I’m out of Inman! Yesterday was so crazy!! I’ll skip all the details, but I’m happy to report that three boys (Shel, Peter & Justin) helped me move my furniture and boxes from my apartment into the back of my big Budget rent-a-truck. All of the boys were tremendous, especially Shel who, despite heat, humidity and carrying heavy loads down dozens of stairs, was all smiles, laughter and full of flirtatious energy. It was such a pleasant surprise. In lou of payment, the boys were treated to the most expensive pizza in Raleigh (haha) and beer. It was truly minuscule payment for the amount of work they did to help me out. I can’t thank them enough.

Charlotte and I stayed at Shel’s last night (she’s actually still there) and eventually, after hours and hours, Charlotte was brave enough to emerge from under the futon. Shel coaxed her out and held her while watching tv. It was the sweetest thing. Then, when we were sleeping, I woke up for a minute just in time to see Charlotte tip toe up Shel’s torso to the top of his head where she curled up and fell asleep. I love that my kitten loves my boyfriend. :)

Yesterday was also cool in that it was Kristen’s birthday. I sent her a birthday present and she waited to open it until she called me, so I was almost w/ her while she opened her present. That was such a thoughtful thing to do and I appreciated it so much! I’ve always had a blast on Kristen’s birthday and it made me sad, for lack of a better word, to not be able to celebrate w/ her. Living hundreds of miles away from loved ones is really freaking hard!!

Sigh. Anyway.

Today’s part 2 of my big move. I’m leaving work at noon and heading to The Summit to sign my lease and move into my very own apartment!!!!

Just goofing around at work and I found this:

The Libra’s symbol is scales. Libras are thought to be diplomatic, intelligent, and thoughtful. They crave romantic relationships and have a strong sense of justice. They desire harmony in all situations.

Yep. That’s me. Especially the harmony and justice sections.

In other news… YAY for my sweetie!

It was a relatively strange weekend, Shel-wise. We were both having reservations about our relationship; I feel like I’m going to be replaced by every new female in his life and don’t know how to deal w/ his stress-related mood changes, and he was wondering if a relationship between two people from such different backgrounds could work. We laid in his bed and talked and talked and talked and I think that everything’s going to be ok. Actually, I know everything’s going to be ok. :)

Check this out: http://www.shelbrannan.com

That’s one of Shel’s graduation presents from me. Pretty cool, huh? His email address is shel@shelbrannan.com and mine’s ali@shelbrannan.com. I think I’ll stick w/ my aol and hotmail accounts, personally, but I’m amused.

So, I’m moving VERY soon and I’m not close to having everything packed, but I’m at work right now. It sucks. I’m trying to finish up a project so I don’t have to stay late any day this week. I’m actually moving out of Inman on Tuesday, but I can’t move into my new place at The Summit till Wednesday. My countdown’s a little misleading. Hehe. I have two days left to pack – eeekk!

Countdown to The Summit: 4 days