This is my second straight day home from work due to a freak ice/snow storm that’s hit the east coast. The weather’s really crappy, but it’s nice to have a four day weekend! Click here to see some pictures of Shel & I in the snow and my family at Christmas:

Last night I had one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had and I’m really paranoid that it’s going to return. Shel ran out to get me some medicine at 10:30pm while I laid in bed squinting at the tv. It was awful – it felt like someone was jamming a butterknife into the tissue on my right temple. Ugh!!!

Also last night I made a resume and cover letter for Gregory so that he can possibly intern w/ GSK. He wants to be a pharm. sales rep, and to be 100% honest, he would be DAMN good at it.

Shel, Taylor and I went to Moe’s for dinner (before the headache from Hell struck), which was fun. Taylor is completely country and because of that, I stereotyped him, which I feel badly about. Turns out that he’s actually well-traveled in the US. I honestly thought he had never left Tennessee!

While laying in bed last night, Shel brough in his laptop and we went over all of John Edwards’s views and platforms – turns out I really, really view things the same way, therefore, I am endorsing John Edwards for President! Not that it means anything! Haha. Shel liked him, too, but is probably going to vote for stupid-ass, Mars-traveling, Civil-liberties taker-awayer, Georgie Porgie Bush.

Woo hoo! Carolina Panthers are going to the Super Bowl!!

Again, I haven’t given up my alligance to the Steelers – will never happen – but I’m really excited for the Panthers! I’ve been cheering for them since I moved down here, and this is really cool!

As you may or may not know, I work for a UK company called GlaxoSmithKline. We have offices all over the world, but the primary offices are in Raleigh/Durham and London. Most of my coworkers are in the US, but I’m part of a communications team that spans the Atlantic, meaning one half of us are over here and the others are in London. We had our first face-to-face team meeting this week and it was such a success. We’ve been having a lot of problems w/i the team dealing w/ trust, etc… and I’m happy to report that I think we’ve laid a foundation to forget all of that. It was actually a team-building workshop and we had a facilitator come in. I had such a nice time over the course of the two days! Then, one of my UK team members (Andrew) was staying an extra night in Raleigh so I suggested that I take him out and show him the town sort of thing. Although we got teased about it when the rest of the team found out (Andrew and I are both 24), he took me up on my offer. So, me, Andrew, Shel and Dan went out last night. First Andrew came over here and we played some X-Box, then we met Dan at the Mellow Mushroom. Great conversation ensued and after dinner we went to the Flying Saucer, a cute little bar in downtown Raleigh. More great conversation ensued – there was a lot of breaking down stereotypes, learning about other culture and laughs. After that Shel and I took Andrew to the state capitol building so he could say that he had officially seen the state capitol! Haha. Then we took him back to his hotel where I got a hug! It was really a fantastic evening. Now, if Andrew ever comes back to Raleigh, he’ll have a friend and a place to stay. And, if Shel and I EVER go to London, we have a friend and a place to stay. I’m really so happy about the way things turned out last night!!

This weekend, since my apartment is actually clean (gasp!), I’ll be organizing my outside closet and throwing a lot of things away, I’m sure. Then, the Panthers play on Sunday night and I hope they kick the arses of the Eagles all over Philadelphia! Yay! Eagles suck!

Off to Breuggers I go…

What a crazy few days it’s been. First off, the weather in NC has been
absolutely awful. For almost three days the temperatures didn’t inch above
freezing, which is strange for a state whose average January temperature is
close to 50 deg. It was cold and snowy and I didn’t like it one bit!

Second, I fostered a puppy – a beautiful, sweet, adorable puppy – for about
a day and a half. He was just too much of a handful for me and I decided to
give him back to his previous foster mom. Lucky for me about the time I was
deciding he was just too much, someone else was deciding they wanted a
puppy. So, my little former-foster puppy, Zach, is now living w/ a family
w/ a stay-at-home mom and two other dogs. It worked out really well
although letting him go was rough. I cried and cried and he literally
licked the tears from my cheeks, which, of course, made it more difficult!
But, he’s happy and I’m happy. I’ve realized that I’m not at a good place
in my life to foster right now, so I’m going to be a general volunteer for
the organization.

I did a whole lot of shopping this weekend, although I don’t know why.
Like, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. Oh well. I got some
flannel sheets, which are just wonderful, and I got my parents a set, too.
I got a beautiful, very grown-up outfit for a meeting I have this week. I
got a pair of super-high, super-pointy camel boots and I got my mom a bread
maker, but I’m not giving it to her until Mother’s Day. It was on sale at
an awesome after-Christmas price, so I picked it up. It’ll save me some
shopping in May! I also got Shel a very nice Polo dress shirt. It’s a
grayish color and the horse guy is greenish. He looks handsome in it!

Along w/ shopping, Shel and I spent a lot of time w/ other people, which was
great. We went out to dinner on Friday night w/ a bunch of people then came
back to my place for a while. On Saturday we had company over to watch the
Panthers game and on Sunday we went out to lunch, went shopping and had
dinner w/ friends. It was seriously a very, very nice weekend. THEN!
Alias came back on after a holiday hiatus and it was one of the best
episodes of a tv show I have ever see. Loved it, loved it, loved it!