T minus two hours until I leave for the airport. Two hours after that, I’ll be gliding over the Atlantic on a Boeing 777 heading to England. I’m scared shitless.

I’ve been wanting to go to London for as long as I can remember. If you asked me to chose the one place on this earth to visit, I’d chose London hands down. And now that I’m nearing my departure, I’m absolutely terrified. Not so much of my trip, but of the flight. Something about flying miles above black water just doesn’t sit right w/ me. I’ve heard countless stories of how wonderful the flight is, but at this point, I’m just like, “Ok, get me there!”.

I’m going to miss Shel and I know this is hard for him. It won’t be nearly as hard for me because I’ll be in unfamiliar territory – places where I won’t run into memories of Shel w/ every corner I turn. It’ll be different for him because he’ll be in our home by himself.

Ok – I ought to stop procrastinating now. I’m going to update this thing every chance I get so I can have a written record of my trip…

Bon voyage!

MP’s here – she emailed me on Tuesday night and asked if she could come for a visit, so I of course said YES! It’s nice to have her here. Especially w/ the death of Max, it was nice to have her near because she knew Max pretty well. We’ve been shopping a lot. Shel gave me $250 to get whatever made me happy. I got a really pretty little sapphire band. It’s very small and simple, but I love it. I also got a cool Fom travel pillow thing from Brookstone. I figure it’ll be handy on the plane. And, w/ the rest of the $250, I bought Shel new clothes. They had sales on Polo stuff and I know he likes it, so I got him two Polo shirts and a Lacoste shirt w/ a little green alligator on it. He was happy. I like to make him happy.

My head hurts because the weather down here is weird. It’s been cool and cloudy for the past two days, which makes me feel bad for MP. I wish she could have been down here for bright, sunny weather. But the weather gods up above had other plans for this weekend.

Kate totally came to the rescue last night. Shel’s car battery died and she came w/ her car to charge his. Yay! We were stuck at a Shell gas station (ironic, huh?) and I was all excited because I, w/ a purple gumball, won a free fountain drink. But once we got back in the car and it wouldn’t start, the excitement waned. All was well in the long run, though. Kate came over for pizza and the four of us had some dorky fun. We’re all little Taboo addicts. Such nerds.