I’m happy and hyper today. I think I’m hyper because I just finished a big cup of Starbucks coffee, which I drink rarely. And I think I’m happy because I got 10 hours of sleep last night – score!

I missed my fantasy league draft night. Dammit! I probably have a really crappy team now. Apparently, though, if the players I want weren’t drafted I can go back and get them. I don’t even know how this thing works! LOL. Our league’s name is Spanktastic. I didn’t name us.

Some lady in the bathroom just told me that my hair is beautiful. That was very nice of her!

Below are pictures of my new cube. As you can see, one of my walls is a giant window, which is usually super-nice, but today it’s a reminder of the crappy weather. OH WELL.

Oh yeah. It’s my first full day in the office all week – yikes!

I’m really tired. Physically, mentally… I’m tired.

So, we have this annual report thing and it’s way late in its release. But we finally got it written, printed, shoved in envelopes, slapped w/ labels, etc… It was all ready to be delivered to the Post Office and sent out for bulk mailing. Yesterday my boss and I lugged the annual reports – in nine bags weighing 40lbs each – into my car. I was tasked with taking them to the Post Office, which I did. When I got there I hauled all of the bags up a ramp and into the building only to be told they weren’t separated properly and had to be redone. So I put all the bags back into my car, carried them up a flight of stairs, re-sorted them (all 1000 envelopes) and put gum bands around them. It took me till Midnight to do all of this. Then this morning I had to separate them into ‘areas’ – whatever those are – put them back into the bags, carry them down a flight of stairs, put them in my car, carry them back into the Post Office, fill out paperwork and come into the office. See why I’m tired?

In other news… Dave P. taught me how to shoot a rubber band off of my thumb.

Oh yeah. The SRC Cube Farm has been constructed and it actually looks really nice. I’ll take a picture tomorrow and post it up here so everyone can see where I spend too many of my waking hours.

I’m doing the working from home thing today and although I really am doing work, I’ve also got the tv on and am in very comfortable clothes. Well, I’m watching The Learning Channel right now – Bringing Up Baby – and it’s following a couple who has just had a little baby boy. The couple isn’t married and the guy has six children from four previous relationships. The girl in the couple, when talking about her relationship w/ the guy, says she wasn’t scared off by the fact that he already has SIX OTHER CHILDREN. Like, seriously… does she really think he’s going to stay w/ her and be a proper father to her child? What an idiot.

Anyway… it’s nice to be home today. I needed the day off. I was basically a zombie yesterday and got nothing accomplished, so today’s like a freebie. I think I’m going to go to the gym in a bit. I haven’t been there in a while and am feeling like a fattie. Or like more of a fattie than usual.

I’m about to take a hot bath to soak my sore legs. I worked at the RBC Cener last night for the first time since June, and my pathetic body couldn’t handle all of the time I spent on my feet. So I’m going to soak. Then I’m going to climb into bed, watch the E! Emmy coverage, watch Conan O’Brien host the Emmys, then probably fall asleep somewhere in the milddle of the show. I’m tired. I took a three-hour nap, but I’m still tired. I had a long – but good – night and need some recovery time. Thankfully I get to work from home tomorrow – hooray!

Over the weekend I got a Yankees baseball hat. I’m not a Yankees fan, nor am I a poser. I am, however, a Yankee and am reminded of such on a relatively regular basis by Southern coworkers and friends. So I thought I’d get a Yankees hat. Should you see me wearing it, please know that my favorite baseball team is the Pirates (of course!) and I am not a fan of the Evil Empire. I actually think the Yankees baseball team represents the worst in professional sports. But I like my hat. :)

Take me home, country roads, to the place, I belong: West Virginia!

Tee hee.

The annual Princeton Review listed its top party schools yesterday and WVU is #3 on the list, which I’m sure pisses the head honchos of the university off to no end. So we’re ranked #3 in party-ness and #5 in football. Not bad, not bad… :) Friends from Pittsburgh would come down to visit me and totally think that, because we’re from a city w/ clubs, bars and such, they could handle a weekend in middle-of-nowhere Morgantown, but Morgantown kicked their ass every time. And they loved it.

Blah. It’s such a dreary day. I have a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning as is, but then to add heavy clouds and rain on top of everything, I’m just about screwed.

I called my brothers yesterday to tell them that a) they are the beneficiaries of my life insurance policy and b) it’s not an amount worth killing me over. Jason thanked me for “thinking of me in your time of death” and Gregory told me that Jason and I are the beneficiaries of his life insurance policy. If Gregory and I both die an untimely death, Jason’s going to make out like a little bandit!

I just read an article about the best and worst commercials of the year. According to a survey, the best is the one w/ the happy California cows, which I personally think is retarded. And the worst is for HeadOn, some headache medicine thing. The commercial shows a woman standing in a studio applying HeadOn to her head, while a voiceover says “HeadOn: Apply directly to the forehead” over and over and over. Seriously. That’s all it does. If you haven’t seen it, you’re not missing anything.