Ok, apparently they’ve changed the date of the Regatta – it’s in July now. Actually, I remember hearing something about that. It used to be two weekends long, but they had to make it just one weekend because the city couldn’t afford it anymore, so I guess they decided to combine it w/ the 4ths fireworks to save even more money. Weird. I still wanna go, though.


Yesterday I was typing my little mini-blog as I watched the final minutes of the WVU game. I was typing whatever popped into my head and not really censoring any of it. What I typed about Shel came across as pretty mean, but please know that while we were saying all of those things, we were laughing. I truly think that laughter is one of the foundations of our relationship.

So, I’m sitting here now and it’s Easter, but it doesn’t feel like Easter at all. My family’s spread all over the place: Raleigh, Maryland, Pittsburgh. I wish we could be together, but the holidays that we do spend together are the biggies, like Christmas. I think that Shel and I (and hopefully Allan) are going to go to the Regatta in Pittsburgh in August. I’ve always loved the Regatta – the people, the food, the sounds, the sights… Pittsburgh puts on a damn good show and I’d like to show my Southern buddies what the North can be like.

Well, I’ve gotta go straighten up some and then make Mr. Brannan some chocolate chip/walnut cookies for inside of his Easter basket! He actually likes my cooking – shock!

With just over six minutes left of the WVU/Louisville game, I’ve decided to start a mini-blog because I need something to do w/ my hands. My hands are all sweaty, by the way. They’re kind of gross. I’m so damn nervous.

Foul on Louisville!

Shel just farted, so I covered his bum w/ a pillow, which isn’t working well. The odor is still oozing out.

Traveling foul on WVU. Dammit.

I’m so nervous right now that I can’t even pee. I tried to pee, I like to pee, but it just didn’t happen.

68-61, us. Louisville just shot a three pointer.

Pittsnoggle!! Wooo hooo! Just shot his sixth three. He’s really good. I wish I knew how to spell his last name.

With five minutes left we’re up by six. That’s not enough points for me to be calm. Typing on here is making the time go by much more quickly, though, which is a good thing.

Yay – commercial break. You’d think that I would calm down during these game interruptions, but I’m not. Not at all.

It’s truly amazing how wrapped up one can become when their favorite sports team is playing. I’m not the world’s biggest basketball fan, but I’m a huge Mountaineer fan. That means that I’ll cheer for WVU whether it’s the football team or the rifle team.

Oh God. Now we’re only up by four. My heart is absolutely POUNDING. Thud, thud, thud… I can hear the beating of my heart ringing in my ears. My hands are still disgustingly sweaty. Ugh.

Ok, seems as though Louisville’s best player got fouled out and Shel’s checking out the ‘cute pizza girl’. My God is he a crappy boyfriend sometimes. Although he claims to love me.

We’re at the foul line. Swoosh! One down, one to go. Shel wants me to type that I love him. We missed the second free throw. Jesus criminies.

Shel is trying to edit my blog. He’s very concerned with his image. He likes to pretend that he’s always Mr. Wonderful, and sometimes he is and sometimes he isn’t.

“Take that shit out! Take it out! I’m not going to buy you dinner if you don’t take it out!” – Shel
We’re still on commercial break. I really, really, really want WVU to win! My lips are stained blue from the blue peeps I ate. Actually, my lips have more of a purple hue because of the blue/pink combo.

Ooooooohhhhh my God. Deep breaths, Ali, deep breaths.

Louisville just hit two free throws, so now they’re only down by three. Dammit. Ok, Louisville just fouled us. Foul, foul, foul! Come on now, guys! Let’s just get this game over w/, shall we?

Swoosh! One down, one to go. (sounds familiar, huh?) Yes! We got the second free throw. Thank goodness.

I really can’t take this. My heart is going to explode. Honestly, it is. I wonder what would happen if one’s heart actually exploded. Instantaneous death, of course, but other than that…

2:52 remaining. 74-71, us.

We just called another time out. Hello KFC commercial! My sweaty hands are shaking right now. I’m concentrating on deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Let’s goooo Mountaineers!

Oh no – we missed a shot and Louisville got the rebound. They’ve been making all of their shots lately.


I can hear the WVU fans chanting in the stands and it makes me happy.

We’re up by two w/ .48 seconds left. We’re at another commercial. It’s about dolls who don’t sweat. It’s called the Suck-Up. They also have the Wuss and Mama’s Boy available. They’re not real dolls, though – they’re ad gimmicks for deodorant, I think. I need some of that stuff for my hands. Gotta go for now. I’m going to keel over and die.

Overtime. I don’t want to watch. Really, I don’t. But Shel made a good point. WVU hasn’t been in this position for nearly 50 years and they may never be there again. I wouldn’t have cared about any of this if we hadn’t been ahead. I mean, I didn’t expect them to play well against Louisville, so I was thrilled to just be in the Elite Eight. I’m still insanely proud of my school, but it seems like there’s so much more on the line now. I think I’m going to quit typing for a while.

We lost. I’m terribly bummed, but so, so, so proud to be a Mountaineers fan.

Ok, I’m absolutely furious about the Terri Shiavo thing. Yes, I feel badly for her, her family, her friends, etc… BUT THE US GOVERNMENT HAD ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO INTERVENE!!! What? Am I going to have to go ask the government if I can pee? If I can brush my teeth? Hey, Congressman, is it alright if I go to bed now? Do you mind? I just wanted to check w/ you before I made a decision about my life.

I’m waiting for Shel to come home. I think we’re going to Chicago Uno Grill for dinner, which is exciting. Shel likes their pizza, I like their grilled salmon, and we both like the dessert.

I’m listening to this Shin’s song, but I don’t think it’s the same version as on the Garden State soundtrack. I’m bummed. You should go out and get the G.S. soundtrack if you don’t already have it – it’s excellent. Everything about that movie’s excellent.

Let’s see what song comes on my computer next…

Renegade by STYX! Yeah 80′s! (or 70′s!) This reminds me of the Steeler’s game I went to in Dec. w/ my dad. It was a commercial break and the defense had just taken the field. Now, you have to understand how much we Pittsburghers love our defense to fully appreciate this little story. Anyway, defense on the field, rookie QB & the rest of the offense on the sidelines, we’ve only got ONE loss the whole season … to the Ravens who we’re now playing. EVERYONE wants revenge. It’s commercial break and they start playing Renegade. The beginning of the song is very quiet and slow…. the Terrible Towels came out of everyone’s pockets and we all started swinging them above our heads. The sideline guys got THEIR towels out and were swinging away while the defense on the field was full of enormous men dressed in black and gold pumping their arms up and down, contributing to the moment. I stopped for a second, looked around, and realized that I would never, ever see anything like that again. 70,000 bright yellow towels were being swung at the same time and every single fan was in a shared sense of euphoria. Then, as the pace of the song picked up, the stadium errupted and we went on to beat the crap out of the Ravens. And although my dad was a bit out of his mind that day, that will forever be one of my favorite things we have ever shared.

It’s strange how close Easter and St. Patrick’s Day are to one another this year. Both holidays make me think of my Grandma K. Although she died on Thanksgiving day, I don’t like to think about those memories as much as I like to think about the other ones.

My grandmother was christened Patricia Anne Ewing – she was Scotts Irish on her father’s side and Croatian on her mother’s. With the exception of her different ethnicities, the rest of my family is pretty much 100% Croatian. She fiercly clung to her Irishness and loved, absolutely loved, St. Patty’s Day. She wore tons of green, buttons that said, “Kiss me! I’m Irish!” and spread Irish cheer all over Pittsburgh. She was a tiny blonde w/ big blue eyes… absolutely nothing like me! So, on Thursday, St. Patty’s Day, I will wear my emerald ring and emerald necklace – both were hers, which were given to me after her death.

On Easter, my Grandma G. would hide bright plastic Easter eggs in her yard, each one had the name of a grandchild on it. They had about $2 in them, but I think one year they may have had $5. Once you found your egg, the fun was over. When the older kids – Jason, Gregory and I – found the younger kids’ eggs, we’d tell them and my grandma would get all pissy at us. But, at my other grandma’s – my Grandma K. – the one who I loved so much – bright plastic eggs were also hidden all over the yard and it was actually FUN to find them. They didn’t have names on them, you could find as many as you wanted, and each contained a bunch of change – dimes, nickles, quarters – and sometimes dollar bills. It was so fun to try to beat everyone else to find the most eggs and get the most money. It was luck of the draw – sometimes an older kid would find the eggs w/ the most money and sometimes the little kids would come out of the egg hunt w/ enough to go to K-Mart and buy a toy. It was somewhat competative and a lot of fun and I miss it.

After all these years I still miss my grandmother. She was so incredibly special to me and it hurts to think that she’s not here any more. I dream about her sometimes and when I wake up, I can’t believe that I can’t pick up the phone and call her.


I have a headache and I think I’m going to get into bed a bit early tonight to make it go away.