I should be cooking right now, but I feel the urge to write.

I think I’m going to finally break down and yank the other set of dishes out from the closet. I keep forgetting to run the dishwasher and as such, we have no dishes to eat on tonight. I just turned the dishwasher on, but I don’t think it’ll be done in time for dinner. I’ve been hesitant to use the other set because they’re a specific, discontinued, Pfaltzgraff pattern and if they break, that’s the end of them. But, I guess I’m going to have to do it!

Someone’s coming over tomorrow evening to meet Hannah and Hines. Not only does she love their names, but she’s interested in adopting both of them, which would make me happy as a clam. They’re little babies who have been through a whole lot together and I don’t have the heart to separate them. Shel feels the same way, so it’s good to have support. We’ve already had two people solely interested in Hannah and they had to be turned away. Well, one of them turned herself away, but that’s a different story.

Yesterday I got fake nails put on as a present from Shel, but today I filed them WAY down! Although they’re French style and look beautiful, they weren’t functional. I couldn’t type worth crap. So, now they’re shorter, but still very pretty.

This morning I got a fabulous new rug for the living room! I love it! I can’t wait till Shel comes home to see it. I find that on days like these, when I have so much to tell him that I feel I may burst, I miss him although I saw him hours ago. Love, what a weird little thing.

So, my big exciting news is that Gregory is coming to visit me!!! He’ll be down on the 4th of March and will be here for five days. I’m really very happy to have him come down. He obviously needs a break from all the stress in his life, plus he’s never come down here before. Yay, yay, yay!

Ok, gotta cook now!

It’s time to tell a sad tale.

Nearly two months ago I got a phone call from Gregory telling me that he and his girlfriend, Sara, were going to have a baby. I was thrilled – totally and completely thrilled. I’ve always wanted to be an aunt and have been looking forward to my brothers’ babies as much as I’m looking forward to my own. My parents were concerned for Gregory, but they were so, so happy to be grandparents. Sara and Gregory told my grandfather about the baby and he was so happy that he cried. So, despite the rough patches ahead, everyone was genuinely looking forward to the birth of baby Isabella or Aiden.

Then, last week, Sara started to act weird; she was calling him a stalker, wouldn’t answer his calls, wouldn’t see him, etc… The only thing she communicated to him was that she was spotting and cramping – bad signs during pregnancy. Sara went to the doctor yesterday and was told that she miscarried the baby. Sigh. I’m so full of emotions right now. I feel terrible for Gregory, but at the same time am relieved for him. The baby hadn’t come at the right time in his life, but it was wanted none the less. And today, while at lunch, I saw a grandfather walking around w/ his baby granddaughter, and I started to get tears in my eyes. I was thinking that my parents were so looking forward to doing just what that man was doing, but they’re not going to have the opportunity to do so for years. And I can’t even bear to think of the disappointment my grandfather’s going to go through.

Although I was counting down the days to tell all of you – my two journal readers (haha) – about the baby *I think it’s safe to announce a pregnancy after the first trimester*, I believe in my heart of hearts that things happen for a reason. This must not have been the right situation for either that baby or for its parents. It’s just so sad.

Blah, blah, blah!!!

I’m going to finish painting my nails and crawl into bed.

Oh yeah, my new couch looks fabulous! I’ll post some pictures soon!

I’m listening to Stevie Wonder, bouncing in my desk chair and feeling better than I have in weeks.

Shel and I are getting a new couch for the living room today and I can’t even tell you how excited I am!! My living room will feel like a real living room as opposed to a fake living room… haha. We didn’t have a fake living room, but our couch, purchased out of financial necessity rather than style, was really grating on me. I cringed when I walked in our front door and saw the crap couch, as I affectionately called it. Now we’re getting a new one and I’m happy as a clam.

Also, I’ve gone to the gym every day this week and I really feel good about it. I’m starving all the time, though! Allan says it’s because I’m actually burning calories now instead of just absorbing them, which I know is true. Going to the gym has given me more energy and put a cheezy little spring to my step! Watch out bikini season, here I come! Haha. Probably not… I’m sure once I get to the sunny beaches of NC I’ll have a wrap tied around my hips just like I do every other year!!

One last thing about my good mood… how can you listen to Stevie Wonder and NOT be in a good mood?

After Shel woke me up this morning, I got smothered in kitty kisses from Henry. All of my foster kittens have handed out kisses to humans, but they stop doing it once they’re fully grown. Not Henry! He likes to give me kisses on my nose and around my eyes, which I find completely endearing.

Shel and I decided to do Valentine’s Day today. I’d like to say we had a good excuse for pushing the holiday up two days, but we didn’t – I was just too anxious to wait!! I thought that he would absolutely love what I got him and wanted to give it to him ASAP. Turns out that he didn’t love it – far from it! Haha. I got him an iPod case thinking that he wanted one, but turns out he didn’t want one at all! Oh well… we’ll take it back!

Now it’s time to tell you what he did for me:
He asked me to hide in my room until he brought his present in from his car. When he got back into the apartment, he got me out of my room, and sitting on a chair was a package from the Limited. I opened it and found a pretty pink camisole/top inside! I was happy – I thought it was a very nice gift. Then Shel told me he was going to run into his room and grab his iPod, but when he came out, he had another package from the Limited! I opened it up and inside were two pairs of jeans!! I was really surprised and happy because the jeans were great! Then he went into his room again and again he brought back a Limited box! Inside of that box was an entire outfit; a cute pair of aqua capri pants and matching shirt. I was totally shocked! I couldn’t believe he had done all of that for me! THEN! Then he went in his room, brought out the Limited bags, and inside of one of those bags was ANOTHER outfit!!! I’m still stunned by all of it. It was such a sweet gesture and I’m completely overwhelmed by it. And I love, love, love how he brought each package out separately, like each additional package was a surprise for me. I’m such a lucky girl!!

So, because my present for him was crap, I took him to Uno Chicago Grill for dinner. It was really good food and wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. It’s about on par w/ Chili’s. Well, for dessert we got this absolutely amazing cookie thing – I swear I’m drooling now just thinking about it! Hold on, let me see if I can find a link to it…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture, but here’s a description from their website: Deep Dish Sundae $3.99
Serving up a sundae like only Uno’s can. An oversized warm chocolate chip cookie baked in a deep dish pan, topped with ice cream, whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Alrightie, that’s about all, folks!