I like this quote from ESPN: These Mountaineers were not given a chance to be an elite team two years ago, but a perfect storm collected these wayward hoop souls for glorious runs to the Elite Eight and Sweet 16.

So, my Eers have ended their run in the NCAA tournament and their feats won’t likely be matched again for a long, long time. Two consecutive trips to the Sweet Sixteen? West Virginia University? Are you serious? Haha. Glorious runs indeed.

The past few days have been very, very difficult on a lot of levels. I don’t want to discuss any of it, but there is great wisdom in that 50’s do-wop song “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.”

Because of my aforementioned heartache, my father has purchased a plane ticket for me to fly home. Pittsburgh home. Home home. The place where my head and my heart can be fixed. Woo hoo! Although it’s not the tropical destination Spring Break so often envisioned, it’s going to be wonderful.

Shel and I broke up. Things weren’t working out for us, so we decided to seperate. We’re very committed to staying close friends, and we will remain special people in each others lives. We laughed about the idea of me writing this; it’s like some celebrity’s statement. But seriously, we’re no longer together, we’re both hurting, but we’re both committed to our friendship.

The end.

And to my Sherbert, “always look on the bright side of life…”

I’m filling out my NCAA brackets and I’m stuck. Arkansas is an 8 seed while Bucknell is a 9 seed. Arkansas starts w/ ‘A’ as does Allie. I had a crush on a kid in high school whose sister went to Bucknell. So who do I choose? The school w/ my first initial? Or the school related to my high school crush? Well, the crush went nowhere. I’m 5’9” and my high school crush stopped growing at 5’2”, so it just wasn’t meant to be. Then, I guess, I ought to go w/ Arkansas. Plus, Bill Clinton is from there and he was a pretty interesting president. Ok, Arkansas it is.

Watch, Bucknell will win.

So, we kinda robbed a McDonald’s tonight. Shel has this thing for McDonald’s hot fudge sundae, so we went to the Mickey D’s in Cary – me decked out in my walrus PJs (seriously) and Shel in his ‘uniform’ (Steelers hoodie and Seven jeans) – and ordered Shel’s sundae. The total was $1.08, so we paid $1.08. We drove up to the next window, waited a minute or two, then were handed the sundae… and $7. Shel was confused, so he took the $$, and when he realized what happened, said, “let’s get out of here!” Then, sitting at the light, he was afraid the McDonald’s people were going to come after us, so we were like counting down the seconds until the color of the bulb changed from red to green. It was quite the McAdventure.

In other news… The boob fairy paid me a visit. It’s about damn time.