I didn’t stretch before I ran yesterday. Wait, back that up. I didn’t stretch before I ran yesterday because I didn’t intend on running. When I go on my sporadic jaunts around my apartment complex, I start off with a lot of enthusiasm and I run for about three whole minutes. Then I stop, catch my breath and walk the rest of the way. But yesterday, when I started my enthusiastic running, I decided to concentrate on my breathing rather than singing along to the songs on the iPod, and I ended up running nearly a mile without stopping. So, now I’m sitting here feeling quite proud of my accomplishment, but my legs are so sore that I’m hobbling to and fro across the office. It’s a pretty pathetic sight, but what can you do? I think I’ll walk my laps tonight to give my legs a rest, but on Tuesday, I’ll give that whole running thing another shot, but stretch before I do so.

It was primarily another football weekend. The only oddity was Friday night when I played Trivial Pursuit w/ Shel, Allan, Penny and Piper. I was beyond exhausted and got pretty slap-happy towards the end, but it was fun. I went over to Allan’s (where we played) wearing my nerd glasses because my eyes were just too tired for my contacts, but Piper had her nerd glasses on, too, so I didn’t feel weird. I’m reluctant to wear my glasses and I don’t know why. They’re cute little Ralph Lauren tortie shells, but I never wear them out of the house. Hmmmm…

Saturday I went to the State/Carolina game, which was anticlimactic. I was expecting some huge, intense rivalry, but it wasn’t there. The only sign of a rivalry I saw was the emphasis of “go to Hell, Carolina” in State’s fight song. See, I was expecting all kinds of rowdiness, like what I experienced when VA Tech or Pitt came to Mountaineer Field, but there was none of that. Also, those Carolina people get damn dressed up for games! I wanted to be like, “Excuse me, Buffy, but you’re going to a college football game, not a country club luncheon.” But, whatever floats their boats, I guess.

WVU beat East Carolina and our record is now 4-0, but that goose egg is about to turn into a ’1′ after next week’s game against Virginia Tech. I can’t even tell you how much I hate VA Tech. There are no words. There simply are no words.

Sigh. And the Steelers lost to New England yesterday. It’s alright, though. I’d rather lose to them in the regular season than during the playoffs. It was Ben Roethlisberger’s first regular season lost, which says a tremendous amount about him. I just love that guy. He’s a great athlete, and he seems like a genuinely good human being. Love him, love him.

Alrightie. Off I go. Where am I going, you ask? I don’t know.

I just finished catching up on all of the yummy Steelers stories in the Post-Gazette online. During football season, I read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette two or three times a week to catch up on sports news, but it also keeps me abreast of all the Burgh ongoings.

It was a football weekend in the our household. Yay! Although I couldn’t watch the WVU game (we played a no-name school and it wasn’t televised) and NC State had a bye week, we still watched lots and lots of football. It was fun. Shel and I finally have something in common again!! So, we watched college football on Saturday and then the Steelers game on Sunday, but after the Steelers game I fell back into E!, the Discovery Channel and A&E – my typical nerdy stuff. I meant to clean my room, but didn’t quite get around to it. I’m laying some solid ground work, though! Last night I ran to K-Mart and it was nice to be able to shop for household things, but to also get myself a treat (new Dove soap, hair clips!), too. Lately because of all the money I’ve put away for wedding showers, taxes, etc… I haven’t been able to do much of that.

Speaking of money issues… I got a part-time job & I start tomorrow. I work for the RBC Center in the luxury suites as a runner. It pays really well, the hours & location are perfect, and I don’t lose my weekends. I was thinking about getting a job at the mall, but if I did that, I’d work nearly every weekend, have long hours and get crappy pay. And I KNOW me – I’d work at the Limited or something and do nothing but spend my paychecks on their clothes. It wouldn’t work. So, this job w/ the Hurricanes is absolutely perfect. I’m nervous about it, though!! Everyone tells me that it’s nothing but fun, but the thought of it gives me little butterflies. Oh, and the reason for me getting a second job… I took a $20,000 pay cut, I had no job for six months and my taxes got messed up last year so I owe the IRS. I’m expecting to get a raise here in the next two or three weeks, but I don’t think it’ll make enough of an impact on my finances to keep me from wanting a second job. But, like I said, it should be lots of fun!

I swear to God Eli was waiting for me when I walked out of my door this morning. He was sitting underneath of a tree and he perked up when he saw me. I said good morning to him, told him to wait for me and then I went and got some left-overs I had been saving for him. Pizza and chicken! When I came back outside, he was still waiting. See, when I first started feeding Eli (my stray dog) he’d run away if he didn’t see that I had food. Now he knows that I’ll go get food for him, so he’ll wait for however long I take. Basically, he likes me enough to let me feed him, but not enough to let me pet him. It’s frustrating, but at the end of the day, if he has a full belly, I’m happy.

I’m quite tired, but I find myself spending time on Shel’s very nice laptop. It’s so nice, it doesn’t even have the protective film off of the front or the buttons on the inside. So, although I’m sleepier than I can even tell you, I’m taking advantage of having access to the nice laptop.

My laptop is having issues and Shel’s doing his best to fix it, but its been out of commission for nearly three weeks. Thankfully I have my trusty college desktop for backup.

I helped to save a dog’s life today. He’s been rescued from the animal shelter and it makes me happier than happy. Henry’s munching on a bright pink feather right now. He looks like a cross between a kitten, bear and monkey. He’s the absolute cutest think in this world.

Shel’s at my feet doing sit-ups. He’s lost a lot of weight lately and he looks fantastic, but if he loses too much more, he’s going to shrink into nothing. I’d miss him if he shrank into nothing. Now he’s doing fancy sit-ups, so I think he’s just trying to show off – tee hee. Ok, yeah, he’s definitely showing off. He’s doing push-ups.

Well, I think I’m going to get off of here now. I’ve done my work assignments that I brought home, now I just want to close my eyes and get all comfy in my bed.

Sweet dreams, yo.

I walked outside this morning and was shocked at how quickly the temperatures dropped. It’s not even officially Fall yet, and the temperatures are already working their way down to jeans and sweater weather. Not that I mind. I love Fall and everything it brings. Because I was in school for most of my life, Fall still feels like the beginning of a new year to me, full of chances for new beginnings and opportunities to shake the dust off of me. Fall’s arrival also means my birthday is just around the corner, and I’m very much looking forward to turning 26. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. I’m tired of being 25 and I’m tired of this 25th year of my life. I’m desperate for a change, even if it’s only the symbolic shifting of numbers.

While driving to work, a man on the right side of Wake Forest Road caught my attention. He was bald, overweight, clad in overalls w/ one strap hanging down, and riding a John Deere cart on the sidewalk. I called Shel and laughed and laughed. Stereotypical south right there on my way to work. Being from a northern city, I’ve seen all kinds of interesting things on the side of roads, but never a fat man in overalls cruising around in a mini-tractor. I just laughed again at the thought of it.

So, check this out. Allan and I went to the mall last night (after a fabulous P.F. Chang’s dinner from Shel) to check out the after-summer sales. Which weren’t aplenty, let me tell you. But, while at Banana Republic I got a beautiful full-length light blue linen skirt … for $6.97! It was on sale from $98!!! Woo hoo! Super Shopper Ali strikes again!!

Yes, I know that was retarded, but oh well.

Also last night we were all hanging out at Paul’s for the Florida State/Miami game, and I’m happy to report that Paul’s Seminole’s finally pulled one out against Miami. I’m not a Florida State fan, but I hate, hate, hate the Miami Hurricanes. With the exception of last night and a few other scattered occurrences, Miami never loses, and it pisses me off. They always seem to squeak out a win regardless of the situation, which would leave one to believe that they must be a damn good football team. And they are. But they’re also lucky as hell, and that’s what makes me angry.

I was engulfed in football this weekend, which was completely awesome. The song, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” was playing in a loop around my head for the last three days. Saturday, although wonderful simply because football was on, wasn’t nearly as exciting as Sunday. Sunday was when the BIG games were on – both WVU and NC State played, and I had a vested interest in both games. So, my beloved Mountaineers pulled out a win over Syracuse, which was great because it’s not only a win, but a win against a fellow Big East school, which upps our odds of going to a BCS Bowl (shock the nation!). We looked a lot better than I expected after losing nearly all of our star players last year, but we need some work on third down conversions and holding onto the ball. Once those get worked out, I think we’re going to be great. NC State played well but couldn’t get over VA Tech. (VA Tech is a school for whom my hatred is on par w/ Miami) Shel was bummed, so of course I was bummed, but I think he had fun at the game.

Shel and I have been having issues lately. It’s really hard because there’s so much love between us, but not much else. Shel and I are on total opposite ends of the personality spectrum and it’s hard to meet in the middle and make things work. Shel’s a drama queen, I’m calm. Shel’s very technologically inclined and I’d rather curl up w/ a book. We have so many differences, but we love each other a lot and it’s damn hard to make things work. But we’re really, really trying. Neither of us is willing to give up on the other, so whether we make it to happily ever after or fail trying, at least we tried our damndest.

That’s about all from over here. For those two of you who care, I’m sorry for not updating this thing as regularly as I should. And, interestingly enough, next month (or November, I forget) will be my three year anniversary of writing in here – WOW. It’s kind of the story of my life in North Carolina, which I like. :)

Later, yo.