As you may have guessed from the subject, the Mountaineers are playing today. The game is against Pitt and has bowl implications – the Mountaineers win and we’re going to the Gator Bowl. Which would be awesome cause I’ve already got tickets for the Gator Bowl! So, Goooo Mountaineers! Haha.

Anyway. I’m all ready for the family portrait thing. My mom and I got up earlier than the boys and we got ready ahead of time. Now they’re stumbling around trying to get themselves ready. It’s a cute setup – we’re all wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and socks. My parents got us all the t-shirts, socks and, if needed, new jeans. I got new jeeeeans! THANK GOD! I didn’t realize how short my other ones were till I tried on size LONG jeans. That’s what I ordinarily wear, but I got my other ones at the Gap for like $10, so I didn’t care that they weren’t size long. So I got two new pair – size long – from American Eagle. Yay! Oh, the reason I only had the one, short pair of jeans is cause I lost a lot of weight and my tons of other jeans no longer fit. And when I buy new clothes, I generally get work clothes cause that’s what I need the most. It sucks.

I need to get a hold of Kevin before we head off to the portrait studio – this really cute place called Picture This – so I can harass him about the WVU/Pitt matchup.

And, on a completely unrelated note, my boyfriend has such a great laugh.

I’m in Pittsburgh and yesterday was a pretty uneventful Thanksgiving. They’ve all been pretty uneventful since my grandma died. Blah! I was exhausted last night and was in bed at like 10! But it was a good day. I walked in to a surprise; my parents took out the carpet in my house and we now have hard wood floors downstairs (w/ the exception of the living room, which they left carpeted). They also COMPLETELY redid the kitchen – it looks soooo nice. I didn’t recognize my house! And then my dad bought himself a present – a Bose stereo/DVD thing. It’s awesome! I didn’t realize what a difference in sound good stereos had! I’m seriously impressed. My grandpap got sick and was vomiting, so he didn’t come down for dinner. I hope he gets better before the time I leave so I can go see him. He’s my step-grandfather and apparently he has just started to call me his granddaughter w/i the past few weeks, which makes my grandma happy. I thought it was a no-brainer – I’ve been the man’s granddaughter since I was 5 years old. But, everytime he’d mention me, he’d be like “Nat’s granddaughter”.

Anyway! My brothers got bigger, if that was possible. They’re enormous! Gregory’s new growth isn’t muscle, though. He’s been hanging out w/ my dad too much and instead of having a six pack, he now has a four pack and some pudge. His words, not mine! My dog’s barely mobile, which is really sad. I think this trip home will probably be the last time he’s around. I’m so glad we’re doing the picture thing tomorrow! That way we’ll kinda preserve him in a way. My dad’s happy as a clam and it’s wonderful to see him as such. He’s finally relaxed and home after six years in New Jersey. Jason’s still the same, which is great. He’s so cool. And my mom’s still the same, too. Always happy and laughing. :) Justin, AJ and John came over last night – my surrogate brothers. It was nice to see them.

My mom and I are going to try and dodge the masses while still shopping. It will probably be impossible, but we’ll see. We’re going to IKEA! Raleigh needs an IKEA. And a Primanti’s. I think we’re going there at some poing this weekend. It’s kinda sad, but as soon as I thought “Primanti’s”, I thought “Michele”. Michele’s my Primanti’s buddy. That makes me sad. That whole situation makes me sad.

Well, my mom just made me breakfast!!! So I’m going to eat, get ready and GO SHOPPING!!! Haha.

My dry erase board is (finally) up! Yay! It’s sad that I can’t draw on it, but oh well. I’ll live. I was right in assuming that it would be a slack day. The office is completely quiet. I’m going to the Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill for dinner tonight. I went there on Monday for lunch; it was a going-away lunch for a co-worker of mine. Anyway. It’s a really cool place. There’s a buffet of RAW meats and veggies, then another buffet full of sauces and spices. You grab a bowl, fill it up w/ as much stuff as it’ll hold, and then they cook it right infront of you. You totally determine how your food’s going to taste. In essence you make your own dinner, but you don’t.

It’s really cold here today – in the 50′s – and I wore a jean skirt minus stockings. BIG mistake! I was freeeezing! At lunch I ran to the store and got a pair of tights. I don’t know how I’m going to deal w/ the weather once I get back to Pittsburgh! Haha.

Jeff answered my Sex Survey!!! :)

Hill-Rom is virtually empty and I think it’s going to be a slack day. I’m going home tomorrow!! I have so much to do. I haven’t even started to pack yet! I looked at today and the temperatures in Pittsburgh are going to be frigid. It’s going to be in the 20′s all week. How horrible is that?! While I’m home, we’re having a family portrait taken. I guess it’s a good thing, although I’d much rather be behind the camera. I’m sure I’ll love the pictures once their taken – we’ve never had a picture taken w/ all 5 of us. Plus, Stinky’s going to be in the picture! Aawww… my StinkStink! Haha. My flight leaves at 9:30 tomorrow morning, meaning I have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to make it to the airport. Blah. I’m still not a morning person, but I’m getting better at pretending to be one. I pains me to say tha I can no longer sleep past 9:30. I remember one weekend, Kristen and I slept till 4pm, got showers and went to dinner. Yeah… we were bums. Kristen’s in Europe right now – I hope she’s having a good time. Twice I’ve woken-up to IMs from her saying in which country she was and that she was cool. Haha. She really is cool, though. I hope I get to see her this weekend.

Anyway. Went to some Hee Haw restaurant w/ Shel last night, but I had a lot of fun because I was hyper. When I get hyper, I crash very quickly! I crashed about an hour after we got back to his place and desperately wanted to go home and go to sleep, but he and Justin conspired against me and hid my keys, making me a virtual captive in their apartment. (I have to be dramatic about it because I’m pretending to be mad, but I’m actually not – it was funny)

Back to work I go…

I’m going to Pittsburgh soon! I’m going to Pittsburgh soon! Yayayay! Yeah. I’m just a little bit excited! I talked to MP for a while last night, which was so nice. I’m going to see her while I’m home. I checked online to verify my flight times, and turns out I’m going to be on one of those little propeller planes. I hate those things – the cabin pressure isn’t very stable and you can feel every little bump. I feel like I’m going to crash when I ride in those things.

Got an IM from Kristen in the middle of the night saying that she’s loving London. I hope she brings Prince William back for me. I’m going to marry him. Yep. I’m going to marry Prince William and Ben Folds. I’m going to be a Mormon and move to Utah – that’s how I’ll be able to have two husbands. :)

There’s a possibility that WVU and NC State are going to meet each other in the Gator Bowl this year – how cool would that be?!? Hopefully, if that happens, WVU will kick NC State’s ass, but that remains to be seen… I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for that match-up, though. It would be so awesome. Shel and I are incredibly competitive about our schools, in a fun way, though.

Aaaahhhh! This day is lasting forever! End, day! End! Haha. I want to go home. I have to pack and stuff. I meant to do that last night, but I didn’t. What else is new. Instead I was on the shopping adventure from Hell, but we won’t get into that again. I got a dry erase board for work – it’s HUGE – 3 feet x 4 feet. I’m not allowed to draw big pictures on it – only little pictures. The rest of it has to be used for work purposes. Oh well. Bob’s going home on his break to get his cordless drill so we can put it on the wall today. Marcus said I’m a brat for making Bob go home, but I’m not! He offered! Haha.

Uummm… nothing else too new or exciting. I’m going to Panera Bread for lunch. Yum! I love that place. But I’m not going for like another 3.5 hours, which sucks because I’m hungry.