I’m tired. Nothing too exciting’s going on w/ me. One month from today Shel and I will be heading to Pittsburgh – yay! I’m so excited! I don’t know what I’m going to do about my couch, though. I really want it, but it’s going to be such a pain in the ass to get it down here. Regardless, we have to go to Ikea because I owe Shel a lamp. I broke his Ikea lamp, a Christmas present from me, the day after Christmas. I was walking along the sidewalk in front of his house in Davie County and I dropped it. It shattered into a million little pieces. I felt so bad!

I was reading an article on CNN about the future of the space program. A lot of officials say that what we’re doing in space can all be done better and cheaper by robots instead of astronauts. The advocates of sending astronauts into space rather than robots present their main argument in that “humans are explorers by nature – we want to explore space”. How stupid is that?? Waste billions of dollars and risk human lives all in the name of exploration.

Someone hung a picture of Laurel Clark, one of the astronauts killed, on the wall in the break room. Weird.

Um. Moving on…

The Ebay auction is over and I received $20.50 for my cow (that I paid $5.99 for). The buyer, whomever he or she is, is even going to pay the shipping. Woo hoo! It was fun to do, but I can’t imagine making a habit of selling stuff on Ebay – what in the hell would I sell? I buy stuff on occasion, though. Mainly Shell stuff for Shel.

Apparently I’m going to be receiving mail from my Aunt Natalie, the one w/ colon cancer, sometime soon. I’m anxious to see what she says. I’m more anxious for tomorrow to come, though, so we can see how serious this thing is.

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