Wow. My day got off to a rocky start then suddenly got better. When I woke up, I had a semi-nasty email from my Aunt Debbie, Uncle Johnny and their 12 year old daughter, Megan. First of all, I thought everything that happened this weekend between my family happened amongst adults, but suddenly I’ve got a 12 year old telling me that her opinion of me has changed. Boo hoo. ANYWAY! Then I see that I’ve got lots o’ messages from Kristen on IM, which made me smile. I get into work and my voicemail light is lit. First it plays me an old message about to be deleted – it was from Shel and on it he was sweet and flirty and rambling on and on about Burger King. It made me happy to hear. Then I get another message about to be deleted, this time from my mom, which also made me happy. And then it was time for my new message, which was from my Aunt Natalie, in which she was just goofy. So, as a result of all my nice messages, I was able to, in my mind, block out the nasty one from my evil family and just concentrate on the messages from the people I love. :)

Shel’s crew and I went to Josh’s new house last night. Truth be told: I was jealous. He’s got a sweet – albeit tiny – house and I’ve got an apartment. I make more than he does. But, my parents don’t buy me houses and furniture and cars like his or maybe I would have a house right now as opposed to an apartment. That last sentence was full of spite, I know.

So, my highlight of my day yesterday was talking to Jason for like 20 mins. I seriously haven’t talked to him for at least a month, which is sad. But it was fantastic talking to him and hearing what he’s been up to. He’s about to break someone’s heart and that makes me sad because his girlfriend’s very nice, but only Jason can decide who he wants to be w/.

I broke my tailbone my first year at WVU. I was running down the stairs in front of Stalnaker and didn’t realize that under the powdery snow was a sheet of ice. So, down I went! I had bruises everywhere and had to go to the doctor. The tailbone is surprisingly attached to your back, so it’s not floating around at your butt or anything, making it only slightly uncomfortable when Dr. Jozwiak pressed her fingers against it. She was like, in her thick Croatian accent, “Alicia, your tailbone is fractured. We can give you a pillow to make you more comfortable.” Haha. That’s all they can do for a broken tailbone – offer a pillow!! I didn’t accept it cause I didn’t want to sit on a doughnut, but now I kinda wish I would have as my tailbone is swollen and sore. If you follow your spine all the way down as far as it goes, it’ll just end abruptly. Mine, however, ends w/ a pronounced ball as the tissue around the bone is painfully swollen. Dammit. I think it’s swollen now because I’ve been basically sitting in an office chair for the past eight months.

Woo hoo! Laura’s coming into town and we’re going out to lunch! :)

I was feeling silly and ordered the Tiffany’s catalog a few weeks ago and it arrived yesterday. I think they sent me the El Cheapo catalog because nothing in there was too extravagant, but it was beautiful no less. I’ve never even laid eyes on a famous blue Tiffany’s box w/ the white ribbon, but maybe some day I’ll see one … and there will be a present inside of it just for me! Haha. Dream on, right??

Um. I’m really torn as to whether to get a tattoo. My only reservation is this: what if I get it and then five years later I don’t want it any more? The whole thing w/ tattoos is their permanence and their permanence is what scares me! So, I don’t know what to do. I was going to just get it this weekend and get it over w/ – suck it up and live w/ the regrets if the regrets ever came. But I forgot about having Special Olympic Summer Games all this weekend, for which I have to wear tennies. Tennies are a no no if you’ve just tattooed your foot. Ugh! I’m seriously agonizing over this decision!

Another question of the day. Jason, my fabulous brother, is celebrating his 22nd birthday on June 6 and I have no idea what to get him. I’m sure he’d enjoy money more than anything, but I feel dumb shoving dollars in a card and sending it to him. I thought maybe a gift certificate, but to where? Maybe a restaurant, as Jason’s all time favorite past time is eating. I got him a clothing gift certificate for Christmas and don’t want to do the same thing for his birthday. I can’t believe he’s going to be 22. Like I’m so old at 23! Ha! I’m finding myself in so many dilemmas today.

My Aunt Natalie emailed me and told me that she loved me so much, etc.. and that everything w/i our family was going to be ok. It’s not, but as long as things involving my aunt are ok, then I’m fine w/ it. I don’t really care if I see my uncle again. He’s a pompous jackass and, to be blunt, not worth my time. Not going to get into that subject, though – it literally brings my mood down.

I guess I’m going to call my padre now to get my Aunt Natalie’s phone number – I’m going to Birmingham in July to visit her and I might reserve my ticket today. Woo hoo!

There are no words for this past weekend. It was pretty damn crappy. Speeding tickets and family fall-outs pretty much encompass what went on in my life for the past three days. Honestly, I’m still too overwhelmed by all of it to talk about it, so I won’t.

Right now I’m staring at a gorgeous yellow rose w/ red tips sitting on my desk. There are 11 more of them at my apartment. Yes, the world is coming to an end – Shel got me roses!! Hehe. I was (and still am) absolutely thrilled. :)

Tattoo or no tattoo. That is the question.