My asthma is acting up. When the weather starts to change, my lungs protest. They’re used to warm, moist air, and it’s suddenly changed to cold, dry air and they’re not happy.

Today is unique; I feel like I slept-in, but according to the clocks I got an early start to today. So, I guess this is the perfect day for those who are always looking to squeeze more hours into their life.

I’m hoping to do some heavy-duty cleaning today. The Steelers aren’t playing, so I’m going to drain all of my energy into making this place look spic and span for the Thanksgiving arrival of my parents. Yes, I’m getting a head start on cleaning, but if I do it now, I won’t have to worry about it when they get here. They’re spending Thanksgiving w/ me, and then they’re going to spend Christmas in Charleston (just the two of them). I’m really happy for them. With our family scattered to and fro along the East Coast, it’s not very convenient to have everyone try to meet in Pittsburgh for the holidays every year. So, we’ve decided to all get together – where ever it may be – for Christmas of every other year. This upcoming Christmas – my first sans my family – is going to be VERY hard, I’m sure.

Well, that’s about all for right now. I wrote a giant entry at work, but forgot to post it, so I’ll post it tomorrow … if I remember.