I got a package at work today – I thought it was from someone in Indiana sending me documents, so I didn’t open it for a while after it arrived. But when I looked at the package a little closer, I recognized my father’s handwriting. Inside of the package was a leather portfolio, post-its, a book and a card. I was so surprised! It made me cry – I’m such a sentamental wuss. He sent it because I’ll need it for my Special Olympics project. It was such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do.

I talked to Jason for a while and that was cool. I have to go flower shopping for him!

Marcus, Shel and I went out to lunch at Fridays. I really enjoy when the three of us get together.

**Shel and Jason, by boyfriend and brother respectively, were in my dreams last night

**Despite not setting my alarm and waking up late, I still made it to work on time

**I got a new printer/scanner/color copier all in one thing and it was set up quickly for me because the guy who installs things of that nature is from WV and I went to WVU. Go Mountaineers! Haha.

**I went out to lunch w/ Shel and Laura, which was lots ‘o fun. It’s disappointing that Laura’s graduating in May – she’s a very cool girl

**I got to spend some quality time w/ my sweetie (who ran through the freezing rain to let me into his apartment complex – rescue #2 of the week!)

**Charlotte missed me and, as soon as I sat down, jumped up on my lap and started purring

**Jason left me a sweet message in his profile

I’m having such a good morning! Actually, last night was great, too. Let’s start w/ last night, shall we? (haha)

After writing a big long email to Shannon, Shannon wrote a big long email to me! It was very nice to hear what she’s been up to. Mia and I had a talk about our living situation and I did something very uncharacteristic of myself – I blatantly stated my opinion. I did so in a polite manner, but I still got my point across. She has decided to take a job in New Jersey and she’s leaving in 2 weeks. She rented her room out w/o even talking to me and in March a woman and her 10-year-old daughter are moving in. Needless to say, I’m less than thrilled. Despite my reluctance, I’m going to stay at that apartment and try to make the best of a bad situation. It’ll only be for two months. My initial reaction was to find a new apartment ASAP, but I’m not going to screw this woman and her daughter over. I was screwed over severely when I moved down here, and I promised myself that, ever given a similar situation, I would do anything I could to help someone else out. She and her daughter didn’t do anything wrong – my roommate did something wrong. So I’m not going to, in a sense, punish them for her mistake.

And now I’m dealing w/ another little problem – Boo. Mia can’t take her and doesn’t know anyone else who can take her. I can’t stand the thought of Boo living in an animal shelter, not being adopted and then being put to sleep. That cat’s had a rough life – the vet said he could tell from her teeth that she’d been homeless for a long time and was living off of garbage. Mia took her in as a stray. The thing is, though, because Boo was a wild cat for so long, she’s bad. She scratches at everything, whines incessantly to go outside, etc… I don’t want to deal w/ that, but I don’t want her to be abandoned either. I know if it comes down to it, I’ll end up taking her.

I’m mad at Mia for her irresponsible behavior. I’m mad that she’s been given so much in life and has chosen to handle it w/ such carelessness.

Blah. Anyway! For the good stuff…

Before I had my chat w/ Mia, Charlotte was nowhere to be found. She’s tiny and gray, so it’s hard to find her in the apartment when it’s dark, but she was absolutely nowhere! Boo was gone, too, and I was SO afraid that Mia and Clay let Boo AND Charlotte out. Charlotte is not and will never be an outside cat. So, anyway – I told Shel that I couldn’t find her and he was thinking along the same lines I was – that Charlotte was out roaming Inman Park. I left my computer, where Shel and I were talking (he in his bedroom and me in mine), to go talk to Mia. When she opened her bedroom door, both Boo and Charlotte popped out. But I didn’t get back to my computer for about 45 mins, so Shel didn’t know I found her. When Mia and I were done talking, I looked on my phone and had missed two calls from Shel. I called him back and he was like “I’m almost there” and I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Then he said he was almost at my front door. Thinking that my little baby kitty Charlotte was missing, he came to her rescue!! He seriously drove over to my house to find my missing kitten (who really wasn’t missing)! How sweet is that?! Just like a knight in shining armor… except he was Shel in jeans and an Abercrombie vest. Haha! Anyway. I was touched.

I was glad he came over because after the whole Mia/roommate/Boo thing, I really needed someone to talk to and to bounce ideas off of. He’s a really good guy and he was incredibly supportive yesterday. I appreciated it so much.

And now it’s time for me to reveal the best part of last night: SHEL AND I WENT TO OUTBACK!!!!

Ok, so on to today’s stuff…

I had my meeting w/ Special Olympics North Carolina today, and it went really, really well. First of all, I made my way to downtown Raleigh all by myself w/o getting lost! I was on time for the meeting and it only lasted around 35 mins, but it was great. After talking to the VP of Communications, she made me one of six Media Relations Managers for the summer Special Olympics!!! I’m part of the Games Management Team as well, so I get to go to planning meetings and stuff. I am so, so, so excited! My job entails contacting media and trying to make them aware of the games and the athletes in their area. Once they’re aware of the athletes, the hope is to have them profile and/or follow the athletes until the games. Then we hope they’ll make the journey to Raleigh. When they do, I’m going to be arranging interviews, answering questions, etc… and, in general, helping to conduct all of the media affairs. I’ve been told that I’m the baby of the group and that it’s a great way for me to gain experience and network w/ other PR people in this area. So hopefully, after I’ve gotten my education paid for by Hell-Rom, I’ll be able to get a good job doing something I enjoy. Eeekkk!!!!!! I’m so happy!

I think it’s safe to say I’m a compulsive eater. I bought a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and I can guarantee they’ll be gone by Thursday. Honestly, I’ll be surprised if that last that long! I have a problem in that, if something’s in front of me, I have to eat all of it. Actually, I think that only applies to chocolate, but still…

Long time no post, huh? I have no good excuse for not keeping up w/ thing as regularly as I used to – sometimes I just don’t feel like it!

I talked to Cathy today! I don’t realize how much I miss people until I’ve talked to them after a long period of time. For those of you who don’t know who Cathy is, she’s the secretary of WVU’s Center for Women’s Studies, where I used to work. She’s so great and was like a surrogate mother to me. When I had breaks in between classes, rather than go to the Mountain Lair, I’d hang out w/ Cathy and listen to her sex stories (which made my jaw drop because I’m so innocent and stuff – haha).

Continuing on w/ all things WVU… I wrote Shannon a big long email today because she thought I had forgotten about her! So I emailed her an update of my boring little life and reassured her that I didn’t forget about her! She’s a cool girl. I hope she comes through NC again this summer. We shall see…

Um, what else is going on? Charlotte and Boo have become friends! Actually, Charlotte no longer thinks I’m fun because she’s too busy w/ Boo – haha! But I’m glad they’re getting along. Boo’s like six times Charlotte’s size and I thought for sure Boo was going to eat her. Mmm. Breakfast.

Document Control, where I work, is now a Restricted Area. Dammit. It means that only like 10 people out of the whole office are allowed in here. It blows because my favorite part of this sucky job was being able to chit-chat w/ all kinds of different people. Now they’re now allowed in here. Sad stuff.

I talked to both grandparents this weekend, which was nice. I don’t call them nearly enough. I needed help w/ a special project I’m working on and they’re more then happy to oblige to my request. Yay. My grandpap is the coolest guy ever and my grandma, once you take away her snobbish attitude and drinking fiascos, is pretty damn cool, too. One of my grandfathers died when I was 18 months old, and one of my grandmothers died two years ago. I still miss my grandmother a lot.

The Libbons have been on my mind lately because of Mr. Libbon’s death. My mom said the funeral home thing was nice and there were a lot of people there. She said that Mrs. Libbon was still in shock, while her kids were doing relatively well despite the circumstance. Gregory’s been spending as much time w/ Dan, Mr. Libbon’s son, as possible. Gregory’s such a good person.

I watched Bridezillas last night, which was hilarious. I hope that if I ever get married, I’m not nearly as neurotic as some of the women on that show. They were all spoiled brats and the tv commentator called them beasts, which made me laugh. That’s totally what they were, though. Yeah. Your wedding is a HUGE event, but I don’t know if it’s worth getting all crazy over.

I guess that’s all for now. Back to work I go.