on WVU. I know, I know. It’s shocking, but true. So when I took a breather from editing today, look at all of the yummy stuff I found!

Fox Sport’s prediction:
BCS Championship Game
Glendale, AZ
Glendale Stadium
January 8, 2007, Fox
BCS No. 1 vs. BCS No. 2
Bowl Projection: Ohio State vs. West Virginia

Current BCS Ranking
(this is the one that counts, ladies and gentlemen)

West Virginia Mountaineers (7-0)
And the countdown begins. Following last Friday’s 37-11 win at Connecticut, the Mountaineers have 13 days to prepare for the game their fans have only been talking about for, oh, 10 months. I haven’t studied Louisville’s defense in depth … but I wonder if Rich Rodriguez will try to run the ball.

The Tao Of Steve
Adrian Peterson’s out. Garrett Wolfe’s fading. So it begs the question: who’s the nation’s best remaining running back? James Davis (Clemson), Mike Hart (Michigan), Marshawn Lynch (Cal), Ray Rice (Rutgers) and Steve Slaton (West Virginia) have all staked claim. But I’m taking Slaton. No back gets the attention from defenses that Slaton does, just look at the running lanes he opens up for QB Pat White even when he doesn’t have the ball.

FedEx Orange Bowl Prediction
Clemson vs. West Virginia

West Virginia 7-0
How much fun is it to watch the Mountaineer offense? If Steve Slaton doesn’t get you, Pat White will.

I switched it up this morning. Instead of having tea, I made myself a big, red mug full of hot chocolate. Mmmmmmm! We’re all freaking out about the cold weather, but seriously, what am I complaining about? Until four years ago, I lived in the artic tundra known as Pittsburgh, where the sun rarely shines and trick-or-treating in the snow is common. I should be used to this. Somewhere in my genetic makeup I should be programmed to enjoy the cold weather. But I’m not. Maybe because the majority of my ancestors are from Croatia where it’s warm and Mediterranean and stuff.

I ordered the head/footboard. It will arrive in five to 10 business days. I wish it would arrive tomorrow. It’s reeeealllly pretty.

I had an unpleasant dream last night and it seemed to take up the full eight hours I was asleep. In my dream I was somewhere with boats. Little rowboats, nothing huge. And there was an incredibly long line to get on these boats. I wasn’t in the line myself; rather I was looking for someone else I knew would be in line waiting for the boats. I desperately wanted to see him and was looking for him like crazy. I had been looking for so long, that eventually my mother came to keep me company. So, finally the huge line dissipated and I never found him. Sad, huh?

In random news, Bob says it’s 74.3 deg. in here. I think Bob’s lying.

Hi, I’m Bob.

I’m full. I just ate a lot of Chinese food. I get Chinese food every Monday, and every Monday the Chinese dude from behind the counter tells me about his adventures from the past weekend. Sometimes I think he exaggerates. Today I heard how he nearly got kicked out of the State Fair for fighting w/ Mexicans. He speaks Spanish, apparently, because he knew what the guys were saying and he had to kick their asses. Maybe the Mexicans were saying that they didn’t like Chinese food.

I’m really busy at work. I’ve got a million different things on my plate, which is challenging, but good. If I’m not challenged, I’m bored. I was supposed to have my annual review today, but it got pushed back to Thursday. Gary, my boss, is getting some input from VPs and directors before he meets w/ me. He said, “You’re going down, Allie, you’re going down!” Then he laughed at himself.

Hip, hip. Hip, hip. Hip, hip. Hip, hip. When you’re on a holiday, you can’t find the words to say, all the things that come to you, and I want to feel it too. On an island in the sun, we’ll be playing and having fun, and it makes me so fine I can’t control my brain. Hip, hip. Hip, hip.

My grandmother has called me four times. I have answered none of them. Which means I have to call her tonight. Sigh. I miss my other grandmother. I wish she was the one calling me. Wow. I didn’t go to her grave when I was at home. Damn. That really sucks. I always stop by the cemetery to see her. I talk to the ground like she can hear me or something. I dunno. Maybe she can.